Vanna Nalini

There is a magic lamp inside of me... inside all beings...

I am skilled in the world, in the magical moments where I have been an avid student.

Vanna Nalini

Holy Lovers of Being,

I bow before the precious beauty of Sacred Light that is uniquely manifesting through you. You are a cathedral of many mirrors, containing the artistry of many lifetimes.
In loving devotion to the Beloved Sun that illuminates this play of existence, I will adorn the divine consciousness dancing through our bodies with the guidance of breath & my feminine essence.

Here we are, "Remembering Union"... as I welcome you home, with all my warmth, fully into this gift of a Temple sanctuary where one can dissolve and awaken from the illusion of separation.
I invite you to surrender yourself into the deepest and most exalted embodiment of what it means to be truly transparent, where all thats left to expose is the radiance of Love's presence. Let us be immersed together in the kaleidoscope of gorgeous grace flowing and transforming from the source of creation, drenching our experience in the ecstatic beauty of the Fountains of Bliss.


Vanna Nalini

Tantric Bodywork Therapist, Student of Arts & Soul, Dakini Priestess 2 years

Vanna NaliniVanna Nalini

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Vanna Nalini 09-23-2018 Delilah Amour-therapist 10

Vanna's sessions are like being enveloped in warm honey. She has a nurturing presence and her touch weaves delicate intuitive touch with firm strength allowing the body to completely melt. I felt transported and taken care of as she worked on me, rejuvenated. Thank you Vanna, for being a bright soul exuding warmth and compassion in your personality and craft.

Vanna Nalini 05-07-2018 *DavBB* 10

Yesterday, I had an amazing session with Vanna. She was very sensitive to my issues, my anxieties. She saw me in very quick notice, which she did not have to, so I really appreciate that. Her massage was extraordinary and reached almost every muscle from the head to toe. I felt really good, and I still do the next day. I consider myself a sensitive person, and having someone like Vanna help me get out of my anxieties really changes my mood. Thank you, Vanna.

Vanna Nalini 10-18-2017 *QL* 10

YES, Thank-you, MORE! Oh Vanna... what a beautiful hour and a half massage experience. So many smooth moves... strong pressure, sensual touch, such an utter delight. I was amazed at how utterly thorough & lovingly drenched I felt. A must-see and experience. YES. ~ Queen Love

Vanna Nalini 09-12-2017 *BSt* 10

Simply spectacular. Vanna is expertly intuitive in all of her techniques and creates a high voltage energy unlike anything I've experienced. I told her it was like an overdose of good vibrations but it was just the right amount. She is very caring and attentive as she goes about her craft and will elevate you to a higher plane of consciousness.

Vanna Nalini 08-09-2017 *JoMo* 10

My blissful body massage with Vanna was such a rewarding experience. She had such a positive and welcoming energy. As soon as I got there she made sure to make me feel comfortable. Vanna provided me with the attention and tension release I needed at the time. She gave me the space to allow myself to explore a new side of myself. I have already recommended the experience to my friends and will be going back.

Vanna Nalini 07-06-2017 *Tm* 10

The session with Vanna Nalini was an out of world experience. Upon entering the temple Vanna greeted me with a beautiful smile and a warm hug. Right away I felt very comfortable to start the session. It was a fulfilling experience. Vanna is very intuitive in figuring out and tailoring the session. I left the place with full of energy. Over the years I have had over a dozen or so tantric sessions. This was the best one. I am looking forward to my next session with her.

Vanna Nalini 07-05-2017 *Chms* 8

I had a wonderful , loving, caring session with Vanna on July 4th. She moves like a beautiful cat and time seemed to stand still as she nimbly moved around my controlled body! Do not miss a session with her!!

Vanna NaliniVanna Nalini

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