Rebekah Dakini

Level I Tantrika

Fully Vaccinated

Rebekah Dakini

Rebekah Dakini

Greetings and Welcome!
I am Rebekah, a nurturing spirit with many years of reiki and energy healing practices under my belt.  I'm passionate about mental health and guiding you into a state of balance and calm.
I desire to be fully present with you, allowing whatever experience is arising to take us into deeper and more potent awareness of our truest nature. Our time together will leave you feeling truly seen and thoroughly aligned. I'm excited to meet you!
10 years reiki/somatic teaching experience
Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher
White Tantric Yoga

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Rebekah DakiniRebekah Dakini

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I had the honor of having a tantra session with a very classy, refined, and extremely skilled dakini in Rebekah! She put my mind at ease from the onset. Her gentle touch left tingles throughout my body. Will definitely book her again!


Mar 14th, 2022

A happy and radiant person. What a sensational experience! Looking forward to the next one.


Jan 18th, 2022

Rebekah was a delight - she genuinely did a great job of setting the mood and making the guest feel comfortable and relaxed. Highly recommend to anybody considering a visit. A welcome addition to the temple!


Jan 15th, 2022

This Beautiful Goddess possesses a most angelic and warming energy. With gifted healing intuition she guided our session in complete harmony with every part of my intention. Through each progressive second the amazing combination of her scintillating energy and flawless connectivity led me to a level of ultimate unencumbered euphoria and complete rejuvenation! I left with only one desire and that was an unrelenting desire to schedule with her again as soon as possible!!!


Jan 9th, 2022

Rebekah DakiniRebekah Dakini

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