Venus Diosa

Level I Tantrika

Venus Diosa

Venus Diosa

Hello Beauties,

I believe that Sacred Touch is of the most important, healing, enlivening and pleasant sensations in the human experience. Slow, intentional touch helps us to communicate more clearly and feel closer to ourselves and to one another and it brings us happiness in the rest of our lives.

I'm here with you to help elate all the sleeping nerves throughout your body, to build a trust between my hands, your body and our breath, so that you can relax, let go and be in touch your most innocent and physical self, and the hum of the universe.

I strive to honor the divinity of your spirit, I am a muse here to inspire and a dear friend here to listen.

Humbly & in joy,

Venus Diosa

Venus DiosaVenus Diosa

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Venus Diosa06-18-2019HeaJed10

Venus is warm, caring & has great hands. I had a doubles session with her & Lena Evonne & they were great together.

Venus Diosa03-19-2019*AV*10

I’ve had a few sessions with Venus and she continues to surprise and inspire me with her ability to tune into me and foster a beautiful rapport. She is a natural and now one of my favorite Dakinis.

Venus Diosa03-02-2019*MicSa*10

Venus, the real flesh and blood masseuse at the Temple that I actually got to experience, lives up to her mythological character who embodies love and beauty. Immediately after receiving a fantastic massage from Venus, I was taking a hot shower at the Temple and it struck me that her talent with touch has the skills and precision of a top level surgeon. But most fortunately for me, such great skill was just the initial foundation. It was beautifully amplified by her delightful savior faire as a great artist of touch. I could share a lot of wonderful details from our session like the mind blowing number of "after shocks" I experienced from her super sensitive ministrations. But I am going to leave it like this: "Venus read me like a book; then with virtuosity played me like a violin." Guess what? My strings are still vibrating with sweet harmonies.

Venus Diosa01-27-2019Queen Love10

What a dazzling & precious beautiful soul. A truly sincere, heart present and loving young woman. She’s new to the Temple and to Tantric Healing, yet she is adept, excited and eager to learn, while already having some trainings and hands-on experience. My session with her felt connected and cared for, with the touch of her hands an electric extension of her beaming being.

Venus Diosa12-23-2018*RKS*10

Did I say amazing?
One more time : AH-MAZE-ING!!
She is a delightful, loving and giving mix of beauty, sweetness, and talent. A wonderful addition to the Temple roster . Hard to believe she’s so new only a few others I have met she is innately blessed to have “The Touch”

Venus Diosa

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