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Uma Jen

Uma Jen

Hello Loves,

It is my mission to help clients become fully embodied and aligned physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, which requires a holistic approach. I like to start sessions by using my empathic abilities and attuning to my client’s needs. We establish a connection through some touch and talk therapy, and then design the best session together. 

It’s my absolute delight to help clients discover new things about their pleasure and coach them through new ways of being in intimacy. In my sessions, I love to synchronize movement, breath, and sound to bring clients into an activated, embodied, trance-like state - riding the waves of pleasure, and ending with divine surrender.

Education and Experience

*Into Ecstasy: Tantra Workshop hosted by The Tantra Institute  *The Tantric Path to Intimacy by Dr. Alison Ash  *Tantra Ties Education with Midori  *Forte Femme  *Exquisite Whip Pt. 1 *Exquisite Whip Pt. 2 *Rope Dojo  *Kundalini Yoga Devotee with Jai Dev Singh *Dharmic Warrior: Arousing the Heart of Compassion *Joy of the Infinite: A Warriorship Training *Completed 40-Day Kundalini Challenges *Thunderbolt of Shiva *Tantric Force: The Way of Universal Worship *Art of Attunement *Entering the Sublime *Prosperity Activation *Relationship & Intimacy Coaching *Somatica Core Training 2019  *Somatica Advanced Training 2020 *Somatica Couples Training 2020


Men ~ Women ~ Couples

Kundalini Body of Bliss*Sacred Tantric Bodywork*Tantra Ties Transcendent Sensory Experience*Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage*Relationship & Intimacy Coaching 

Honored to be the vessel for your divine nourishment, transformation, and healing.

With Gratitude and Delight,

Uma Jen

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Uma JenUma Jen

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Incredible time with Uma! She was an impeccable guide for my first time experiencing Tantra.


Aug 25th, 2020

Uma is so beautiful. Incredibly embodied. Pure love overflows from her presence onto you. She will blow you out of this world. Best practitioner I’ve ever seen. I will be back! Thank you Uma


Aug 17th, 2020

It's my first session with Uma, oh boy! I'm blown away by her skills. She's beautiful in and out. According to me she's a LEVEL 5 therapist. She's the epitome of unconditional love.


Aug 16th, 2020

I had the opportunity to spend time on double with Uma and Alenka as a doubles special. The session was way better than what I had imagined. The ladies had amazing chemistry between them and they led me in harmony. I just surrendered myself in their hands and they melted all my stress away. For that one hour I was taken on a transcendental journey to a different dimension on sensual bliss. I do hope to see them together again.


Jul 26th, 2020

This was my first experience with the temple but it will absolutely not be my last. Uma Jen was amazing and explained everything and introduced me to the temple in a very calming and open way. I left feeling refreshed and with a calm energy that provided me with the clarity and presence of mind to move forward with a big decision I had been grappling with. Thank you again Uma Jen.


Jul 17th, 2020

This was my very first tantric bodywork. I am so glad that Uma Jen took me though this process. I came in looking for some quality rest and relaxation. What I got was a truly sublime experience. Right from when I walked in the door I was put at ease by Uma Jens disarming smile and positive energy. We spoke for a bit and I can’t believe the genuine and heartfelt empathy and support I received. If Uma Jen was a radio station, I immediately knew it was the one for me. As the evening progressed and the process unfolded, Uma Jen guided me through this sublime experience of connection, surrender and unconditional acceptance. I felt enveloped in caring and tenderness. Nothing I could have imagined (Uma Jenned) had prepared me for this. I wanted to remain in the place of tranquility forever - but alas lthis therapy session came to an end. I left feeling freed and buoyant and that feeling lingered into the following day and the next. This was exactly what I had needed and my guardian angel found for me the right place and the right person. Thank you Uma Jen for my PB&J experience. For giving an opportunity to bask in your peace, beauty and joy. God bless.


Jul 17th, 2020

This was my first tantra experience ever and just WOW! Jen is So gorgeous. Total goddess. She’s extremely playful, loving, and made me feel out of this world! I’m so relaxed, yet energized and feel so much creative energy flowing through me. Her touch will tantalize you! Cannot recommend enough! Thank you, Jen!


Jun 3rd, 2020

I had a doubles session with Uma Jen and Alenka Asha, and it was by far my best temple experience! The two of them worked amazingly well together, and the session was soothing, relaxing, and a LOT of fun! I would love to see the two of them together again. Uma is an absolute treasure, and I can't wait to see her again!


May 18th, 2020

This review is for my doubles with Alenka and Uma. They both are so amazing and fun. If you ever get a chance to book a doubles with them, don't pass it up. They have great every together. Unforgettable experience.


May 18th, 2020

I just had an out of this World 90 minute session with Uma Jen. She speaks to your senses with her disarming and contagious smile and her inviting eyes. She elevated my mental and physical state. Uma made me smile inside and out! Thank you!


Mar 20th, 2020

I’ve already left a review but this is in regards to my double session with Uma and Kaia. WOW! That was my all time favorite sessions. It was some type of sorcery. Their energy is amazing and we had the best time together! If you EVER get the chance to do a doubles with the two of them, don’t pass that up! I hope I can see them together again...


Feb 7th, 2020

One of the best sessions I’ve had at the temple .
Only one regret... that it wasn’t longer . Next time 90mins 🙂


Jan 23rd, 2020

It was my first time at the temple and Uma couldn’t have been a better choice. She helped ease my nerves and is so knowledgeable about tantra! I learned so much my session and had a beautiful time. She’s absolutely gorgeous. She is such a pleasant surprise. Uma is a true goddess - beautiful, smart, playful, embodied, connected. I hope to see her again before she leaves LA!


Dec 3rd, 2019

I saw Uma after a long flight and she was the exact remedy I needed. She’s also super down to earth and keeps it real - she doesn’t put on a show like other ladies do. She’s super easy to connect with, funny, playful, and absolutely stunning. She was molded from gods hands himself. I hope I have the opportunity to see her again.


Nov 18th, 2019

Uma is absolutely lovely. Beautiful inside and out. I am going through a recent separation from my partner and she provided so much guidance and support. She also taught me so much about tantra and made me feel at ease and excited about my new journey as a single man. Her touch is also spectacular beyond words. She flows with so much rhythm and had me build up and move so much energy (first time experiencing this much movement and I’m a long time temple client.) I’m surprised she’s still a level 1 she truly knows her stuff and is wise beyond her years. 15/10 will be returning during my next trip. Thank you Uma!


Nov 12th, 2019

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Jen, as we sought to experience a deeper connection and oneness with each other. Jen was highly effective in creating a very loving, uninhibited and safe experience that not only put both of us at ease, but enabled us to overcome some barriers and blocks that had built up through the years of marriage. Our time with Jen exceeded our expectations as she is extremely gentle, loving and respectful. She is gifted with incredible insight and knowledge, and our time with her created a desire within both of us for more. We look forward to our next time together!


Uma Jen/10

Oct 19th, 2019

Uma is a beautiful woman inside and out. She is sensitive and caring. Her touch is magic, her feminine energy will awaken and expand your own capacity to love. Thank you Uma!


Oct 18th, 2019

Uma is an angel! I was super nervous and stressed out from my hectic week and she totally tuned into my nervousness and calmed me down. She has a great touch and knows how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable with her beautiful smile. I would definitely recommend that you visit her to forget about your worldly stresses or problems!


Oct 7th, 2019

I’m several months late with this review. Sorry. Uma Jen was simply top notch, one of the best tantric experiences I’ve had over a number of years. Wonderful!


Sep 23rd, 2019

Uma jen is the one of the gem!!! she is down to earth and soothes the soul and have a nice attitude to her people. would repeat.


Sep 17th, 2019

Uma is fantastic! She has a nice vibe and strong hands that left me feeling relaxed for days. I really enjoyed our time together and can’t wait to see her again!


Sep 16th, 2019

Uma is so fun and absolutely gorgeous. Not your typical Dakini. Her presence is really something special. Just someone you have to experience as words aren’t enough.



Sep 14th, 2019

Uma is wonderful and so fun to spend time with for those open minded and open to the universe and energies around us. She is beautiful, a killer smile and brightness that is rare and worthy of praise. I came to the temple super stressed out, physically and emotionally out of it, and Uma moved with me and lifted me up to the sky. Highly recommend!



Sep 14th, 2019

It was my first time at the temple and Uma was so amazing. She helped me feel so comfortable and I felt really connected to her. She’s so beautiful and has the most amazing smile and enticing gaze. Her hands are so intuitive. I can still feel her nails tickling my back. Playful, yet loving and relaxing. Still dreaming about our time together.



Sep 4th, 2019

Wow!! The word that kept going through my head during my session with Uma. She is a temple treasure and incredibly talented. Uma has achieved that perfect balance of spirituality, playfulness and calm that is unique. I am still buzzing from the visit and can’t wait to be in her presence again.



Aug 7th, 2019

Uma JenUma Jen

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