Sola Cura

Level II Tantrika

Sola Cura

Sola Cura

My name is Sola Cura, ruled by Venus + earth; my heart is synced into the senses. I encourage you to ground into your being, ignite your inner liberation, and rest easy into the radiance that is you.

My touch is intuitive and nourishing. I help others embody a reverence of love, warmth, and grounding.

It’s with my heart + service to be a vessel to you and with you. Let’s explore, uplift, and radiate the true essence of our hearts. I’m on my path, feel incredibly in tune with the body, of my own firstly and of others.

I have been working with plant medicine, hands on touch, and healing for over 7 years. I had the blessing of moving to India, studying Ayurveda- and becoming an Ayurvedic Practitioner.  I also run a product line of Ayurvedic herbal Oils that I curate, cook, and make myself.

Certified Ayervedic Practitioner ~ Certified Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage

Women's care & Pregnancy Massage ~ Tantra doubles with others  & Queen Love Tantra intro initiation 

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Sola CuraSola Cura

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment

Awesome session with Sola. Loved every minute of it. She is definitely
the real deal.

Sola Cura10-25-2019*QL*10

Sols is a beautiful, strong, centred, petite powerhouse. Her massage touch is confident with an adept firm pressure. I received an hour massage and look forward to someday receiving a longer full blend of the Ayurveda and Tantra practices together. She truly cares about her healing craft and you will feel this in your session. - Queen Love

Sola Cura09-16-2019*JB*10

What a wonderful experience with Sola. She took relaxation to an alternate plane and kept it there. Sola is a wonderful young lady and I hope to see her again soon. Thank you Sola!!

Sola Cura08-08-2019PLLShv10

I had the pleasure of being with Sola this week. I wish there were more than 10 stars I could give. She actually is a conduit to the infinite. I have been meditating for many decades and being with her was a transcendental experience. Yes, she is beautiful, intelligent, spiritual..But she is a very old soul. A living dakini. The real thing....
I only regret is that I had not met her earlier in my life. It was truly an adventure into the infinite, being with her.

Sola Cura06-14-2019MiFl10

Wow! Sola is absolutely amazing! She is a very kind and caring. The connection and guidance was out of this world. This was my first time experience anything like this and the relaxed state and deep breathing to become an open vessel into a relaxed star really helped beyond words. I would highly recommend Sola and will be seeing her again soon.

Sola Cura06-09-2019*TCH*10

Spending time with Sola was extremely relaxing for the mind. I entered the temple and was immediately put at ease. We sat down and discussed my areas of need, and the rest was history. She put me through moments of bliss and allowed me to completely destress and release the negativity I walked in feeling. Sola was, simply put, breathtakingly amazing.

Sola Cura06-02-2019*JoAnG*9

I had a session with Sola and it was amazing! She was very welcoming and warm. She took time to chat with me before our session to hear about where I was that day and what I was liking for in the session. She had a very solid and warm presence throughout the session! I felt very taken care of and listened to. I would highly recommend Sola to anyone that enjoys connecting on a deep level and appreciates a beautiful goddess.

Sola Cura05-29-2019*HR*10

Sola has a warm and calming presence that instantly put my tired and travel weary self at ease the minute I entered the temple. She guided me through a series of mindful exercises to help me regroup my senses before giving me a thoroughly relaxing massage. I am truly grateful for her kindness and generosity as a healer.

Sola Cura05-29-2019*JoSco*10

In a word, Sola is amazing. Warm and serene, she welcomes you into her presence with a genuine sense of connection. I highly recommend visiting her if you are in need of some guidance to an inner state of serenity.

Sola Cura05-10-2019*LPin*10

Sola joined in as part of a 4 hands experience with Maya and fell into a such an intuitive rhythm and sync that really blew my mind. She’s just got a very confident and powerful nurturing energy that’s fun and connected and all together helped contribute to a really great 2 hours!

Sola Cura05-09-2019*Kigi*10

Spending time with Sola was wonderful. Upon meeting her she radiates a sense of calm, peace, beauty, and love. Sola is a beautiful soul who will make you feel right at home and and guide you to a deep sense of connection, joy, and peace. Thanks for a lovely time!

Sola CuraSola Cura

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