Shree Indira

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Shree Indira

Shree Indira

I am a Creatrix and an artist of Nordic roots and culture,

I enjoy communicating thru body language and I am here to share my skills and knowledge with you of the healing qualities of loving touch.

Human Touch is a necessity.

It gives us comfort and pleasure, helping to relax the body and mind.

Touching stimuli changes the biochemistry of our brain and hormones are released.

Endorphins which are the happiness hormones and oxytocin is the bonding hormone that supports feelings and emotions, while also improving health and immune system support.

Every session with me is personalized by your present state, desires and needs. My approach to you is sensory play.

I will use different techniques enticing your senses to activate different energy channels in your body. Together we can dive deeper and help you unwind and release tension and stress in your body and mind.

I welcome you into a safe space where you can open up, let go and heal.

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Shree Indira

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Truly beautiful session with Shree. Her embrace upon walking through the door was immediately healing. I enjoyed and benefited by her use of aroma therapy during the session. Strong hands worked certain pressure points to where I was clearly storing some emotional energy. By the end of my time on the table I had an out of body experience that I will not soon forget. Thank you Sharee. She may be new to the temple but not new to healing.


Nov 14th, 2022

My time with Shree exceeded expectations. An embrace that puts you in a better place immediately. Her strong hands provided healing pressure to various pressure points, releasing much blocked energy.
And incredible experience and a powerful soul.


Nov 9th, 2022

The welcoming feel and exceptional space to unwind and relax created by Shree and Sara during a double session is an experience not to be missed. The similar but yet contrasting styles made for an exquisite opportunity to disconnect and float away into another world for a period of time I wished could have lasted forever.


Oct 26th, 2022

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