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Teresa Angel

What one heart can do for another heart, is there any beauty in the world that can match this?

Teresa Angel

Can Any Beauty Match this?
When the Sun within speaks, when love reaches out its hand and places it upon another,
any power the stars and planets might have upon us, any fears you can muster
can become so rightfully insignificant.
What one heart can do for another heart, is there any beauty in the world that can match this?
Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Humanity becomes the joy and the emancipation.


Hello beautiful beings!

With over 15 years of yoga practice & 13 years of teaching yoga, I will bring my yogic wisdom with me in to our sessions; integrating tantric breathing, yogassage and an authentic heart-centered presence.

I am innately playful, sweet, loving; very nurturing. I've been told my touch is very intuitive and deeply knowledgeable and pleasurable. I am a dancer and utilize the flow of breath with a Tantric dance.

I invite you to join me in this journey.
In loving devotion,
Teresa Angel


2017 *completed Sound Healing School plus...

Six Years Shamanic Tantric Temple Experience
Certified Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher - Active Teacher for 13+ years in Bikram
Health Counselor
Tantra Studies with Psalm Isadora, Harish Wallace, Anusara.
Ongoing Shamanic Studies & Ceremonies with several local space holders  S


1/21/18 EMBODIED SHAKTI: Honoring the "Me too" movement as Temple Priestesses ~ how to be impeccable to right alignment with feminine/masculine energies, Intro on how to self-care & cultivate energy with Jade Eggs, Tantra Darshan, Tantric pointers. Led by Queen Love, E Bast & Halo Seronko

9/14/17 BLESSING SHAKTI: Poems, blessings, stones, fruit, flowers, flower waters, prayers, songs. Bringing our magic together in to the Shakti Cauldron to activate our Collective grid for continued blessings, protection, guidance and fulfillment. Led by Queen Love, Sound Activation by Sasha Nicole

5/04/17 HOLY LOVE TANTRA MEDITATION INTEGRATION & WISDOM EMBODIMENT  ~ "The main purpose of our coming together is to open our hearts so fully to one another that even the slightest remnant of fear that is consciously or unconsciously part of our human experience shall be transformed by the power of unlimited Love into an experience of Communion with a sentient, compassionate, infinitely wise Universe. We are here to teach love by the way we live." An evening workshop & practice group weaving sound, philosophy/background/explanation, demonstration & practice. Led By Queen Love.

2/19/17 SACRED UNION: HONORING THE BELOVED WITHIN A Devotional day of Sound Healing-Gong Bath & Crystal Bowls, Herbal Cacao Tea Ceremony, Prayer, Mind & Energy Clearings, Kirtan/Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Temple Dance, Hands on Healing, Tantric Essays & Reflection. Led by Queen Love, Ciela Belle, Sasha Nicole, Lakshmi, Sola Rose Dawn.

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Teresa AngelTeresa Angel

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She was so caring and angelic!



Aug 31st, 2019

very friendly and knows what she is doing


Mar 16th, 2019

Each woman at the temple is unique on their own way. It doesn't matter how beautiful, skillful or intuitive they are. They all have that one thing that make them special. Teresa isn't unforgettable because she is different from all the other women but because she embodies the very best of all experiences I have ever had at the temple. She is beautiful, fun, personable, skillful and has a beautiful smile. She summons up the very best of the temple. And the very best of all single woman. obrigado. Beijos.


Mar 15th, 2019

"What one heart can do for another heart, is there any beauty in the world that can match this?". Need i say more! May be, "With a love like that, It lights the whole sky."


Feb 2nd, 2019

Its confirmed. Angels do exist!


Feb 2nd, 2019

Teresa made me feel comfortable and helped me stay present. She is warm, playful, smart with a great sense of humor. She is also incredibly beautiful both inside and out. Thank you.


Dec 7th, 2018

Teresa Angel is aptly named. I suspect that everyone who spends time with her says, at one time or another, “she really IS an angel”. Well, here I am, saying the same thing - - because there are no words capable of adequately describing her combination of intelligence, beauty, expertise, and mind-blowing presence, so what the heck, I'll just fall back on the obvious. I have been touched by an angel, and I'm looking forward to being touched again and again. I saw her for the second time today, and I plan to see her again in a few days. If I were 40 years younger and not already very happily married, I'd camp on her doorstep. She is a genius in the realm of loving touch, her eyes reveal a wise, kind, loving, compassionate soul, her heart is warm, loving and accepting, and on top of it all she has a sense of humor. She is an artist in the domain of the senses. Besides all that, Teresa is just plain fun, and I'll remember the hours I've spent with her for the rest of my days.


Aug 30th, 2018

Teresa is exceptionally charming, and incredible in many ways. She has the amazing ability to dissolve a person’s troubles into newly found energy. I admire her ability to transform aches and pains, stresses and strains and other life mundane into extraordinary feeling of all’s well in my world!
From the moment when I first showed up for my session a few years ago, I have found her to be fully focused on making my experience superb. She is capable of immersing herself into diverse variety of conversations to bring you piece in mind, or you may desire a quiet session, but either way you will be feeling the best you can at any given space or moment. I have continued this journey with her, and several times it was as if I had carried heavy burdens into the session and those were removed layer by layer, making me ready to face the worldly challenges again.

You will experience Einstein’s general relativity, when she takes all that’s hurting away, and you feel no weight, no mass, that’s when time goes faster. I highly recommend signing up for at least an hour-and-a-half or more to experience the full extent of your transformation. Teresa is an Angel true to her name you will find her to be very good, helpful and kind!

The best of it is that she is very experienced in what she does and continues to learn new methods in sound and healing therapies. I have learnt many things from her to deal with my stressed moments. That is a bonus that you walk away with and can apply it anywhere and at any time.


Apr 3rd, 2018

Teresa is truly an angel. I just had my first session and felt so relaxing and rejuvenating. She made me comfortable throughout the session. She is amazing person in and out. She is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and truly caring. I had a memorable session today. Thank you Teresa.


Jan 19th, 2018

After having been through some difficult times in my life in last 5-yrs, I was hoping to start connecting. Teresa made me feel special by being kind, supportive, and accommodating of the state of mind I was in and be very gentle in terms of getting me back on an embodied path. She is just an awesome Devi and I look forward to seeing her soon and more. God Bless Teresa for building her karma from the bottom of her heart and be natural about it. she can take half of my life and make that difference to others as well. Viva Teresa!


Nov 27th, 2017

WOW! Teresa is gorgeous, sweet, confident, cool, funny and gave me the best massage of my life. Thank you Thank you.


Jul 8th, 2017

Teresa is amazing. I booked after an incredibly tough week. Her energy is magic & it heals. She has a gift. I will be back and back again.


Jan 10th, 2017

A life changing experience. Teresa is very grounded, compassionate, articulate and skilled. I am eager to see her again.


Aug 2nd, 2016

Teresa has an innate beauty that is healing to the touch and radiates through every pore of her body. It did not take long for her to carefully guide me to a place inside I had never visited or perhaps only had forgotten about. If you have the chance, dare to take the journey with Teresa as your guide and who knows what you might uncover.


Jun 30th, 2016

What an absolutely Beautiful Person inside and out... She made it so incredibly easy to relax and fall into the session and let go of everything. Teresa is Simply an Amazing Woman
Thank You my friend for an absolutely breath taking afternoon 🙂


Apr 10th, 2016

I visited the San Francisco location a couple of weeks ago. I was absolutely thrilled with Teresa! Between teaching me relaxation, and an incredible session. She is absolutely client focused, and cares about meeting expectations. I will return again to see her.


Feb 28th, 2016

Teresa is such a gorgeous, sincere, gentle, warm, and talented lady. I am honored to have met her. I highly recommend this lovely tantrica!


Nov 12th, 2015

She is an Angel for sure. An awesome experience with such a great lady.


Jul 29th, 2015

When you read reviews that are this good you think...well that can't be possible...seeing or experiencing is believing in this case. It may be hard to believe that she's even more beautiful in person (on every level). This was an an incredible experience for my wife and I. We highly recommend this to any couple who may be considering. Beyond worth it!


Jun 19th, 2015

Stunningly beautiful, with a firm, strong touch during massage. Amazing. I'm so happy today and Teresa made me this way 🙂


May 29th, 2015

I am grateful... I am Blessed...I am thinking of Teresa. She has Integrity...She is Radiant, Glowing, Luminous, Assertive, Powerful, yet Passionate, and Compassionate. Heartfelt, Amorous. While being Caring, Kind, Selfless, and Generous. She is Giddy, Funny, Mischievous, Emotional, Spiritual, Daring. An Assertive Goddess, quite Powerful, Respectful, Rejuvenating, Endearing, Creative, Understanding, and Appreciative. She is Funny, Warm and Abundant. Soulful, Blissful and Reaching. A Wise Sage...With Kind Blessings-:)


May 11th, 2015

This was my first visit to the Temple. As a woman, I was anxious and somewhat intimidated. Teresa put me and my husband at ease. She is beautiful, sharp, playful and has a deep presence. Her physique is better than any Hollywood starlet. In my wildest dreams I could not imagine a better experience. Ladies, do this with your men. Teresa will augment your relationship in surprising ways. She gets us!


May 6th, 2015

It was the first time my wife and I have ever tried a tantra session and it was an off the charts experience with Teresa. She's free-spirited, heart-centered and passionate. Can't recommend her highly enough for couples, as our pleasure was her pleasure. Very special lady and goddess!


Apr 24th, 2015

Great session with Teresa. I was pretty nervous and she slowly coached me into relaxation. She is an inspiration and wise beyond her years - I plan to follow up with future sessions.


Apr 10th, 2015

I had a wonderful session with Teresa. She is beautiful inside and out, and has great therapeutic skills as well as a very loving touch. She's very intuitive and we connected on many levels to make the session one of the best I've had.


Mar 21st, 2015

Teresa's name is quite fitting. She is an angel. Her beauty left me speechless. Honestly, just looking into her eyes was mesmerizing. Teresa is a very skilled masseuse and the tantric body work was fantastic. Teresa is also very smart, well-spoken, funny and affectionate. She's a truly lovely person with a gentle spirit. Thank you, Teresa, for a wonderful afternoon.


Jan 9th, 2015

Experience I'll always remember. Powerful connection throughout the session.


Dec 19th, 2014

Mindblowing! I had the amazing opportunity to do a doubles session with Kali and Teresa Angel. Each of them is phenomenal on their own. And, together, they make for an explosive combination. Incredible! They possess an extremely comfortable, easy, playful vibe with each other and directed all of that positive energy my way. The whole session felt natural and flowed organically. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, however, I will be back for sure to experience this magic again…and again.


Dec 17th, 2014

Teresa Angel was very welcoming and made me feel quite comfortable. She is also absolutely gorgeous and has a nurturing touch. Days later I'm still feeling the aftereffects.


Oct 15th, 2014

I am softly spoken and reserved, so many reviews for Miss Teresa, should I even comment on my wonderful experiences? Yes... is the answer, everyone deserves praise. What a gifted Tantrica Teresa is! Look at what receivers have stated.. Myself a Yogi of 15 years, I ask for yogassage during my session, it is so pleasurable, so awesome, bend me into a pretzel, and then straighten me out again...it feels so good for us mortals. Such an incredible and wonderful facet of her abilities-may the universe take good care of you Miss Teresa. With Blessings:-)


Sep 6th, 2014

We booked a 90 minute couples Tantric session with Teresa. She greeted us at the door and was so welcoming she immediately put us at ease. Her voice was so melodic and soothing it was easy to fall under her spell. As we sank deeper into oneness, her touch was firm but sensual. Her carress caused an out of body experience that was not only enlightening but freeing. Her guiding hand brought two souls together again.


Jul 22nd, 2014

This was my first time meeting Teresa and WOW, she truly looks like an angel. She welcomed me with a big smile and made me comfortable right away. I have been to the temple many times and Teresa is clearly one of the best - her massage skills and touch are heavenly and I really didn't want my 90 minute session to end. Would lover to see her again when she is in town.


Jul 12th, 2014

Teresa is really a very beautiful person, in looks and personality. Great Tantric session with deep breathing, stretching and a very very sensual massage. Looking forward to many more sessions


Jun 15th, 2014

Before meeting Teresa I did not understand the term "intuitively tantric" being associated with a Dakini. Now I do. She is an angel inside and out. Her yoga expertise moved me in ways that I've never experienced. Our interaction was relaxed, comfortable, and instinctive. This was my best experience and the first review I've been compelled to write.


Jun 9th, 2014

Teresa's massage is excellent. She creates a peaceful presents which helps your stresses and concerns melt away. Her hands takes you to a heavenly place.


Jun 7th, 2014

I saw Teresa at the SF temple. All I can say is
Tall Enchanting Ravishing Elegant Sensual Angel.
Thank you for the great time


May 24th, 2014

We had and extraordinary couples massage experience. Teresa was very sweet and gentle. There was a nice connection that resulted in a very harmonic and delicate experience. We would love to come back.

*D & A*

Apr 28th, 2014

Teresa is an amazing balance of playful and sultry. She becomes your special friend quickly and sincerely. Truly gorgeous mind, body and soul...yum!


Apr 1st, 2014

This was my first time with teresa and I had a wonderful time with her. We did connect very well and I could just feel the spiritual energy flow between the twos of us. Just submit to her and you will be glad you did.


Mar 19th, 2014

breath, song, play and affirmation is the gift of Teresa Angel, a blessing

*coy j*

Mar 14th, 2014

Teresa Angel truly took me to heaven. She is incredibly genuine, present and even more beautiful in person. She has great intuition on what your body needs. If you truly let yourself go and put yourself in her very capable hands, you are in for an amazing experience.


Feb 28th, 2014

Teresa is a beautiful soul that is blessed with a beautiful body...and absolute sweetie!
She has an intuitive and skillful healing touch. I felt a deep and profound spiritual connection.
Top of my head to the soles of my feet were tingling the entire day!!!


Feb 25th, 2014

There are really not enough words to describe Teresa and my experience with her, I can only say that I would never pick anybody else.
Thank you Teresa!!!


Feb 5th, 2014

I had a wonderful session with Teresa. She is beautiful inside and out, and has great therapeutic skills as well as a very sensual touch. She's very intuitive and we connected on many levels to make the session one of the best I've had.


Feb 4th, 2014

An Absolute GENUINE Sweetheart. Solid.


Feb 1st, 2014

Teresa AngelTeresa Angel

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