Sasha Nicole

Advanced Tantrika & Teacher

"HEART Temple" in Redwood City/SF Peninsula/San Carlos (650) 489-1711

Sasha Nicole

Heart Temple is close to the SFO Airport: 10 miles from SFO off the 101 South on the Peninsula

Sasha Nicole

“Falling in love you remain a child; rising in love you mature. By and by love becomes not a relationship, it becomes a state of your being. Not that you are in love - now you are love.” ― Osho

Hello Fellow Bliss Seekers,

Step in my world and let me blanket you in a hug of love, nourish, and attend to your bliss journey. A natural born nurturer, sound enchantress, yogini, reiki master, and classically trained in several different healing modalities that I will intuitively weave into your custom session. When tantra came into my life everything changed and I blossomed into a tantrika ready to share this wonderful gift I had been shown.

We are born from the womb of love and bliss. Something that should be celebrated and embraced. Bliss is our birthright and we deserve to experience nothing less then this. Imagine an experience where you trust, allow, and surrender to a life of love, passion, and awakened to all the beauty that surrounds you.

Get ready for a transcendental bodywork experience taking you to a deeper state of relaxation while at the same time activating and awakening every part of your body. Imagine your body being played like a violin. Like every cell being played and awaken. My Tantric Bodywork Sessions combined with sound are something not to be missed....

I welcome you with an open heart and arms. Let me lead you into this beautiful adventure that awaits you and share with you the amazing things my teachers have shared with me. I am so passionate about sharing these tantric teaching with you because of the profound effect is has had on me personally. I am grateful for our time to be spent. See you soon. I bow to the divinity in you...

Much love,

Sasha Nicole

Minimum 90 minute sessions highly recommended. Any sessions over 90 minutes allows me to pull special jewels out of my treasure chest to use during our session. I specialize in multiple hour tantric sessions and long bliss journeys.


Reiki Master
Holistic Health Coach
Transformational Coaching Method Coach
3 Years Gong and Self Mastery Training
4 Years Dakini work
Psalm Isadora Course Study
Study and readings of Osho, Charles Muir, Mantak Chia, Sarita, Psalm Isadora


1/21/18 EMBODIED SHAKTI: Honoring the "Me too" movement as Temple Priestesses ~ how to be impeccable to right alignment with feminine/masculine energies, Intro on how to self-care & cultivate energy with Jade Eggs, Tantra Darshan, Tantric pointers. Led by Queen Love, E Bast & Halo Seronko

9/14/17 BLESSING SHAKTI: Poems, blessings, stones, fruit, flowers, flower waters, prayers, songs. Bringing our magic together in to the Shakti Cauldron to activate our Collective grid for continued blessings, protection, guidance and fulfillment. Led by Queen Love, Sound Activation by Sasha Nicole

2/19/17  SACRED UNIONHonoring the Beloved Within. ~A Devotional day of Sound Healing-Gong Bath & Crystal Bowls, Herbal Cacao Tea Ceremony, Prayer, Mind & Energy Clearings, Kirtan/Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Temple Dance, Hands on Healing, Tantric Essays & Reflection. Led by Queen Love, Ciela Belle, Sasha Nicole, Lakshmi, Sola Rose Dawn and others.

*Specialized in multiple hour Bodywork sessions *

“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.” - Osho

Sasha NicoleSasha Nicole

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Sasha Nicole04-22-2019*FriSur*10

After a long break in my spiritual practice, I came to Sasha hoping to get my energy moving again. This happened immediately when she began the crystal bowl and gong ritual. A warm pulsating energy began in my head and then spread down my arms and into my hands. Sasha can work the bowl and gong better than anyone. The tantric ritual left me feeling immersed in Universal love which was easy to confuse with feeling in love. I highly recommend Sasha

Sasha Nicole04-15-2019*BHaB*10

First time had tantra. Simply not able to explain in words.

Sasha Nicole02-07-2019*bT*10

I had great experience.

Sasha Nicole12-22-2018*TeFre*10

I had such a beautiful session this week with Sasha. Because of a growing awareness of my blockages, I booked an appointment to explore the possibilities of breakthrough available through tantra. And, walking in I had no idea what to expect. I even had second thoughts as I drove to the appointment.

Fortunately, Sasha was waiting for me, literally with open arms. She welcomed me into her temple, and deftly guided me through a loving, opening, and nourishing experience.

Sasha is a beautiful woman, stunningly gorgeous on the outside and deeply connected on the inside.

I look forward to seeing her again.

Sasha Nicole11-21-2018*Sanjelu*10

Sasha talked to me before the session and that made me comfortable. It was a unique experience. She is knowledgeable and did an excellent job . I felt very relaxed after the session and slept very well. It is something bit different from what I have been practicing as a spiritual practice-one path is to detach mind my earthly pleasures-Tantra is bit different-it says that spiritual enlightenment can also be achieved through worldly pleasures. It is a different experience. I would highly recommend booking session with Sasha to have this unique experience.


I found Sasha's presence to be both warm and energizing. She taught me about breathing and its connection to the flow of energy through my body, which I hadn't learned fully in a lifetime of breathing. She brings a serious depth of experience really opens one up to different levels of consciousness. When I left, the sun felt a bit brighter, colors more vivid, and the flow of energy through my body much more active. She is a very good teacher.

Sasha Nicole10-18-2018*davs*10

Sasha Nicole is a profound healer who uses all modalities to deepen awareness. Her sound healing took my breath away.

Sasha Nicole10-03-2018*JFA*10

Sasha is simply amazing and was so much help to me even though it’s just a short time . If you need healing and connection don’t hesitate go see her 🙂

Sasha Nicole09-20-2018*WSL*10

Sasha’s kindness, energy, warmth, love and heart are so pure. A true blessing. Thank you! A healing experience of the divine.

Sasha Nicole09-04-2018*JasA*10

From the moment I entered the Temple I was greeted with love and a warm feeling of acceptance. It felt as if I have known Sasha for years. It had been years sense I have felt that connected to another person. Every touch, every breath, every time she looked into my eyes was hypnotic. Her beauty both inner and outer is nothing short of a Goddess. I felt loved and was able to love her back without attachment so effortlessly. She is a beautiful soul. Being able to surrender and trust her to shower me with love and energetic loving energy was one of the best experiences of my life. After 3 hours I wasn't ready to leave. Another 3 hours would have been an absolute dream. I am forever grateful for Sasha and her healing, love, acceptance, and divinity she shared with me. I will see her again and gladly experience the pure joy and bliss with Sasha. Anyone will benefit from a session with her. Do yourself a favor and do no less than 2 hours. Anything less is not enough to fully immerse yourself into the joy and bliss of everything she has to offer.

Sasha Nicole08-31-2018*JoTra*10

What can I say about Sasha that hasn’t already been said. It was definitely experiential to the point of feeling sublime. She is a beautiful goddess with full of love energy.
Walked in with a burden on my shoulders and walked out walking on clouds. Her touch is calming and mesmerizing but at the same time exhilarating. Leaves you wanting more!

Sasha Nicole08-27-2018*ABLo*10

I was apprehensive of the Tantra massage but Sasha made me comfortable in the initial few minutes and then explained how the session is going to work. She has got the knowledge and knows her craft very well. It’s an experience which should be felt. I would highly recommend booking session with Sasha.

Sasha Nicole08-01-2018*CTTlr*10

A wonderful journey that combined teaching with a loving and aural experience. The sound therapy that starts the session is remarkable and unlike anything I've experienced before. Sasha took the time to educate, was patient and guided me through a transformational experience. Highly recommended!

Sasha Nicole07-09-2018*AGH*10

Sasha is an experienced master in tantra techniques. She is beautiful, warm, and has a loving touch. Highly recommended.

Sasha Nicole06-27-2018*ToPuTa*10

A powerful and beautiful session - Sasha started with some sound healing with crystal bowls that dropped me deeply into a relaxed state, then led me on a long sensuous journey that deeply connected me with pleasure and profound relaxation. Then, raising the kundalini energy, she guided me into a deeper state to help me ground back into a better relationship with my root energy and desire (which is why I went to see her). She's wonderfully skilled at navigating all those energies, I highly recommend booking a session with her.

Sasha Nicole06-19-2018*BruTru*10

What an experience. Sasha opened a hatch for me to a new/old realm. The transformation is very simple once you embrace acceptance and connect to the bliss within. Amazing sensitivity and awareness. Thank you! Love and light!!

Sasha Nicole06-13-2018*hobapa*10

Sasha has nothing but rave reviews. How many ways are there to say "perfect healer, intuitive goddess, gifted soul, open heart, wise priestess"? I can only leave my impressions after a blissful Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork Session with Sasha. She is a gem not to be missed.
Peace Openness Grace Beauty Welcome Serenity Strength Selflessness Transparency Kindness Intuition Connectedness Energy Power Magic Inspiration Wisdom Understanding Gentleness Boldness Caring Devotion Respect Transformation Heart Home Healing Soul Love Breath Bliss

Sasha Nicole06-08-2018StePurg*10

Wasn’t sure what to expect for my first meeting with Sasha. What I can now say is that it exceeded all of my expectations. Her knowledge of her craft and the ability to interpret that craft to me was impecibly done. Her beauty flowed from every part of her body as she gracefully guided me through two hours of pure relaxation and bliss. Her intuitive nature was hitting on all cylinders as she explained to me the energy that I was producing throughout the session. She was spot on with what is going on in my life and where that life will be taking me. My interest in tantric arts has been opened and I can’t wait to learn more from someone as genuine and graceful as Sasha. Truly a unique experience and one that I will return to. Thank you Sasha.

Sasha Nicole05-16-2018*RoMu*10

I have been curious about Tantra for a number of years and finally decided to contact the Temple of Bliss to schedule a 2 hour session with Sasha. I am SO glad I did. On my way to the appointment, Sasha informed me that they had a new therapist, Suki who was available to join our session. I figured why not have my first Tantric experience be the best I can get. I was not mistaken. The session was absolutely moving on a deep spiritual level. They worked in tandem, gently guiding me along a path to enlightenment and absolute bliss! It was obvious from the moment I walked into the Temple, they pour everything, heart and soul, into their sessions! Experiencing they way they surrendered themselves completely to the moment calmed my nervousness and allowed me to follow their lead. I cannot give a higher recommendation to both Sasha and Suki. If you can swing a session with both, you will have the experience of your life!

Sasha Nicole05-04-2018*NaSer*10

My session with Sasha was sensational. She has many different techniques she used to help ground and cleanse us of negative emotions. The breathing practice reminds us to be present in the moment, while the soundscapes she spontaneously creates leads to a deep feeling of tranquility and grace. I left feeling more relaxed than I have been in ages, existing in a blissed-out state for several hours afterwards.

Sasha is a beautiful soul filled with love. She uses the tantric arts to heal, to teach us to love ourselves and our existence, and the world is better off for it...

Sasha Nicole04-23-2018*Adati*10

Simply put, Sasha is amazing. She is intuitive, caring, beautiful and well versed in the healing arts. I felt her artistry - her hands blessed the body as she worked, caressing the heart, easing the mind, bringing me to a place inside I sometimes forget; a place in which I felt completely content and loved. Today, I feel so connected to my heart. And in this way, I am more available to give my true self, loving presence, to the world around me. I am deeply grateful.

Sasha Nicole04-20-2018*PetLe*10

Sasha is an experienced healer. She knows her stuff and is very intuitive. I learned a lot from her and she was really easy to talk to. She truly made me feel comfortable from the moment I walked in. She gave such a good vibe and I enjoy being around her beautiful spirit. After our session, I felt clear, more energized, but yet totally relaxed. Would highly recommend her!

Sasha Nicole04-19-2018*Scoi*10

Sasha is truly beautiful inside and out in addition she is a wonderful teacher. The spirit and energy she shared created a positive and powerful feeling. Her music was hypnotic and relaxing. I highly recommend Sasha and look forward to seeing her again.

Sasha Nicole04-16-2018*HeT*10

Sasha was a truly lovely provider. Very beautiful inside and out. I came away invigorated and reflective on our time together. She is a wonderful, insightful teacher. Her sound healing was haunting and relaxing. I enjoyed our time together and look forward to seeing her again. Highly recommended.

Sasha Nicole04-11-2018*magre*10

Sasha is a charming and beautiful woman and she exudes love and serenity. I have been undergoing lots of stress and I live too much in my head and spend too much time worrying about the future. During our session, Sasha brought me into the present and into my body and gave me some good tools for doing that on my own in the future. I left feeling better than I have in a very long time. I really hope that our paths will cross again.

Sasha Nicole12-13-2017*Na4*10

She is a beautiful woman. It was an amazing experience, Really Great!

Sasha Nicole11-20-2017*LarGra*10

Sasha is a beautiful multi talented intuitive being that truly cares in her tantric work. Your heart opens and she knows how to proceed. I felt more grounded after my session and now paying more attention to the magic of breathing. Thank You Sasha for Being who you are. Highly Recommend

Sasha Nicole10-24-2017*edener*10

Sasha orchestrated an amazing tantric experience. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank you Sasha!

Sasha Nicole09-07-2017*RJD*10

Sasha graciously welcomed me to her healing sanctum. She is like a Geisha DJ that begins a session with creating a sound envelope that clears the space and activates the subtle bodies. I’m rarely engaged and fulfilled on all levels upon just meeting someone. Sasha is a beautiful spirit, fun, playful and throws in some welcome surprises in her sessions. Being with Sasha was a close encounter of the first kind!

Sasha Nicole08-16-2017*davSing*10

Sasha is a true healer. She does so many things in her tantra sessions to customize to your individual needs. Her mastery of sound took me into another space and I had never felt such resonating pulses travel throughout my body. Her beautiful spirit is so pure that it just being around her makes you a better person. After a three-hour tantra session I was ready for my travels without stress or anger.

Sasha Nicole07-04-2017*PetAB*10

Sasha did amazing sound and tantra work. She energetically touch spaces very deep...she is gorgeous physically as well and a pleasure to be with!

Sasha Nicole04-24-2017*ToPha*10

A Life Changing Experience... As I entered the temple I was struck breathless by Sasha’s intoxicating beauty and was quickly put at ease by her bright smile and warm embrace. Within the next two hours I experienced levels of relaxation, intimacy, and exhilaration that I could not have imagined. Sasha has inspired me to set out on a life long journey of exploration.

Sasha Nicole04-18-2017*RedC*10

Sasha and I connected via phone to set an appointment but this did not prepare me for the tantric experience i was going to have. Sasha is an exceptional person who made me feel comfortable from the minute I arrived to the temple. She exceeded my expectations 10 fold in both her beauty and that she is an attentive and skilled teacher who listened to my goals from the session and made sure I was focused throughout our time together. I highly recommend Sasha to be your guide in tantric growth no matter if it your first experience or if you want to go to another level.

Sasha Nicole02-20-2017*JaiTu*10

What an amazing first experience! Sasha was very attentive throughout the session, and I learned a lot. Truly wonderful, and I hope to be back soon!

Sasha Nicole01-15-2017*PauDol*10

I've had all kinds of massages and holistic treatments over the years, but never one quite like Sasha's. I could tell right away I was in very good hands and was totally comfortable letting her be my guide. The sound healing was especially mind-blowing, just a wild vibrational ride! Sasha is sweet, skilled and highly attuned, totally recommend her tantra experience.

Sasha Nicole12-29-2016*Jefs*10

A very experienced tantrika. Her pictures do not do her justice. She has good intuition, patience, and longs for a deeper understanding of her clients to serve them as best she can.

Sasha Nicole12-21-2016*JeTav*10

My 2 hour tantra session with Sasha completely exceeded my expectations. The crystal bowl sound healing, vibrational energy tuning, and chakra opening portions of the session were a highlight, and unlike anything I've ever personally experienced. Her looks are stunningly beautiful, however exceeded by her inner beauty, intuition, compassion and loving, healing touch. I highly recommend Sasha and look forward my next session with this lovely goddess!

Sasha Nicole12-12-2016*QL*10

This is Shivakti and I am filled with joy that Sasha has returned to us after several years away advancing her gifts and offerings. I just received an hour and a half Shamanic Sound Ecstatic Soul Massage session from Sasha where every fiber and cell was singing and vibrating in delight. She is a true gifted Tantric Priestess weaving the ancient arts of both Sound healing and Tantric Breath & Touch. It's a shame that her previous bio file had been deleted from our site's backend, as she had many previous glowing reviews. Honestly, her Tantric fusion offering is truly spectacular and unique. I strongly encourage all Tantric seekers and Sacred explorers to see this beautiful being.

Sasha NicoleSasha Nicole

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