Wendy Lalita

Advanced Tantrika & Teacher

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Wendy Lalita

The art of eternal love & devotion to healing.& embodiment.

Wendy Lalita

I welcome you home to your heart & body. You will be held, loved, seen, adored, activated and deeply replenished.

My work comes from the teachings found within ancient scriptures. Imagine yourself opening like a flower when it rains, breathing in the smell of the ancient redwoods, allowing the scent to permeate your consciousness. The earth is our mother, the sky is our great spirit. Allow me to show you thru opening up to inner vision by unblocking energy in the body, while also freeing you of physical pains held in knots within the tissues. My touch will penetrate you deeply, as I follow the flow of energy listening to the cells which sing under my fingertips. I am a solid & STRONG massage therapist.

I am here to take you into the fullest embodiment of your body here and now, reconnecting you with the bliss of the universe in which we live our lives. All things here on a earth were born of this “Bliss consciousness”.

Graduate Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga,  as a Certified Teacher in Shivakti Tantra Yoga.

Graduate Alive n Well School of Massage: trainings included foot reflexology, polarity, deep tissue, Swedish massage & more.

Graduate Upledger institute: Crainal sacral

Graduate Dhyana Center: Ayurvedic Medicine

Harbin School of Massage: Watsu

Graduate Wind Horse Thai Massage

Multiple Kundalini Yoga Trainings

20 years overall experience working as a therapist and healer, in Bodywork, Bliss and NeoTantra. I have now moved into an understanding of Integrated Tantra, weaving the shamanic Tantra teachings, classical Tantra and Modern application of Sacred Wholeness.

Qusha, slide cupping(leave no marks). Abhyanga massage, hot oil, hot stones, hot towels.

All in all, I have about 12 certifications in massage, bodywork, yoga and healing. These are just some of the many trainings which enable me to know the right gifts and tools to use with each person.

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Wendy LalitaWendy Lalita

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Wendy is in the top tier of strong body-workers. If you crave a super high-quality and strong massage combined with the Tantric energy, you must see Wendy Lalita. She was with us many years ago and we no longer have her testimonials, but I can assure you that her massage offering is as solid as it gets! She has a lovely bubbly personality and can brighten up anyone’s day, A MUST see!

*Queen Love*

Oct 9th, 2022

Wendy LalitaWendy Lalita

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