Raven Rose

Advanced Tantrika & Teacher

Raven Rose

Raven Rose


 I am Raven Rose.

Your mirror...  Your friend…Your guide.

I strive always to make our encounter sacred and holy; my intention is for every encounter to become an opportunity where we can celebrate and co-create what is beautiful, real, and healing.  My sessions are an art, a journey, a sharing…

This journey on Earth continues to evolve and grow me, as I continue to look inside and move forward in areas of life that inspire me.

With that said, I have presence, wisdom, insight, perspective, and love.  I have been in the healing arts, studying and practicing the art of conscious loving for over 11 years.   My studies span to reach the teachings of sacred sexuality/tantra, massage, energy therapy, love coaching, and compassionate communication.

 My heart and mind are open; at the same time, I have strength and am not confused about who you are.

Please join me in presence at this sacred temple.  Come join me to relax, awaken, and nourish your spirit: mind, body and soul.

If you must, feel free to bring all your baggage: your insecurities, your struggles, and your fears…Bring your desires, your longings and your vulnerabilities too.  If you are willing, bring a sacred object that you love, something to share that will sit upon the altar while you are here.

Above all else, bring your willingness to receive.I look forward to connecting with you.

Blessed be. Raven Rose

90 minutes-2 hour sessions recommended

Most Relative Trainings: 

BA in Sociology, minor in Environmental Studies

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training -200 hrs

Mind and Meditation Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training-50 hrs

SkyDancing Tantra Level 1 Teacher Training with Steve and Lokita Carter: 50 hours

Tantra Training with Evaleana Rose

Love Coach Training and Mentorship- Compassionate Communication Training with Scott Catamas and the Love Coach Academy

Awakening to Love Leadership Certificate with Terces and Matthew Englehart, 2011
Stargate Mystery School/Shamanic Studies: Center for Sacred Studies 2013

Emotional Balance Program w/Acupressure Institute: 179 hours

Pelvic Heart Integration w/Taj Anapol: 40 hours

Massage Therapy Certification with World School of Massage-over 230 hours

Energy Therapy Certification with HCH Institute- 60 hours

Totality Therapy Training w/Shakti Malan: 24 hours+

Dakini Mentorship with Triambika: 45 + hours

Deep Tissue and Myo-fascial Release Trainings: 32 hours

Breema Bodywork Training 14 hours


Some Inspirational Spiritual Influences:  

The voice within     A Course in Miracles     Eckhart Tolle     Prem Baba     Osho     Byron Katie

Available for:
Kundalini Bliss Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Couples Bliss & Couples Tantra, Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga

Raven RoseRaven Rose

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Raven Rose09-17-2018*MelaWi*10

My session with Raven Rose and my partner was a real gift. I am very grateful for her recognition of my pain/fear around sisterhood and how her embodiment of open-hearted sisterhood gave my nervous system a new imprint for what healthy, loving, respectful, honoring, no ulterior motive sisterhood could be. From there, I was able to drop into a feeling of real joy at sharing a loving space with my Beloved and Raven. Feeling joy at sharing my partner is something that I mentally and spiritually know is possible, but have been unable to feel safe enough to really feel. I now have the beginnings of a somatic imprint to help me in discerning who feels like a match for the type of sisterhood that feels truly safe to me. I also really loved Raven's guidance in breathing and moving energy around my body and I loved concentrating and storing my life force.
I will definitely be booking more time with Raven. Thank you so so much for such a healing experience.

Raven Rose07-14-2018*BarLo*10

Raven is a beautiful being. She combines femininity and power. Her touch is warm and sweet. I was left wanting more of this energy; more of her touch; more soon.

Raven Rose07-07-2018*SSF*10

Raven is beautiful from head to toe, inside and out. She radiates beauty and warmth and wrapped me in the cocoon of her loving embrace. She placed me in the bath tub after a wonderfully invigorating and loving sublime massage. Her energy took over me, and I find her utterly charming. Raven left me feeling loved and fulfilled! I am smitten!

Raven Rose03-26-2018*DR*10

There are no recent reviews because Raven Rose has been gone from the temple for a while, but now she is back and is gracing us with her presence. Raven Rose’s mission statement is spot on 100% accurate, no poetic license, no exaggeration, her presence and ability to connect action and spirit match her words. Raven Rose has many qualities she is radiant, beautiful, adventurous, wise, warm and an adept therapist. Sessions have exceeded my expectations. Researching the definition of a Raven as a spirit guide and totem animal. “Raven is an excellent teacher, guide, and partner for magical studies and efforts”. This perfectly describes her, I’m ravin’ about Raven Rose.

Raven Rose02-28-2016*Ha*10

She's gorgious do I need to say more?

Raven Rose12-05-2015*Gra*10

My first session with Raven was wonderful. I asked for warmth and tenderness and this is what she gave me. She knows how to guide the energetic flow of a session and to infuse the experience with spiritual depth and intention. Her vibe is very authentic and natural, she has good eye contact and is an open and responsive listener. And her skill with erotic touch and ease of presence is really top notch. Sweet smile. Treat yourself to some time with this genuine and loving beauty...

Raven Rose10-28-2015*Tratru*10

Raven is amazingly able to tune into your thoughts and help sort out any confusion you may be facing. Totally an inspirational and relaxing massage by a very beautiful representation of all that is wonderful in our existence.

Raven Rose10-17-2015*DanG*10

Raven was sent from heaven.

Raven Rose09-03-2015*DanG*10

My experience with Raven was over the top. She could very well be in a class of her own. She was awesome and as we speak I am arranging my next visit. She is a must see... And I will continue to do just that. Bravo!

Raven Rose04-23-2014*timae*10

Raven is a beautiful and authentic healer. She is just as eager to support your spiritual well-being as she is to nourish your sexual health. We had a great conversation about anxiety, connectedness, and how to reach depths of intimacy that elude so many of us. She guided me through breathing and meditation, so that the pleasure that followed was so much more expansive and meaningful. I'm still buzzing from the experience. I have a long way to go on this path, but the brief session with Raven opened a door.

Raven Rose03-12-2014SOMFive10

Beautiful makeup-free girl who is very comforting.

Raven Rose07-02-2013*Mnt*10

Brilliant personality and a very sensual, caring attitude. Wish to have booked more time...

Raven Rose05-15-2013*dar*10

A wonderful time with a beautiful, sensuous woman !! Loved every moment of it !

Raven Rose02-02-2013*EV*10

I think raven is just the best. Totally sensual session, great hands, really in to it and full of encouragement.

Raven Rose01-25-2013*mikeW*9

Raven Rose gave me an excellent sensuous massage. I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Raven Rose

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