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Shanti Ruby

Shanti Ruby

I am sweet and peaceful by nature, my work aims to instill harmony within you.

Expand Into Your Fullest, Most Powerful State

There is great power in connecting with the body and the breath. Let my delicious touch elevate you to a level of bliss you never knew you had. Tapping into your innermost radiant energy leads to euphoria — when grounded through the body, it’s a potent, revitalizing experience, centered in wellness and peace. I believe all forms of wellness can be traced to- and enhanced by- mindful and reverential care of the body. As I guide you on a loving journey of tantric bliss, your body, mind, and spirit lift to new heights. Welcome to expansion.
Enter a trance-like state of relaxation.

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Shanti Ruby

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I had an anazing time with Shanti. A sweet and temder voiced person, she had me feeling comfortable and relaxed from beginning to end. Looking forward to my next visit.


Jul 25th, 2021

I had the most relaxing and loving experience with Shanti. She greeted me with a warm hug and I felt an instant heart connection. She showed me into her space, and after a quick shower, the session began. Her breathing technique and firm touch was both relaxing and invigorating. I was positively floating on my way out, and regretting that I had not scheduled a longer session! Hope to see her again soon.


Jul 20th, 2021

A lovely person with a lovely vibe. Had a magical time.


Jun 30th, 2021

What a wonderful experience - Shanti was sweet and kind and made me feel relaxed for my first massage in over a year.


Jun 26th, 2021

Words can not express how lovely and empathic Shanti Ruby is. She is s rare jewel, a treasure. Her touch and soft voice cut through all life's noise. You will be lucky to have her as your dakini. I am and I will be back.


Jun 23rd, 2021

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