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Victoria Rose

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Victoria Rose

We are all Gods and Goddesses, when is the last time you allowed someone to worship you as one?

I am a life long spiritual seeker who has passed through great suffering and incredible joy, absolute discipline and complete chaos, traveled the world and returned home only to discover that the meaning of this life is only to love and to give. Our natural state is love. It is so easy to return there if you only take the time.

I am a free spirit with a wild soul and I am as silly and as serious as each moment requires. You will immediately feel my inner calm as well as the joy I receive from nourishing others and being of service.

Let’s explore the potential for ecstatic pleasure that this life is begging us to claim for ourselves if we are only willing to release our habits of stressing and guessing what comes next.

A session with me is deep and slow. I believe that slowness teaches us how to open, how to listen, how to bask in the pleasure of the present without trying to anticipate what comes next. The concept centers around a gentle unfolding, and like a flower that blooms each layer reveals another piece to open as together we both inch closer to oneness with all that is: vast and infinite euphoria. With practice you can carry it with you into every moment of your daily life.

I offer authenticity & presence and I channel universal love. My hands are strong but gentle and move with certainty and rhythm. I will use my intuition, my training and my entire body to bring you to a state of relaxed openness and together we will move toward bliss. I use curated playlists of high vibrational music that incorporate elements of sound healing.

My Background:

- Durga Tiger School of Tantra Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 2021

-ibiza tantra festival 2022

- Holy Love Institute of Tantra Yoga

-14 years dedicated yoga practice (meditation, breath work and asana)

-3 years tantra practice

-200h yoga certification with Progressive Ashtanga

-50h yoga certification with Rocket

-2 year apprenticeship for Progressive Ashtanga (more than 1500hours of learning)

-7 years experience teaching

-Trained in Shiatsu massage

-2 Ayahuasca ceremonies in Ibiza and rural Barcelona

-Ceremonies with San Pedro and countless sweatlodges

-Shamanic Singing Circle

-Private mantra singing lessons

-Private Shamanism Study


I believe that spirituality is an individual path of which no two look the same. I seek to blend the teachings of all my teachers with the needs of the person before me and the wisdom of my experience in a way that is joyful, accepting, and full of love.


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Victoria RoseVictoria Rose

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I had the opportunity to see Victoria Rose on her visit to the bay area and she was amazing. She has incredible energy and I’m still beaming from the experience and connection with her. I’m just bummed she’s based in NYC, and would love to see her again.


Dec 4th, 2022

My session with Victoria was fabulous. I can’t even begin to describe it in words. I felt a strong sense of love and warmth from the moment I walked in. I enjoyed every minute of it. 90 minutes felt like hours. Victoria helped me get out of my head and learn intuitive action to be at peace with and enjoy the moment. Thank you!!


Aug 8th, 2022

I left my session today in a state of bliss…and hours later am still in the zone. Victoria is truly an exceptional practitioner and her gentle mix of humor, genuine focus on the moment, and artful technique made our experience one that will not be forgotten. Can’t wait to go back soon. Thank you!


May 25th, 2022

With much anticipation, I had my first session with Victoria. As she greeted me, I immediately felt connected to her radiant energy, captivating smile and warm personality as if I had known her for a long time.

My experience with Victoria was beyond words. By breathing together, her heavenly voice and magical touch, I felt engulfed in her loving energy. She slowly unfolded layers of ecstatic pleasure that elevated me to a total state of bliss and euphoria.

Victoria is an advanced, authentic and intuitive Tantrika and is truly a blessing. I look forward to more spiritual journeys with her.


May 24th, 2022

When I visited Victoria Rose I was in a very locked down state. She met me right where I was, allowed me to wallow for a while, and then…reminded me that I am alive.It’s a nifty trick. Not as easy to pull off as one might think.

I spent the rest of the day experiencing a sense of peace and connection that had eluded me. Synchronicities were all of the most celebratory nature, and my partner commented on the different quality in the spirit of my voice she hadn’t heard for a while. I hope anyone who has the good fortune to experience VR’s practice appreciates the privilege.


May 22nd, 2022

Victoria is more than just a therapist or practitioner, truly a master of her art. Immediately, when you meet her you’ll notice how full of life and energy she is, and you can tell she truly enjoys her craft. She has a bubbly personality, but at the same time is so real and down to earth. Every second with her feels liberating, and that makes it impossible to not fall in love with this woman. For your sake, please go see her when you have the chance.


May 20th, 2022

I came to victoria for help with fear of intimacy, but I left with so much more. I not only felt my anxiety diminish, but I also felt an expansion in my capacity for love and pleasure. After our session, I also experienced a noticeable reduction in chronic pain; my nerves, so accustomed to flaring with pain, were now buzzing with pleasure. Days after the session, I could feel the effects of her touch disrupting the pain, like a beam of sunshine breaking through the clouds.


May 29th, 2021

It was awesome to meet Victoria. I was having an AWFUL and CRAZY day…but all that changed the moment we met and I felt her ‘silly’ and giggly energy…it really turned me around. What a treat it was to be around her! A true angel!


Mar 27th, 2021

It was a session where I felt energy bonds exchange between each other. It was something I myself can't put it into the right words other than magical and extraordinary. Something you only see and feel in the clouds.


Oct 21st, 2020

I have just had a wonderful video connection with Victoria. She is so generous and uplifting. I think she is a really good spirit and gives a great deal of confidence and support. Thank you Victoria


Jul 10th, 2020

Victoria is love and beauty incarnate. My session with Victoria was beyond words. She is a truly special woman with an incredible spirit, energy and touch that she lovingly shares. Just wow.


Jun 7th, 2020

Victoria is such a gift to know. I met with her twice during this crazy time and she was such a source of bright and supportive energy. She is a beautiful spirit and a real healer, with great wisdom, kindness and strength that she shares so warmly it is healing down to the soul. Her massage technique is excellent and deeply restorative. Holding space with her is really powerful and something I look forward to returning to some day soon.


May 31st, 2020

So much YES right here! This woman is a strong Yogini with excellent massage pressure. I received a purely therapeutic spa massage from her tonight and she nailed it. I was fully tranced out. My favourite moves were the neck and shoulders, yet all of it, including abdominal belly massage, was superb. -Queen Love

*Queen Love*

May 16th, 2020

Victoria is a wonderful and generous spirit, I feel lucky to call her a friend


May 12th, 2020

I simply adore this woman. She has shown up into our Temple as a breath of fresh air. She is vibrant, full of life and vitality, with an open heart and available for Loving healing. -Queen Love

*Queen Love*

Apr 5th, 2020

I truly enjoyed the experience I left out feeling amazing my back my neck my shoulders has never been so loose I think you again for the experience


Mar 30th, 2020

Victoria Rose

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