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Tiana Luna

The Power of Love!

Tiana Luna

Welcome to my sanctuary. I invite you to relax your body and mind. I am a very strong and elegant woman. I am loving but firm. My flow is a graceful rhythmic dance combining deep and soft strokes with deep breathing and energy healing . I will have all your senses charged and your energy uplifted.

I am Tiana Luna. My journey here is to share unconditional love through unbound self-expression.

Allow me to be your muse, to inspire love and to provide a safe healing sanctuary to be nourished and cared for.

I am a graduate of the National Holistic Institute's 900 hour program where i was trained in many different modalities including Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, and Deep Tissue.

I Trained in Tantra Yoga and Sri Vidya Goddess worship with Psalm Isadora from India to los Angeles. I am a certified Yoga instructor.

I practiced Tantric bodywork at SkyDancing Tantra in Santa Cruz.

I have learned Shamanic Lomi Lomi Bodywork with Kealohi Wayne Powell in Kuai, Hawaii

I combine modalities in my session to provide you a perfectly sculpted healing session to suit your needs.

With love,

Tiana Luna

I am available for the Body of Bliss Massage & the Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork Session, Couples Bliss/Tantra & Doubles Bliss/Tantra.

My Purely Therapeutic Offerings are: Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage & Private  Yoga

Tiana LunaTiana Luna

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Tiana Moon08-29-2016*asata*10

A touch alone can work wonders. A giving, centering touch is particularly powerful when applied with artistry, experience and good intention by a beautiful being. Tiana Moon has such a giving centering touch. Highly recommended.

Tiana Moon08-23-2016*Per*10

I had seen Tiana few weeks back. Nice lady with a great attitude and loving person. I would highly recommend her as it was a great session. Lady who knows what she is doing and loves doing it.

Tiana Moon07-31-2016*Rh*10

Tiana is simply amazing! Cordial, sweet, drop dead gorgeous, and a master masseuse, she embodies all aspects of the perfect session. If you are considering a session with her, do yourself a favor and book it. You will be glad you did.

Tiana Moon05-28-2016*JO*10

I had a very tensed week , and was really mentally exhausted . I looked up the temple sight ... Tiana caught my eye ... I called and came to see her ! Well - what can I say ...I truly gentle, beautiful , loving experience. Her touch was so warm , that light touch, so so loving, she left me there with a smile on my face feeling totally in heaven! Thank you Tiana! You're truly an angel!

Tiana Moon05-26-2016*AH*10

Radiant, Charming, Drop Dead Gorgeous -- Highly Recommended! She has the aura &positive energy to get your day going 🙂

Tiana Moon05-09-2016*S*M*10

If you haven't experience Tiana, you are missing something in your life. My brain was on fire with her touch and I could feel healed after the massage therapy. I really felt as if I am in the presence of Goddess. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever been touched by in my entire life. Tiana you have been awesome and thank you so much for everything.

Tiana Moon12-15-2014*PX*10

Upon meeting Tiana, I was undeniably awe-struck by how beautiful she was. Her elegance was bathed in a divine glow that could have only been attainable to see through a dream. And to think that such a dreamy, celestial being was actually blessing you with her heavenly caresses.. Methodically banishing all your stressful aspects with therapeutic and healing techniques that are beyond human comprehension. I consider myself extremely fortunate in meeting Tiana Moon, I cannot thank her enough for the unforgettable healing that she bestowed upon me. Will definitely visit this Goddess' temple again.. and again.. and again.

Tiana Moon07-05-2014*ELV*10

This one is a repeat offender. There are so many cool aspects to her. Her charm is incredible. I like to sample all the TOB ladies, but this one i have repeated and will continue.

Tiana Moon06-23-2014*ee*10

Tiana was absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see her again.

Tiana Moon06-15-2014*Amazing*10

I really loved my session! Can't wait to return!

Tiana Moon11-16-2013*joeR*10

Simply amazing. Can not wait to return.

Tiana Moon09-09-2013*APut*10

Tiana is a goddess with thousand dollar smile . Her technique is incredible and touch will immediately transport you into another world.

Tiana Moon08-26-2013*Hntr*10

Pictures don't do her justice -- stunning...sweet...charming...and playful. I felt instantly at ease and was blown away by her technique. Really blown away. I don't think I've had better body work or felt more relaxed. I'm melting from her hands as I write this...believe the hype...

Tiana Moon07-17-2013*PrinceA*8

With a smile as bright as her name belies, Tiana will brighten up any dark day. Strong yet gentle hands weed out sore spots. She wove her magic and raised my soul into her celestial being...

Tiana Moon07-15-2013*CJ*10

Had such a wonderful experience. Tiana is such an amazingly gifted lady with a natural beauty in and out. Will definitely see her again.

Tiana Moon07-14-2013*shvhm*10

Tiana is by far one of the most gifted therapists I've met. Having been a practitioner myself for over 10 years, and receiving from dozens of talented massage therapists, Tiana's hands are naturally skilled, with an intuitive touch and therapeutic efficiency that can only be attained with true presence. She's a delightful gem, kind, sweet, and the only person you'll think of when you desire nurturing feminine attention. She's definitely my first choice.

Tiana Moon07-04-2013*strs*10

That was far and away the best massage ive ever received.

Tiana Moon06-30-2013*QL*10

What an absolute sweetheart! Kind, soft and far prettier and oh so lovely in person. This young woman has her heart wide open!

Tiana Moon06-27-2013Levi8810

Absolutely a stunning beauty. Her skills & looks will give you thoughts for the next visit impatiently. Thx for a great session over & over again!!

Tiana Moon06-21-2013*tome*8

This beautiful flower was fantastic....this was just her second day and she was absolutely stunning...she will only improve and will become a true gem...thank you for sharing your space...namaste...

Tiana LunaTiana Luna

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