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Level II Tantrika

Satya Sun

Satya Sun

Take my hand in this overwhelming metropolis and let me lead you to your heart. As a NYC native, I understand the stress that can wear on ones body and soul. I believe that vulnerability and feminine energy is greatly lacking in this culture. In my own life I have seen first hand how touch, breath and sound has the power to transform me faster and more powerfully than western talk therapy ever has. With a background in acting, drama therapy and dance, I know that creative expression is in all of us. Let me help you get in touch with the artist in you, a source of divine, abundant empathy and energetic fire!

My  Kundalini Bliss Session is a combination of deep tissue lomi lomi message, oceanic breathing and serene imagery tailored to your imagination! Allow yourself to melt into relaxation!

My Tantric Bodywork Session is co-created, magical time away from the mundane reality! Together, we will reconnect with infinite reality through conscious touch, breath, body mechanics, movement, eye-gazing, surrender...Allow yourself to experience deeper heart & soul intimacy and learn more about your body’s capacity for bliss.

My Tantra Ties Session will combine soft textures like the delicate trace of my fingertips up your back then feeling of sharper sensations to awaken your senses. Yum! Allow yourself to sink deeper into your imagination and relinquish full control!

Open your heart and receive me as you would receive the light of the Sun: drink me in with every breath, through every pore. Allow my loving intentions to bring you home to yourself.

In Bliss, 

Satya Sun

Kundalini Bliss Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Couples Sessions, Purely Therapeutic Offerings

-Temple Dakini experience (started September, 2016) - and Tantra Initiation trainings each with Queen Love and a previous Tantra Teacher. Multiple Doubles with other Temple Dakinis, learning from each other.

-Helped Facilitate as a Temple Guardian at a Shamanic Tantric Daylong workshop with Holy Love at Om Rising Yoga Festival in October 2018.

-Currently  Temple Guardian of New York Priestess Circles.

-Attuned in level one Reiki, specifically geared toward healing lower chakra trauma. 
-Tao Tantra 101 course with a focus on jade eggs. 
-Puja workshop focused on tantra and ritual arts.
-Two bhavana visualization courses focused on finding intention and manifesting wellness through breath and meditation. 
-Private chakra/breath session designed to help create a sadhana practice with a private coach. 
-I’ve been studying heliotropic  breath work and reiki to release every week from September 2018-current day
 -in the midst of training privately to further my facilitating.
-Completed a 7 hour chakra course unlocking my energetic alchemy. 
-Completed a 16 hour intensive on activated living/ unlocking full creative potential, partly based on the philosophies/ teaching  of Ekhart Tolle. 
-I’ve been studying Ziva mind meditation since December 2017.

Satya SunSatya Sun

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Satya Sun05-16-2019*FrE*10

Satya was exceptional. I’ve been a client of the Temple but Satya took it to a new level. She’s considerate, tuned in, caring, kind and passionate. The connection between mind, body, soul is strong. I learned more about myself and was able to express myself because of Satya’s approach and energy and attention. Highly recommend this experience.

Satya Sun10-18-2018*UNGD*10

Satya provided an absolutely amazing experience. I scheduled a 90 minute Tantra Ties Session. When I arrived she made me feel very comfortable and took time to get to know what I was looking for in my session. She made some suggestions and allowed me to pick what I would enjoy. She has a very unique special energy that I haven't experienced before. She was very in tune with my body and almost instinctively knew how to guide me. She has a very loving touch, but also incredible strength that I didn't expect. I would describe her as a beautiful tantric lioness. She gives so deeply from her heart in a beautiful way that left me feeling empowered and completely nurtured at the end of our session. Another unique aspect to Satya is that you can feel safe to completely let go and express your deepest feelings and longings. Very rare to find someone like this. I would highly recommend Satya to anyone that enjoys connecting on a deep level and appreciates a beautiful goddess.

Satya Sun07-11-2018*KinSla*10

I struggle with relaxation and tension. After my session with Satya I've never been so relaxed in my life. My session was a year ago and I still think about her to this day!

Satya Sun07-08-2018*MeDiA*10

My session with Satya was incredibly enlightening and blissful in such a wholistic way. First, Satya is radiantly beautiful and welcoming. She listened to my reasons for exploring tantra, and she made me feel respected and completely worthy of the experience. During the session itself, I was totally held and honored by her. Every single touch felt caring, present, and intentional. She gifted me with such a tender, rich, and deep experience that is often lacking for me. Because of this, the session was emotional and cathartic as well as pleasurable. I felt free to express myself with playful sound and rhythmic breathing. It is clear that Satya is incredibly passionate about her work and truly cares about her clients. Most importantly, Satya was able to make me feel rooted and at home in my own body (which is often difficult for me because I have trouble being the 'receiver' and tuning out distracting thoughts). She is such a blessing of a human! I'm very much looking forward to my future sessions with Satya!

Satya Sun01-30-2018*NatRos*9

Amazing, sensual, deeply touching and rejuvenating, transformational and awakening those are a few descriptions of my experience with Satya. Thank you from my heart beautiful soul!

Satya Sun11-06-2017*ChCo*10

I don't know why it took me so long to write this. I've seen Satya about 10 times. She's an absolutely beautiful spirit of life, love and happiness. She's the promise of a new tomorrow. She's utterly and completely wonderful. My life is better for knowing her. She's beautiful, sensual, intuitive, a fantasy come true and a real friend. She's given me far more than I can ever repay.

Satya Sun03-07-2017*Dd*10

Satya looked at me with her piercing blue eyes and filled me with life again. Words can't describe the affect this woman had on me. She is stunningly beautiful, generous, deeply honest and brimming with kindess. This warrior goddess is the most excuistie mix of fearless and vulnerable. She will stay with you long after the session ends.

Satya Sun01-10-2017*AJ*10

Just had a tantra ties session with Satya Sun! Wow! I had experienced tantra before, but this session was truly something special. Satya was intuitive, playful and fiery. She knew exactly how to ease me into a new experience and then take me on a journey that was out of this world. I left feeling more at peace than I have in ages.

Satya Sun01-09-2017*MM*10

She was amazing. Much more than I expected. Totally devoted to make you feel incredible, sensual and alive. Strongly recommend !!

Satya Sun01-08-2017*JefAc*10

My session with Satya a few weeks ago was remarkable. I've never connected with a practitioner so intensely and so authentically. Graceful and confident, Satya expertly guided me through a delightful 90 minute session. She is stunningly beautiful and has a natural sensuality that is noticeable as soon as she looks your way. I have genuinely missed her since I left and can't wait to see her again.

Satya Sun12-30-2016*Je*10

I just had an amazing tantra session with Satya Sun. She is a stunningly beautiful goddess. It was the best 1.5 hrs. He eyes were mesmerizing. Her touch and voice took me to a different world. I am already planning another session with this angel.

Satya Sun11-16-2016*tbd*10

what a creature! OMG I'm still having flashbacks (great flashbacks) of the best 1.5 hours spent this fall, I will be going back very soon.

Satya Sun11-01-2016*BrNa*10

I just had an amazing tantra session with Satya Sun. She was gentle, extremely feminine and intuitive. She used ocean imagery to bring me to shore. The image of this fiery little goddess doing ballet on my back will be stored in my mind for a long time.

Satya Sun10-24-2016*QL*8

A beautiful new dakini who has joined us here at the Temple... sweet, clear, feminine, classic, gentle, sincere... a full-heart ready to share. I received a massage from her the other day and it was very nurturing, relaxing & loving. I gave her an "8" on service simply because she is still learning (quickly) and adapting all of her trainings and techniques. I would give her a "10" for effort, presence, intention, beauty, depth, sacred space holder. She's worth seeing. - Shivakti

Satya Sun10-09-2016*RZ*10

My session with Satya was nothing short of magical. She intuitively knew exactly what I needed. I felt a profound sense of oneness the entire session. At the end of the session, she sang to me as I laid in corpse pose. She has the voice of an angel and the most loving energy. I left feeling so taken care of and so whole. I cannot wait to book a session with her again next time I am in New York.

Satya SunSatya Sun

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