Suki Swan

Suki Swan

Heart Love ❤️ Geisha

Suki Swan

Hello Loved Ones,

I am a warm and loving bodyworker ready to send you off into bliss. Allow me to guide your body, mind and spirit into full relaxation, peace and expansion. I am firm, but deep and gentle
with softness.

My sessions will calm and rejuvenate your senses, ground and uplift you.

I am certified in 720+ hours Massage Therapy,  specializing in acupressure and Thai Massage. 100 hours of “Joy of Yoga” - Yoga Teacher Therapy with Jennifer Prugn. Tantra Yoga training with Charles Muir. 50 hours Restorative Yoga And Well Being @ Breathe Yoga Studio. Tantra breathing and Dance Workshop.

I stand strongly in my divine feminine power and use my intuition and
breath to guide our sessions.

Love & Light,

Suki Swan


Suki SwanSuki Swan

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Suki Swan 10-12-2018 *AV* 10

Suki made a rare appearance at the Novato Temple and I’m glad I booked 90 minutes with her because she was amazing. Very light-hearted and totally present with her touch; she has a loving spontaneous quality that captures the essence of Tantra. I’ll be booking more sessions with her. Now if we can only get more of the S.F. Dakinis to come to Marin.

Suki Swan 08-12-2018 *TBl* 10

Absolutely wonderful, Suki is soulful, warm and energetic. I loved my session with her. Thank you for having such a positive impact on my life.

Suki Swan 08-22-2018 *HOJ* 10

Suki was absolutely fun to have as my Dakini. She has the most laughter & infectious smile of anyone at the Temple of Bliss. Her skills are also much higher than the level she has formally attained. My session with her was one of the most memorable, relaxing & satisfying. I look forward to another opportunity to have a session with her.

Suki Swan 08-12-2018 *vy* 10

Suki has enormous giving energy. She is greatly accomplished as a masseuse. It was a wonderfully relaxing session.

Suki Swan 08-12-2018 *Edd* 10

I had a terrific session with the beautiful Suki. She was deeply engaged and full of energy. Very skilled and intuitive. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Suki Swan 08-02-2018 *IZ* 10

An amazingly relaxing and otherworldly experience.

Suki Swan 07-06-2018 *Ax* 10

Suki is great! She's warm and energetic and beautiful. I loved my session.

Suki Swan 07-05-2018 *MiDeRo* 10

Suki is an incredibly charming, soothing, and beautiful soul. I was unaware of how truly in need of compassionate touch I was until our session, and am thankful for the opportunity to receive that gift and to have a space to exist with a clear mind.

Suki Swan 06-19-2018 *DoLo* 10

90 min session with Suki was so much fun and blissful. She is a gem.

Suki Swan 05-29-2018 *JoF* 10

Suki made me feel right at home and completely present in the moment. Great relaxing session that has me leaving refreshed and thinking about my next time at the temple.

Suki Swan 05-27-2018 *BrY* 10

My session with Suki was transformational. She is an amazing and beautiful person. She immediately made me feel welcomed, safe, and loved. I could tell she was very genuine and cared deeply about helping me have a great experience. I am truly grateful for my time with her and would recommend her to anyone! Thank you so much Suki!

Suki Swan 05-16-2018 *RoMu* 10

I have been curious about Tantra for a number of years and finally decided to contact the Temple of Bliss to schedule a 2 hour session with Sasha. I am SO glad I did. On my way to the appointment, Sasha informed me that they had a new therapist, Suki who was available to join our session. I figured why not have my first Tantric experience be the best I can get. I was not mistaken. The session was absolutely moving on a deep spiritual level. They worked in tandem, gently guiding me along a path to enlightenment and absolute bliss! It was obvious from the moment I walked into the Temple, they pour everything, heart and soul, into their sessions! Experiencing they way they surrendered themselves completely to the moment calmed my nervousness and allowed me to follow their lead. I cannot give a higher recommendation to both Sasha and Suki. If you can swing a session with both, you will have the experience of your life!

Suki Swan 05-13-2018 *Supm* 10

Absolutely wonderful experience. Suki’s energy and love for what she does will bring true bliss and enlightenment to the session. I’ve never felt more connected and at ease

Suki Swan 05-11-2018 *TA* 10

Suki was absolutely incredible in every way. Even though she just started at this temple, you can tell she brings years of experience, and it counts! I left my session deeply relaxed and renewed. As a bonus, she is funny, down to earth, and an absolute joy to talk to. I can't wait to see her again!

Suki Swan 05-07-2018 *MK* 10

Greets with a smile, full of positive energy, a session with no regrets!

Suki Swan

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