Sandi Joy

Sandi Joy

Experienced Dakini joins us... She worked with us years ago and had many reviews then, but we were unable to retrieve them.

Sandi Joy

Greetings beloved seekers, I am Sandi Brigette Joy...

I am blessed to serve you on this path, gently guiding you to a deeper understanding of self, desire, and worth. I invite you to sail away, dissolved by touch that has been perfected over the years with warmth and delicate embrace. My path has always been very nurturing and loving, and upon our encounter you will instantly be aware of this.
My training started in massage therapy and continues through to sacred massage, Tantra and My Tantra Ties Tantalize  sessions. I love engaging and connecting energies. It becomes a dance our souls can do for the time we spend together.

I invite you to allow my smooth velvet hands to caress you, heal you and take you to a blissful heaven.

I Aim to create an escape for you... for an hour or more in the ways you need and love.

Treat yourself to the ultimate journey for the mind and body and see what a positive embrace can do for you.

Love & Light,



Tantra Yoga Therapist, Energy Bodyworker, 3 years (altogether on & off) Temple Dakini experience

Sandi JoySandi Joy

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Sandi Joy09-09-2017*RicSig*10

Thank You Sandi for an incredible experience, you are so amazing, I was taken in by your warm heart and kindness. You are a truly beautiful woman. If I could change anything, it would be to make our future sessions longer, an hour and a half was just not enough time to spend with you. Thanks again to Kat and Violet for the Newport Beach location, such a fantastic space.

Sandi Joy09-10-2017*MyTem*10

Wow. This was my first experience with Tantra and it couldn't have been better. Sandi is truly a goddess. Beautiful inside and out. She made me feel so intimately known. I didn't want it to end.

Sandi Joy09-04-2017*JN*10

I see her every time she is in NYC. She is the best I have ever had . Asked for my likes and dislikes and tailored the session to my needs. Intuitive, beautiful, and hands of silk. She is also a skilled cmt. From start to finish everything was perfect. She is a top notch provider, and I cannot wait to see her again on her next visit

Sandi Joy08-25-2017*ChTAd*10

I must say, this girl is amazing!

Sandi Joy08-15-2017*Mca*10

This woman is off the charts. Her pictures do her no justice. From the moment she opened the door I was embraced in the warmest presence. Her energy is loving and nurturing. I haven't felt so cherished and cared for in a long time. From start to finish I was engulfed in tantric bliss. I used to see a variety of women for Tantra but after finding sandi no one can compare. I cannot wait to come back for more

Sandi Joy08-12-2017*Cana*10

Pure ecstasy. From start to finish I was on cloud 9.
This woman is the real deal. A true nurturing goddess. She is my go to girl when I need a mental or physical pick me up

Sandi Joy06-13-2017*Isha*10

This woman has literally changed my life. Each time I see her I am completely a new person after our experience. She has reopened my heart and has listened to my deepest fears. Her compassion and nurturing spirit has guided me out of a very dark time. Her touch is magical but her soul and her spirit is what makes her a true goddess. I have never felt so much beautiful energy dance through my body, until our energies have met. I am so excited to be in my healing journey with this beauty.
This is truly the purest form of therapy I have ever found. This woman is mind body and spirit, and I can tell her heart is pure gold. She is such a loving and giving person, I am so grateful to have found her.

Sandi Joy04-29-2017*Bbb*10

Sandi is awesome.

Sandi Joy04-25-2017*PT*10

Amazing, ecstatic and loving experience. Sandi is very sweet and beautiful and the entire experience was perfect!

Sandi Joy04-22-2017*GI*10

I was lucky enough to see Sandi on her visit to the Bay Area. I used to be a regular a few years ago when she lived in oakland. But it's been a long time since she has been back.
She was even better than I had remembered her. Beautiful, talented and enchanting. She embodies all of the goddess. So glad she is back, cannot wait for your return to the Bay again.

Sandi Joy04-04-2017*ha*10

I can honestly say my time with Sandi propelled me into a new world. Not only is she beautiful but she is also intelligent. I feel like I could talk to her for hours. Her warmth and presence made me feel like we have known eachother for many years. I have never met anyone like her and can say with no doubt that she is the best out there. The woman is a true healer and messenger of love

Sandi Joy01-04-2017*Gane*10

Sandi introduced me to her version of the tie and tantalize. I was in Bliss's fire the entire time. I have never been so activated and was buzzing forever after. She is impeccable at what she does and you can tell she loves her work. She offers to mold the session to your preference which no one has ever offered before. It was exactly as I hoped for and more. I cannot wait to see her again

Sandi Joy01-03-2017*Dura*10

She gave birth to me as a temple client....Gave me a name...and made life worth living...She's one of a kind...A firecracker that produces eternal sparks.


Holy smokes. One of the coolest ladies at the temple. From the moment our eyes met I knew I was in for a treat. She checked in with me and tailored the session to my specific likes. Her massage, her sensuality... It was all so intense. I was also able to fall asleep at the end of the session when she wrapped me up and continued with the most amazing foot massage. This girl will leave you so relaxed you will not want to leave. I was ready to come back to see her again the same evening. Cannot wait for her to return to the marina temple


Where do I begin. Words are just simply not enough to give justice to what I experience with my session with Bridgette. Upon entering the temple my mind already started feeling at ease. I feel welcomed, cared for and is given importance to. Her beauty and energy is just mesmerizing. Her touch sent goosebumps all over my body. I came in thinking that I would get a typical massage but what I experience was more of a journey. That 2 hours I felt as if I was the star of the show. Never have I felt so relaxed and refreshed at the same time. Will definitely come back.

Sandi JoySandi Joy

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