Rani Rose

Returning after a year away on travels...

Rani Rose

Rani Rose

Hello, beautiful one.

I am Rani Rose, a playful, intuitive soul passionate about deep connection & healing bliss.

My mantra:: Love is a state of being, not a guarded confession.

I am the perfect embodiment of the scales of balance—gentle and firm; the youthful maiden and the tiger mother; sensitive and profoundly strong. I draw from many wells of wisdom and practice. I'm a life-long yogini, philosopher & artist. I'm of Indian ancestry and speak 5 languages, my favorite of which is the language of the body.

I offer an interdisciplinary approach to bliss through several potential therapeutic or Tantric paths: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, yoga, shamanic healing, holotropic breathing, Tibetan sound activation, guided meditation, eye gazing, Ayurvedic awareness & chakra awakening. You are welcome to request me as a guide for any of these practices.

As Walt Whitman said, we contain multitudes. I am here to help you channel the vast expressions of your heart and soul through your body for deep, present healing. Leave the material world behind & allow me to lead you through oceans of love and peace that exist for you and you alone—the magical universe of your own bliss.

Rani RoseRani Rose

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Rani Rose11-04-2017*AnBud*10

I haven't written a review before, but enjoyed today's session so much that I'm moved to do so. Rani was able to be so fully present. Her touch combines deep healing and sensual qualities. Highly recommended. As someone else noted, the pictures don't do her beauty full justice.

Rani Rose11-03-2017*SenRi*10

I have been a long time client of TOB from its inception! And have have enjoyed many wonderful sessions over the course of many years. Rarely do I write a review, just not my style. But here I felt compelled as Rani ranks in the Pantheon!
Her style is unique. Her pictures don't do her justice.
Just trust this "veteran". Run, don't walk !

Rani Rose04-25-2016*GreLo*10

She is my muse. It has been two weeks since I had a session with Rani Rose, and the one thing that keeps coming to the forefront each time I think of our two hours together is just how much unconditional love I felt from her. ’tis true. From the moment I left my daily grind outside her temple and walked in, I felt only love and acceptance. It was a wonderful place to be. She smiled lovingly at me. We shared a heartfelt embrace. She put her hand on my forearm. Ah, does life, in its most simplistic form, get any better than that? (No need to answer. The question is rhetorical.)
The session began with Tantra exercises in the yab-yum position, which is a favorite of mine. There is no better way to go than when you are so close in proximity to someone that you can see the color of the specs in their eyes. I could’ve stayed there forever with this lovely Tantrika. Heaven, just Heaven. As we moved to the table, Rani instructed me to continue to keep my eyes on her. “On your eyes?” I asked. “Doesn’t matter,” she answered. “Just on me.”

Yeah, I sarcastically thought to myself, this was going to be hard to do, what with her smoldering beauty and killer eyes. I mean, have you seen this woman? Smoking. Absolutely smoking hot.
That’s the thing that makes Rani, and the other TOB ladies I’ve seen, so attractive. They do wonders for your self-esteem and self-confidence. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Dakini’s first appointment of the day or her fifth, their attentiveness never wavers. “It’s the connection,” Rani says. “Every session is a new experience. No two are alike, even if it’s someone you’ve seen before.” That is what keeps it fresh. Sure, some therapists are better than others, but it’s not for lack of effort or because of an attitude. They all want you to go back out into the world feeling better than when you arrived. They are all on the same mission and you are the focal point.
For me, after my session with Rani, I felt I could conquer the world. OK, I’m exaggerating, but I did feel that good about myself. And a lot of how I felt had to do with the quality of the massage. Off-the-charts incredible, it was. The look in her eyes while she was massaging me I shall always remember. I could feel the love in her eyes and the gift she was giving me.

After the session was over, she wrapped me in a cocoon with the massage sheets and let me lie there while she went to run the shower. When she came out, I was asleep. She gently awakened me with that soft touch of hers. I slowly opened my eyes … and had no clue where I was, but I was thinking Heaven, because, surely, no place on earth could feel or be that wonderful. I need just one hand to count the times in my life I have felt such bliss from a massage session. It was like I could do no wrong or say no wrong. Just lie there, gaze at her beauty, and be totally happy. How happy? Let’s just say it made the drive of more than six hours to see her totally worth it. Totally. And I would do it again. In a heartbeat.

Rani Rose04-14-2016*Lk*10

I was fortunate to come across Rani. A pleasant and exquisite person. My sessions started with Rani asking what i was seeking. I could only answer that "I am just along for the ride". I was her canvas and when our sessions were over I felt like her master piece. Truly enjoyable time with a truly enjoyable person. I say sessions because I was fortunate to see her twice during her stay in LA. I look forward to her return.

Rani Rose04-02-2016*B15*10

Was lucky enough to catch her L.A. She was so open and such a gentle touch. She really understood how to work away the stress from my work and left me feeling extremely relaxed and centered.

Rani Rose11-06-2015*AnHe*10

Imagine finally being able to hold close and with gentle patience explore what it feels like to be with sensual feminine beauty. Rani for the first time made me feel human, and brought the piece of mind to be comforted, transported and lifted to new heights all with her sweet words, breathing and arms cradling my body. Never rushed and leaving my first 90min session with my head in the clouds but knowing I was able to share a special moment in time with an exceptional woman. People were meant to feel this close, I recommend Rani as your first

Rani Rose09-22-2015*G.T*10

Rani is the real deal. She truly believes in what she is doing and is the utmost professional. She takes her time and is genuinely attentive. Rani has a rare intuition that knows exactly what your body requires and diligently attends to them. Worth every cent and will definitely return.

Rani Rose09-19-2015*Aro*10

I wasn't ready for this. From the moment I first met Rani I was hopelessly lost. Closing out the world is impossible for me and yet she seamlessly created a mood where there were only two people in the world. I have rarely been more relaxed composed and eager to be lost in her gaze and touch. The best words to describe Rani are enchanting, mesmerizing, celestial, divide, arousing, exciting. If you are still not sure, just think in terms of "goddess" and you wont be disappointed. I will be back for more next week. Namaste.

Rani Rose08-25-2015*Johb*10

Where do I start, first let me say that in July I decided to try a tantric massage for the first time. I called and spoke to Rani and explained to her that I only had an hour to spare in my busy schedule she explained that an 90 min session is the ideal but my schedule just couldn't accommodate that. I walked in and met this very special person with smiling eyes and welcoming voice and body language contrary to my nervousness she made me feel at ease. I had a great 60min session and left feeling like I was floating on air. Fast forward one month and I'm back but this time with 90 mins to spare, same welcoming beautiful woman greeted me and after a brief chat sent me on my way to shower up in the very clean and well appointed bathroom. I came back to the room laid down and for he next 90 minutes lost myself in a session that seemed to last forever but ended way too soon. I can say now that 60 mins seem like an appetizer in contrast to having a sumptuous meal that is the 90min session. I found myself floating in and out of consciousness while I listened to a soothing soundtrack matched up to Rani's electricifying touch. The session was without doubt one of the best investments I have ever made in my well being as it took me to new heights of excitement and tranquil moments of calm. Rani is one powerful person, maybe the most impactful person I've met in a long time that left me feeling blessed and honored to have come across her. I find myself torn between writing this review and sharing this experience and not writing anything and keeping her my secret but I owe it to her and my fellow man to fill people in on this wonderful secret. Do yourself a favor set aside and hour and a half and get ready to lose yourself and release the stresses of daily NYC life. I thank and take a humble bow to my Godess Rani.

Rani Rose08-24-2015*QL*10

This is Shivakti... I must share that I have not had a session with such an incredibly dialed in naturally intuitively tantric dakini in a very long time. She is a knockout beauty in person and gives a whole-hearted, full-body embracing yummy, strong & sensual ecstatic massage. Wowza. I was immersed in sizzling energies. She's new to this form of healing, yet in my session I was tranced & had flashback visions of Egyptian Temple Priestess times. She is comfortable, powerful, loving, flirty & fun. My testimonial is: YES! Thank-you, MORE!

Rani Rose07-13-2015*ta*10

Rani is amazing. She is very friendly and kind with a very tender touch. I would definitely recommend Rani if you are in NYC and truly need to relax in a comfortable open atmosphere. The strawberries are delicious.

Rani Rose06-08-2015*EliG*9

Rani was wonderful. Highly recommend.

Rani Rose06-10-2015*Na*10

Rani is an incredible body healer and gentle, intuitive soul. She gives as much with her nurturing heart and tender eyes as she does with her massage. Trust her and her session. She is a vastly talented, powerful goddess who will leave you feeling relieved, renewed, reborn! Highly recommended.

Rani Rose06-01-2015*Mnn*10

Rani is an amazing person. She is full of warmth and has a beautiful smile. She has been practicing yoga and mediation for long but is very new to Tantra. But she is very intuitive and her touch makes you feel so comfortable that it melts away all the stress. After the first session with her, immediately booked for a follow up the day after. She is in training , but I could connect with her very well. She is immensely gifted and is vibrant with a mystic touch. Her eyes reach out to the depth of your soul and gives an amazing experience of comfort and solace. Looking forward for further sessions to continue with the inner healing.

Rani RoseRani Rose

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