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Violet Jolie

Violet Jolie

Greetings Loves!

I am a Midwesterner at heart—raised to be humble, polite and hospitable. Tho I have always had an inherent love of travel and adventure which led me to do volunteer work and backpacking around the world. My curiosity and intuition guided me towards spirituality, healing and shamanism  at a very young age.

After I graduated college in New York,  I made my way to the Bay Area where I discovered tantra, sacred performance art and filmmaking. After I released my first film, I traveled around the country teaching workshops, performing, counseling, coaching and building community.

My most powerful experiences have often been one on one and I am excited to share my gifts with you in a very special way. 

Through the path of Tantra, we can uncover our highest wisdom  and our deepest  self love.

I would love to warmly welcome you into a beautiful world where you can be present and loved, where you can let go, slow down and fully savor.

I have a decade of experience as a bodyworker, dakini, healer, tantra teacher, somatic therapist and muse. My extensive experience will allow you to rest assured---you are in great hands! Your level of service will be of the highest caliber.

I love working with gentlemen, women and couples and prefer extended sessions of 90 min + to ensure you will receive the best experience possible!

I would be truly honored to be your provider, friend and healer to nourish you and love you up from head to toe!


Violet Jolie ~ Tantra ~ CMT

Available for: Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork, Body of Bliss Massage, Couples & Doubles Tantra & Bliss, Tantra Ties and Tantra Bond

Purely Therapeutic Offerings: Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage, Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga & Meditation, Spiritual Counseling/Life Coach, Couples Counseling/Love Coach, Tantra Education.


Violet JolieViolet Jolie

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Violet Jolie 03-27-2018 *Etien* 10

I just wanted to express my deep gratitude to Violet for helping me explore a new horizon. I hope to see her again. Simply amazing.

Violet Jolie 03-13-2018 *JW* 10

Violet Jolie is an amazing, kind and gifted artisan of pure Tantric delight. She has worked with me on restoring my sense of touch and human tenderness as well as mental calmness. I can't wait till my next session.

Violet Jolie 03-01-2018 *HumSea* 10

My session with Violet yesterday was incredibly mesmerizing. Violet lovingly guided me through an incredible journey of self-discovery, healing, and love. She took the time to get to know me, and then lovingly enveloped me in a tender embrace, both literally and figuratively. The entire experience was truly unique, introspective, and life affirming. I am incredibly grateful for our time together.

Violet Jolie 08-07-2017 *K&M* 10

We had an amazing couples experience that helped our relationship become much more deeply connected. Violet was a truly amazing teacher, we will definitely be back for more.

Violet Jolie 06-12-2017 *PATB* 10

Violet is gorgeous, sweet, sensuous and a real tantrica...with love & tenderness.

A wonderful experience I will repeat!

Violet Jolie 11-27-2016 *Pete* 10

Violet is just incredible. She is so down to earth and calming. We started with a very nice chat to make us both comfortable. We then moved into the session. I chose the Bliss session and it was so wonderful! Violet is better looking in person than her photos. Be prepared to be mesmerized. Thank you Violet

Violet Jolie 09-10-2015 *TPR* 10

This was not good... It was GREAT. Violet is a journey woman in the area of therapeutic massage. WOW! Truly worth every dollar and will be back for sure. This is a no joke.

Violet Jolie 08-03-2015 *Do* 10

Just Amazing and unforgettable experience. She is really sweet and expert at the same time

Violet Jolie 07-13-2015 *Hna* 10

What a fun and charming woman! Violet completely rocked my world and introduced me to a new level of bliss that I never new existed before. My body unconditionally thanks her for the pleasure and relaxation she has been able to provide.

Violet Jolie 05-09-2015 *NP* 10

Repeatedly just more amazing. Even the tranquil postlude was divine.

Violet Jolie 07-12-2014 Butter 10

I saw Violet for the second time and I had even a better tantric experience that was just pure ecstasy. She is very beautiful inside and out. I felt very good and the memory of her wonderful touch lasted all day. What a beautiful and sensuous woman.

Violet Jolie 06-06-2014 *LBm* 10

Violet is comfortable, gorgeous, and an absolute expert at what she does. Her words and energy made me feel treasured and genuinely cared for during our time together. She is an excellent conversationalist, is happy to accommodate personal needs, and has the softest touch imaginable. Loving and wonderful; will repeat and would recommend!

Violet Jolie 03-31-2014 bourne84500 8

Tantra expert, great attitude, fun experience

Violet Jolie 01-18-2015 theedge1960 8

7.5 8 Relaxed session with a nice person

Violet Jolie 07-24-2013 mobileluv2 9

Fun and wonderful!

Violet Jolie 05-06-2014 *DV* 10

Absolutely incredible. "Mind-blowing"doesn't even begin to describe Violet.

Violet Jolie 01-09-2014 *santM* 10

Violet is a very loving Queen with skills to match. I would recommend anyone who is looking for a very healing experience see Violet. this was my first time with her but it will not be my last

Violet Jolie 12-02-2013 *LRNO* 10


Violet Jolie 11-11-2013 *AlB* 10

Amazing technique, no rush, felll in love with her. Hope to visit L.A. often.

Violet Jolie 10-16-2013 *KRad* 10

A true tantrika and healer. A genuine daughter of the Goddess. To rate her is to miss the point -- if you open your heart, she is what you seek.

Violet Jolie 06-19-2013 *PSerg* 10

What an exciting and healing experience. Soft hands with blissful sensibilities. Violet is a true gem. Thanks for the experience.

Violet Jolie 05-20-2013 *art-e* 9

Very sweet woman. Looks even better in person.

Violet Jolie 04-22-2013 GrahamMcM 9

Wow...really great time time

Violet Jolie 04-18-2013 denizen23 9

Even cuter in person. A very fun ttime!

Violet Jolie 04-11-2013 *BWild* 10

Have seen her twice. The massage offered by Violet is off the charts. Her looks are "only" a 10, and the service is between 15 & 20.

Violet Jolie 02-20-2013 denizen23 9

Very down to earth and real but deliciously sexy. Even cuter in person. A very, very fun time.

Violet Jolie 02-21-2013 *Neo-P*

Playfully serene tantric session. Peaceful and tantalizing at once. A guiding goddess.

Violet Jolie 01-04-2013 monitorando 9

Sweet, petite, smart, healing to the bones, do yourself a favor and see her.

Violet Jolie 12-25-2012 chris8306 10

Doubles... WOW

Violet JolieViolet Jolie

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