Rose Ishtar

Graduate Teacher & Institute Teaching Assistant

Rose Ishtar

What are these energies undulating through our bodies, pulsing us into action?

Rose Ishtar

“If we accept that sound is vibration, and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being ~ then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears, but through every cell in our bodies.”

Ishtar Rose has devoted herself
to learning and facilitating the powers of sound interwoven with the flows of Tantra Yoga, Intuitive Dance, deep inner healing, Meditation & Bodywork. 

She cultivates and curates a safe space for you to enter into the depths of your mind, allowing you to unlock doors and pathways that you did not even know we’re there. By guiding you with sound, she allows the space for you to empower yourself to unlock your highest potential. To truly connect with yourself. 

She offers sound meditation baths for retreats, workshops, trainings, weddings, ceremonies or privates. Weaving in sound leads you into dropping deeper into the sacredness of the moment.


*2020 Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Graduate 200-hour
*2022 Tantra Illuminated Workshop: Stanzas on the Recognition of Divine Consciousness
*Ordained Spiritual Minister (available for weddings)
*Sound Bath Facilitator for events, workshops & retreats
*Teaching Assistant for Institute
*Tantra initiated by Queen Love
*Four Years Temple of Bliss Experience
*Professional DJ (available for parties)
*Lomi Lomi Certified
*100-hr certified Sound healing Facilitator

Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Graduate 200-hour

Ordained Spiritual Minister (available for weddings)
Tantra initiated by Queen Love Shamana Ma
Three+ Years Temple of Bliss Experience
Medicine Ceremony Sound
Professional DJ (available for parties)
Lomi Lomi Massage Certified
Certified Sound Healing Facilitator 

Rose IshtarRose IshtarRose Ishtar

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