Sandi Jöy

Level II Tantrika

Experienced Temple Returns

Sandi Jöy

Come sail away into a touch that has been perfected over the years.

Sandi Jöy

I have been blessed to serve you on this path to a deeper understanding of self worth and desire.

My journey has always been nurturing and loving. Upon our encounter you will instantly be aware of this. Seeing the divine in everyone and everything is a major concept of Tantra. It transforms illusion into clarity and removes superficial masks that blind us from having more authentic relationships with ourselves. When cultivated and channeled properly, it has the capacity to enhance and heal every layer of our being (physical, energetic, emotional and mental)

In our sessions prepare to peel away the rough layers to join together for a beautiful experience filled with love and devotion. 

I help men, women and couples access the transformational potential of their innermost selves opening them to a deeper connection with their body. 

Every session is carefully tailored to each individual. 

I believe in the power of conscious sexuality to shift the way men and women relate to one another, ultimately contributing to a shift toward a vibrant awakened state. 

My mission is to show people the way towards rich and fulfilled life, towards the experience of divine bliss that is available to ALL of us, not just the selected few and not just for a short period of time.

My passion is Love, I surround myself with Love and share it abundantly

It is my great honor to guide others to own their true selves, to help them feel at home in their bodies, at peace with their own desires.

Come sail away into a touch that has been perfected over the years.


National holistic institute. Completed 720 hour program.
Specializing is Swedish, shiatsu, Lomi lomi, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, sports massage, energy work

Hypnotherapy training institute in Corte Madera
4 courses completed for hypnotherapy and NLP

Reiki level 2 studied in San Antonio at integrative healing institute

Breathing workshops at beyoga
Led by Elizabeth D’Aiello


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Sandi JöySandi Jöy

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Sandi Jöy03-11-2020*Jfy*10

My second visit with Sandi and hard to believe it blew the first one out of the water. I have been a regular with the temple since they opened and something about this woman is pure magic. She is engaging, beautiful and extremely intuitive. A few days later and I am still in bliss and can feel her energy holding me. Words cannot explain the energy she is capable of creating, I highly recommend her

Sandi Jöy01-02-2020*QueenLove*10

Sandi was everything I needed. She worked well with my current physical injuries (sprained wrist, lack of mobility in neck, had to lay face up). She nurtured and soothed my body and my nervous system. She ended the session with a delightful foot scrub which I can honestly say was a first for me. Aaaah, super sweet. It’s been great to see Sandi blossom into such a beautiful embodied woman over these past years. -Queen Love

Sandi Jöy11-16-2019*Wes*10

My experience with Sandi was amazing and beyond words. She greeted me with a wonderful smile and a hug, and after talking for only a few minutes knew exactly what I needed. Her energy, her voice, her touch, everything was captivating. This was a truly transcendent experience, and I would love to work with her again.

Sandi Joy01-04-2017*Gane*10

Sandi introduced me to her version of the Tantra Ties. I was in Bliss's fire the entire time. I have never been so activated and was buzzing forever after. She is impeccable at what she does and you can tell she loves her work. She offers to mold the session to your preference which no one has ever offered before. It was exactly as I hoped for and more. I cannot wait to see her again

Sandi Joy01-03-2017*Dura*10

She gave birth to me as a temple client....Gave me a name...and made life worth living...She's one of a kind...A firecracker that produces eternal sparks.

Sandi Joy11-16-2016*Cru*10

Holy smokes. One of the coolest ladies at the temple. From the moment our eyes met I knew I was in for a treat. She checked in with me and tailored the session to my specific likes. Her massage, her nurturing love... It was all so intense. I was also able to fall asleep at the end of the session when she wrapped me up and continued with the most amazing foot massage. This girl will leave you so relaxed you will not want to leave. I was ready to come back to see her again the same evening. Cannot wait for her to return to the marina temple

Sandi Joy10-18-2016*LeoH*10

Where do I begin. Words are just simply not enough to give justice to what I experience with my session with Sandi. Upon entering the temple my mind already started feeling at ease. I feel welcomed, cared for and is given importance to. Her beauty and energy is just mesmerizing. Her touch sent goosebumps all over my body. I came in thinking that I would get a typical massage but what I experience was more of a journey. That 2 hours I felt as if I was the star of the show. Never have I felt so relaxed and refreshed at the same time. Will definitely come back.

Sandi Joy12-02-2013*Cndl*10

An amazingly beautiful woman with such a sweet and caring touch. Loved every minute of it, and cannot wait until we meet again. She is a keeper

Sandi Joy03-16-2013*dang*10

She takes you to a place you want to be and never come back...fasten your seat belt !!!

Sandi Joy03-05-2013*Stu*10

An exceptional experience from a lovely person.

Sandi Joy02-07-2013*MR*10

Pure beauity.

Sandi Joy02-03-2013sam738.5

Love the location! Very pleasant experience!

Sandi Joy01-25-2013*Eco-Z*9

had a wonderful experience with a wonderful lady

Sandi Joy01-12-2013ahuja634410

Nice, Attractive & made me feel comfortable

Sandi Joy05-14-2012Youk208

A very nice time with a very attractive and sweet woman.

Sandi Joy03-20-2012bioengineered9.5

Doubles session with Layla Jade was excellent! Sandi has a magical touch

Sandi Joy10-17-2011JEsTouchin8.5

great massage journey

Sandi Joy08-22-2011mellow9

Sandi provided a very relaxing and interactive session in an upscale location

Sandi Joy07-19-2011Uncle_Spanky9

Great experience not in a rush fantastic work and good massage

Sandi Joy07-16-2011blastartj8.5

Funtastic, nice massage

Sandi Joy05-03-2011seraph289.5

She was amazing, super blissful. I will see her again.

Sandi Joy05-02-2011inLUVwidaHOR9

Lovely cutie, enjoyable time

Sandi Joy03-06-2011bioengineered9

Double Bliss with Sandi & Daniella Dawn was delightful.

Sandi Joy01-18-2011redpriest10

Rising star.

Sandi JöySandi Jöy

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