Yemaya Lucia

Yemaya Lucia

To help awaken & iilluminate souls to the healing, purifying & ecstatic essence that is their true nature & birhright.

Yemaya Lucia

I'm a tantrika, yogini, dancer and I have a passion for the awakening of using your own energy in a way that is healing, activating & embodied. I love working with men & women to help them tap into their divine selves, that they may fully access their bliss lives.

I instantly fell in love w yoga while at college for dance. It was dream of mine to be a yoga teacher which I was in 2007 through corepower yoga as a vinyasa instructor. I've been teaching & practicing ever since. My yoga practice has branched out in kundalini, ashtanga & Acroyoga. I love yoga for many many reasons & love sharing this sacred practice.

My Tantra path was something that began with books I was seeking purity, ecstasy, awakening & love to come into me and my life.  I had a deep inner knowing this was my path & knew I wanted to heal, educate & liberate through this sacred lineage. I had my own practices for years but I never found a teacher I truly resonated with until I met Dawn Cartwright of Chandra bindu Tantra institute in 2012 at Bhaktifest. I instantly knew she was meant to be my teacher. I took her "Be Fully Alive" Tantra Immersion that fall. Than quickly became her personal assistant which led me to assist in both her level 1 & level 2 Tantra trainings. I also was blessed enough to be in her year long apprentice program. Working with Dawn changed my whole life the intention & has helped me deepen my own Tantra practice.

In 2013 I went through a tantric massage program through intuitive healing a based out of Australia. Then once I became a part of the Temple of Bliss, I learned even more about how to be a channel of the divine goddess & bring forth healing from Shaktiva. Shaktiva has helped me inform & really own a deep divine practice that I'm blessed to bring to you. From their teachings & my own experience I have formed my own offerings of work that are here to honor, nature & awakening you to your divine essence. Being a dancer, yogini & body enthusiast I feel a natural & intuitive way with working on bodies. I am to awaken, relax & open you up to a bliss filled reality from the inside out.

Im still currently working on my yoga teaching profession & Looking to deepen my knowledge, practice and offerings of Tantra. Evolution & growth are keys to flourishing self & life.

Yemaya Lucia
Yoga Teacher Certified
Tantra Massage Trained
Tantra Apprenticeship
I am available for the Body of Bliss Massage & the Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork Session, Couples Bliss/Tantra & Doubles Bliss/Tantra.
My Purely Therapeutic Offerings are: Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage & Private Yoga.

Yemaya Lucia

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Yemaya Lucia07-03-2018*Sim*10

This was my first Temple experience and I was blessed to be with Yemaya. I was a bit nervous not knowing what was expected but she quickly put me at ease. Her gaze is so loving and pure. Yemaya led me to achieve a level of focus and bliss I was literally vibrating from the inside out.

Yemaya Lucia05-16-2018*PetG*10

Wonderful massage I have never felt better Yemaya knows how to sooth Her gaze is hypnotic
She is patient and makes sure you are fully relaxed

Yemaya Lucia06-17-2017*TC*10

This was my first time at the temple. Yemaya was truly amazing. She made me feel welcome and lead me through a truly earth-shattering experience. Her eyes are truly breathtaking and her whole demeanor made the experience unforgettable.

Yemaya Lucia05-18-2017*Gr*10

I have visited several therapists at TOB, but the session I had with Yemaya is different. She beautiful & very welcoming. Her unique technique &the soft loving touch is amazing! She did everything exactly the way I want it. I love her character & she is the best! Thanks Yemaya & see you soon.

Yemaya Lucia01-22-2017*Tk*10

extremely healing and therapeutic session with Yemaya, She has a warriors gaze and a lovers touch.

Yemaya Lucia08-23-2016*BlisLo*9

It just gets better and better with every visit to the Tree! Bless all the Goddesses - this time it was Yemaya who guided me to yet another blissful and memorable experience. She got down to the business of connecting me to my inner energies right away, at the start of the session ... no talk, all action. We had an instant connection, all I had to do was surrender and follow the instructions! She has such a wonderful touch to melt away all the distractions, tensions and stress in your body and mind. Her Tantric Bodywork techniques are truly ecstatic!

I am already looking forward to her next visit to the Tree. Thanks Again TOB! Until next time ... Namaste. Treasure Yourself.

Yemaya Lucia07-22-2016*MH*10

Absolutely the gold standard. Beautiful inside and out. I know the world will hear more about her in years to come in many ways. As someone who just recently started meditating this helped me in so many ways than the obvious. Truly an hour I wish I could put on permanent replay.

Yemaya Lucia06-27-2016*JC*10

Thank you for an incredible session. You have an engaging presence and an immersive energy. You are a joy to be with. I will see you again soon, but next time for no less than 90 minutes.

Yemaya Lucia03-08-2016*Mx0*8

Such a beautiful and kindred spirit. Walked in all congested with negativity. Left feeling cleansed and full of positive energy. I cannot wait till my next visit.

Yemaya Lucia04-08-2015*DanG*10

What a wonderful experience with such a gentle soul. I can't even explain what a wonder she is. Truly an experience of a lifetime! Don't miss out.

Yemaya Lucia11-08-2014*App*10

Really late with the review but was just checking out the website and realized that we could. She was amazing. I truly felted in a state of euphoria when the session was over. She was extremely insightful and looked amazing. Hopes she comes back to nyc soon!


I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Yemaya - she is beautiful, gentle, and serene. It was an incredibly spiritual adventure in a lovely environment - I left floating on air, fully relaxed and revitalized. She delivers a wonderful tantric experience, with lots of breathing techniques and wise affirmations. Highly recommended.

Yemaya Lucia09-18-2014*Cho*9

A lovely, sweet, very petite practitioner with an extremely soft almost hypnotic touch. Yemaha has a wonderfully innocent bearing coupled with surprisingly knowledgeable moves.

Yemaya Lucia08-27-2014*JoeT*10

Yemaya was a remarkable guide and left me with renewed energy, a centered view, and less tension. Amazing eye contact...and her yogi side definitely shows during the session. An easy choice to repeat when "next time" comes around. Thank, Yemaya!

Yemaya LuciaYemaya Lucia

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