Zoë Athena

Level I Tantrika


Zoë Athena

Zoë Athena

Hello sacred seekers.

I believe in the sacred art of self-love and the importance of subtle energies through and around us. My souls mission is to heal through bodywork, with an emphasis on breath and meditation. I enjoy activating divine connection through touch.

I am experienced in the art of yoga and kundalini yoga. I have used my practice to connect with others and help them move through blockages and discover their truest souls shine. I consider myself devoted to my connection with mind, body, spirit, and hope to nurture those who need assistance in healing and celebration.

As a new dakini I hope to learn as much from you as you learn from me. I look forward to all of the new teachings and faces I get to encounter on this sacred journey.

Truly gracious, Zoë Athena

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Zoë Athena

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Zoe is absolutely beautiful and charming . … a rare find! As soon she opened the door, she greeted Me with a big smile and hug. I couldn’t believe this stunning person was in front of me with a natural beauty from head to toe. I immediately felt at ease and warmth. She starts by asking If I have any special therapeutic areas of extra tension or stress, she should work on. I felt it was very thoughtful
We started with a breathing Exercise which helped both of us connect. The exercise was like a Yoga relaxation practice. All I can say is in the end, I felt like I was in another dimension.


Aug 25th, 2020

100 percent class, beauty and brains


May 20th, 2020

Caring and joyful, Zoe brings warmth to even the coldest day. I look forward to arranging another session with her soon.


Nov 30th, 2019

Zoe was outstanding, I had just left a really stressful job and was looking for a way to decompress after many grueling months. Not only was she beautiful but her personality and the way that she makes you feel comfortable and like nothing else matters was second to none. It was everything I needed and more to put my mind back on the right track and wash away all the negativity. I will definitely be returning to see her again and I highly recommend everyone else takes the opportunity to do the same.


Oct 23rd, 2019

Zoe is authentically engaged in her practice and delivers a beautiful experience. She is Present and playful yet deep and connected. I would definitely recommend a session with her.
Cheers and many blessings!


Sep 27th, 2019

My favorite Temple is the one in Marin, because of the location and the experienced dakinis who work there. Seeing Zoe felt like being transported to Marin.
It's hard to believe Zoe is new because she doesn't have any room for improvement. My entire time with her was magical and there isn't anything I'd ask her to do differently. She is genuinely warm, has a touch that instantly puts one at ease, and she is naturally beautiful. And get this? Zoe is a native Angeleno -- which is a very rare species.
Zoe is the real deal and already deserving of admission to the Temple Hall of Fame. I can't wait to see her again!



Jul 17th, 2019

I had no words when it was over, and can only sum it up as perfectly healing. I have not experienced someone so passionate, full of positive energy, and absolutely mesmerizing! I feel completely rejuvenated and, better yet, blissful after having walked out of the building. 10/10, will be repeating.



Jul 1st, 2019

I had a session with Zoe and Maya, and Zoe was amazing. Her gaze was piercing and captivating - she helped me reach a deep sense of peace and comfort. Her technique was great and her intuitive touch carried a warmth and grace that stayed with me long after the session. I think she's a great new addition to the temple.



Jun 30th, 2019

Saw Zoe today with Maya. Zoe is a wonderful addition to the temple! She beautiful and has a wonderfully intuitive touch. Looking forward to seeing her again soon!



Jun 19th, 2019

Zoë Athena

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