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Shanti Maya

Exceptional Tantric Energy & Loving Presence, *Couples~Specialty & Daylong immersions*

Shanti Maya

It is written on the gate of heaven:
Nothing in existence is more powerful than destiny.
And destiny brought you here, to this page,
which is part of your ticket - as all things are -
to return to God.
- Hafiz

Hello Beautiful Beings,
I am Shanti Maya. I haveĀ  years of wisdom, love, healing, journey, growth and laughter within me.

I arrive to this work full of love and inspiration. I love what I do here in my bodywork offering & you will too.

I am beauty, grace, love, passion, calming, peace, truth. My embrace is a place to find oneself, to express oneself, to let go and be.

All my Love,
Shanti Maya
Yoga Teacher(15 years), Tantra path(7 years), CMT(12 years)
Priestess, Healer, Teacher, Dancer

*Specialized in Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork sessions *

Available for:
Body of Bliss Massage, Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork, Couples Bliss & Couples Tantra

& Purely Therapeutic Offerings:
Shamanic Temple Bodywork

Shanti MayaShanti Maya

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Shanti Maya07-25-2017*PaR*10

Shanti has amazing hands and incredibly calming manner. The session was fantastic, and she truly has a gift!

Shanti Maya04-23-2017*kavir*10

Shanti is such an ethereal queen! Such a wonderful and memorable experience that my boyfriend and I will hold quite close for a long time to come, and continually apply certain energies gained to one another. Thank you

Shanti Maya03-06-2017*AN*10

We live in an age of superfluousness. Everything is awesome. Everyone is amazing. Unmoored from authenticity and pepped up on spin, we suffer from an inflation of words. Amidst this general malaise, quiet but burning sincerity and integrity are perhaps best evoked through the words of a different era. Those, perhaps, of the 13th century Sufi mystic Rumi, who wrote, among other things: "Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees." To spend time with Shanti Maya is to spend time in the presence of one who sees. It is to come to know oneself, perhaps for the first time, as beautiful and fair and lovely. It is to receive the most precious gift of all: the gift of being seen through the eyes of one who truly sees, of being touched by the hands of one who truly touches. Many claim to see, but few actually do. Many claim to touch, but rare are the hands capable of reaching through the body to make contact with the soul. May those with ears to hear truly hear: Shanti Maya is a most precious gift, a gift to be treasured, cherished, and praised. Seek her if you seek to be truly seen. Seek her if you seek to be truly touched.

Shanti Maya03-03-2017*QL*10

I just received another timeless one hour insanely nourishing hot oil ayurvedic therapeutic massage from Shanti Maya. This beautiful woman has the art of divine indulgence dialed. So Good. While the hour truly seemed timeless, I also never wanted it to end. 2 hours is a must next time. ~ Queen Love

Shanti Maya02-22-2017*Sur*8

A very special experience from a beautiful, highly skilled and naturally caring and passionate human being. Shanti is a rare example of someone with truly natural empathy. Thank you.

Shanti Maya12-21-2016*Elv*10

So this is what a gal who live, eats, drinks, and exists healthy is. She is just beautiful. Her massage technique is dandy and the waves of pleasure were gravitational in perfection. I hope she comes back to LA soon. She is truly a gem.

Shanti Maya05-25-2016*AI*10

Shanti Maya is the real deal. She truly embodies the spirit, energy and passion of Tantra. She took me on a journey of discovery and delight that unfolded through the use of her hands and body and years of experience, having guided others along the path toward bliss and fulfillment. Highest recommendation.

Shanti Maya02-03-2016*BlisL*9

Like many have testified here, I am continuing to experience the blissful effects of our Tantric session, almost a week after my memorable session with Shanti Maya.

She has the beautiful looks and aura of an experienced Dakini she is. Shanti ensures you receive most of what you intend to gain from the session. I am so grateful to learn the few important tantric techniques she shared with me, which I could experience immediately in the blissful session. These are powerful gains for me to improve my sensual and spiritual experiences. The ease of which I could connect to Shanti was so amazing to experience. I eagerly look forward to do so again sometime in the near future. AUM.

Shanti Maya01-27-2016*RJ*10

I had the opportunity to visit Shanti this week. This was my first session and I was in awe. The quality of interaction and awakening was at a higher level. I was transported to a different world with her tender touch. Calmness in her voice and eyes speaks volume of her soul. She is a giving person with mature levels of knowledge of touch. Our conversations during sessions were warm and affectionate . The session was truly blissful in all respects. I pray to God lalitha to shower immense health and well being of this wonderful soul.

Shanti Maya10-28-2015*Sch*10

I have spent time with a number of Dakinis in the last 15 years, as I have sought to connect with divine feminine power/energy. Each time I have felt a connection with some aspect of that divine power. With Shanti Maya, for the first time, I felt I was in the unmistakeable presence of a true Goddess. Shanti is clearly devoted to the spiritual truths of Tantra, while also being the most beautiful woman I have ever encountered. She embodies the divine, both spiritually and physically. She radiates all that is sacred & holy sensuality, with human love and compassion. During my time with Shanti I felt I was taken as far beyond the superficial material world as I am capable given my own limitations. She gave me a glimpse of the beauty and power of divine Shakti. I am grateful that the universe led me to her, and I hope to have many more Tantra sessions with her. Oh, and by the way, she had a wonderful intuitive soft touch when she gave me a massage. I left the temple feeling both spiritually and physically fulfilled. In other words, A+!

Shanti Maya10-07-2015*DanG*10

Shanti is a beautiful tender goddess. My time with her was awesome! I don't know how the temple finds such beautiful ladies. But they do!!!!! Don't go without spending wonderful time with Shanti.

Shanti Maya08-27-2015*J*10

As a woman I felt a bit awkward to try a body of bliss massage. I wanted to feel the warmth and healing of another woman. I also wanted to feel like I wasn't being judged. Shanti's energy was precisely what I needed. Her touch made me feel whole, loved and excepted. I could allow myself to let go and be in the vulnerable state I was feeling. Shanti was able to moved some blocked energy I had been resisting and I'm so grateful I went to see her. I would definitely do another session with Shanti.

Shanti Maya08-25-2015*DavKa*10

My experience with Shanti Maya was soul altering and life-affirming. She welcomed me with no judgement and a guiding spirit. If you come with an open heart and an attitude of respect and reverence, you will be rewarded richly. Shanti is a true goddess, and encompasses all that is holy and incredible about womanhood. Her touch heals, soothes, and loves completely. I cannot recommend her highly enough, and I look forward to many more visits with her in the future. I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to spend time with her - she is wonderful!

Shanti Maya08-03-2015*bd*10

This was the first time I had a session Shanti Maya. She has a very positive calm grace that is very captivating. She welcomed me with a big smile and during our "intro" talk made me comfortable right away. Her tantric skills are an ecstasy - her massage skills and touch are heavenly and I really didn't want my 90 minute session to end. Would love to see her again.

Shanti Maya07-10-2015*Blus*9

A delightful interlude with Shanti recently who graciously tailored our time together to begin with some much needed bodywork. The session changed gears and I was magically transformed into a place of serenity before being physically taken to the twilight zone of ecstasy!

Shanti Maya05-10-2015*LarC*10

The tantric massage by Shanti Maya one of the most wonderful things I have ever encountered - bordering on the spiritual. She guided me through tantric massage, showing me the deeper meaning of embodied bliss while softly caressing my body & bringing me to higher ecstatic conscious states. She made me feel as though I was the only man in the world. Tantra is an experience that will make you rethink everything. From the bottom of my heart I thank you Shanti Maya. You are a truly beautiful woman physically and spiritually.

Shanti Maya04-27-2015*Sun*10

I came to see Shanti in a very vulnerable emotional state looking to explore and to experience a deeper sense of connection and aliveness. My session with Shanti was everything I hoped for. She was beautiful, caring, sensitive and divinely present. I felt soothed, held, deeply cared for. I experienced my passion, my aliveness and an open heart. I often pray "May the passion in my heart be guided by the purity of my spirit." I experienced that in my session with this amazing and divine woman.

Shanti Maya11-30-2014*Vr*10

This was my first tantra massage experience and I am really grateful to Shanti Maya that I got it from her. She is a beautiful angel inside and out. Her strength of character really impressed me. She really gave me the best experience. Honestly I felt like a king and the whole vibe and atmosphere really got me back to ancient times. Her massage techniques are so perfect that I felt really good and light after that session. I definitely recommend this gorgeous person for the best tantric experience.

Shanti Maya10-21-2014OSCARCALIN10

She is a sweet angel, her voice and her touch are magical. She is very professional and gives you a familiar vibe when you surrender to her, the best tantra experience in my life.

Shanti Maya10-20-2014TT10

Shanti Maya is stunningly beautiful and has a very warm friendly personality. I felt at peace in her loving presence, I can spend a whole day just looking at her beautiful and peaceful face. The session was absolutely mind blowing, I experienced wave after wave bliss and love which is hard to describe. It was a fantastic session I ever had, I surrendered to Maya and had Shanti (Bliss/Peace) and would love to repeat as soon as I can. Thank you Shanti.

Shanti MayaShanti Maya

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