Rose Gold

Level I Tantrika

Rose Gold

Rose Gold

Hello I’d like to introduce myself. I am Rose Gold, originally from the island of Sicily.

Living in the Mediterranean has taught me many things. There’s a soft and slow-paced world to be experienced through our senses. I’ve learned to savor the sweetness of a lemon as if it were honey, and breathe in the saltiness of the sea. This appreciation of embodied living led me on my path of
being a sun-kissed Dakini Goddess.

I am very warm and loving. I take pride in nurturing others and my culture has taught me to appreciate deep soulful connections. My kind presence and gift of touch can awaken your mind body and soul.

I have over 12 years experience working in the health, beauty and wellness industry. My specialty is skin care. I want to help people feel comfortable in their own skin and I wish to help fulfill and understand my client’s needs and desires. I am here to help you reconnect with yourself and the sacred vessel you are in.

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Rose Gold

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Rose Gold04-03-2020*Le*10

Video Call: The connection with rose is just unique. The way she presented it and connected in such a short time shows her professionalism and abondance of energy that she has.
No doubt, I will come back for more.

Thank you again

Rose Gold02-19-2020*Ry*10

So Rose Gold is the kind of dream woman I used to draw on the inside of my junior high math books so it’s really unfair when you find out she has this completely killer personality and amazing brain. It’s all too much really, so it took me awhile to completely relax because, well, some part of me still didn’t think i deserved to be in the same room with her. Math book drawings aren't supposed to exist. Anyway, the session was amazing. My body and mind were still vibrating hours afterward. Rose offers everything the temple advertises... a place of escape... a place to be transformed... an artful woman who empathizes with you and makes you feel like a king for an afternoon. Highly recommended.

Rose Gold02-18-2020*RyA*10

Stop right there. Do not go to any other page — Rose is IT! She is amazing, smart and lovely. I had seen a few priestesses in the past but none can compare to the session that Rose provided, and that is saying something. I was a little intimidated at first but Rose put me at ease as we meditated together to start the session. From there on out all I have to say is holy cow! I will be going back and she will be my regular. If you have the time in your day, please visit Rose for an unforgettable experience.

Rose Gold02-05-2020*TDy*10

Amazing beautiful person. Incredible warmth and energy that immediately puts you at ease. Always have great conversation and learn something new with each session. Wonderful healing abilities and touch. Rose is the best!

Rose Gold07-01-2019*ck7*10

My time with Rose was truly elevating and so loving. She is well spoken and makes one feel immediately at ease. She is beautiful inside and out. She takes great care to accommodate your every need. Throughout the session she works to provide peace and tranquility. She is magical with her hands and body working on connected breathing to leave you well rested, and in a peaceful place. I highly recommend visiting her if you are in need of truly wonderful guide to a deep sense of connection, joy, and peace. Looking forward to our next session. It was truly wonderful. Thank you Rose.

Rose Gold06-14-2019MLFD10

I had the pleasure of spending time with Rose today. Upon arrival, I was a bit stunned at how beautiful she is. Not just her physical beauty but her whole persona. Shes cleaver, fun and sweet. Her Bio pics don't do her justice. As for the massage, she held space for me perfectly and took me on a much needed journey of healing, acceptance and delivered a magical/soothing massage that I'll not soon forget. Rose truly is a gift that was given to all of us and I highly recommend you take advantage and spend some time with her.

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