Valentina Summer

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Valentina Summer

Greetings Beautiful Beings,

I have been working in the sensual arts since 2012. I’m currently a sensual embodiment confidence coach, and do various videos around this topic. I graduated from San Diego State University, and I am very much into being a lifetime student.

I have done various trainings in Tantra, massage, energy healing modalities, Lomi-Lomi Level 1, Bondassage, SpiritJunkie Masterclass Level 1. In addition, I specialize in sensual healing and I am known for my sense of authenticity, compassion, and discipline. I am the type of woman with a purpose to bring light to the planet especially around conscious embodiment and believe it’s a gift to serve those in a way we can ignite the masculine to raise their vibration.

While I am new to the Temple, I am confident in my alchemized sensual bodywork offerings and look forward to sharing these with you.

In service, Valentina Summer

*Included below in testimonials are some previous Testimonials Valentina received in her Tantra Healing practice before joining us... those are listed as written by “previous”.

Valentina Summer

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Valentina Summer01-25-2018Previous 410

I have seen Summer several times and each times the sessions got better and better. She goes out of her own way to please and has a very sweet demeanor. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a loving Tantra massage.

Valentina Summer01-25-2018Previous 310

I went in last week with some major problems. I feel so much better and it has been inspiring. I came home after my appointment and things changed dramatically. I've had a pain my hamstring for years and now it's gone. The time given to me was generous, unrushed and authentic. I appreciate the time very much

Valentina Summer01-25-2018Previous 210

I like to thank my agent and manager for getting me a job that screwed up my back so much that I needed a massage. I found a lot of healing work around LA that have been routine and mechanical, going through the motions. I'm not a fan of being touched by strangers. So this time I really wanted to try a different approach! She was very personable and approachable, right from her first massage in which she explained her technique, and made sure she explained in a way she provided a kind listening.I could immediately tell this was going to be different from anything I'd ever experience before, which was exciting but also put me at ease. When I arrived to her studio, she spent time asking about my back and what I would want to leave with my bad back. I felt comfortable right away with her, which is not usual for me, almost like I known her for years. The massage started but completely wrong word. There was tons of breathing technique, crystals, hot stones, meditation. It reminded me of a reiki session I'd once had with hands on, finding my knots and dispersing them without pain. I felt almost in a trance like state and I was in a bit of a daze when it was over. My fingers and lips were tingling and explained the science of why I was experiencing it. A wholly unreal experience. Today my back feels amazing and feel much calmer, happy, and more energized with myself. Thank you witch!

Valentina Summer01-25-2018Previous 110

Absolutely amazing! Valentina is very welcoming and extremely professional. Her choice of music combined with the surround sound headphones transports you to a word of zen as she works her magic.You leave with a sense of inner peace and complete relaxation. Definitely must return.

Valentina Summer

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