Advanced Tantrika & Teacher

Tantra Yoga Teacher available for Private sessions, Couples, Groups & Workshops



I’m an intuitive & experienced healer who will observe, listen to & adapt to your body.

I took my first taste of yoga in 2000 because I was in physical pain. Through years of practice I have been astounded by the capacity these primarily physical techniques have for healing spiritual and emotional pain.

My own transformational experience with yoga has led me to educate myself in the way of leading others along the path. That said, each path is different, and unfortunately, what you want is probably the opposite of what you need. But with dedication, regular practice and earnest desire for change the appropriate methods will find you at the appropriate times and the healing will come on its own.

Training Dharma Mittra Ana Forrest 2020

Apprentice to Aleix Griñ0

Progressive Ashtanga Mysore 2016 – 2018

David Kyle Progressive Ashtanga 200h 2014

David Kyle, Rocket Yoga 50h 2013

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