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Radha Rose

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Radha Rose

I welcome you here with gratitude and empowering love. No matter where you are in your life, I invite you to simply surrender to the warm embrace of my heart practice. Here with me, you will purely exist as you authentically are in a safe space of warmth, divine light, and overflowing love. My healing spirit will meet you and your open heart, fully present, as my intuition guides us to reach a state of bliss where the deepest mysteries of your heart can be accessed. 

My effervescent and playful spirit will uplift you in the celebration of your truest self.  I deeply honor the connective space we share. Together, we will unfold and expand you as you are, and revitalize the soul self you may feel blocked from being. I offer an open treasure chest of unconditional love and acceptance where you will reclaim yourself in the strength of your vulnerability. In service to your spirit, my guidance will take you beyond your blockages into a transformative space where you will be soothed in heart, spirit, and soul. 

With openness, gratitude, and love,

Radha Rose

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Radha RoseRadha Rose

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A word of warning if you see Radha: You will leave her session in a such a state of bliss that makes re-entry into the world challenging. The woman has a gift that can cure whatever ails you. I wasn’t in a good space when I arrived but my mood changed as soon as Radha laid her hands on me.I went home so relaxed I slept like a baby for several hours. Yes, she’s that good. Also, she’s much prettier in person. Radha is a warm, kind, intuitive woman. Can’t recommend her enough!


Dec 1st, 2021

Had a tantra ties session with Radha that was fantastic. She is attractive, friendly, and a skilled masseuse. He skills at titillation and controlling waves of pleasure was among the best I've experienced. It was as though my body was an orchestra, and she was Beethoven conducting one of his symphonies. In our 90 minutes together she guided me through crescendos, and diminuendos, in wondrous waves... I left exhilarated, but relaxed. She rocks!


Nov 14th, 2021

Cannot say more.. Radha is simply amazing! I met her in Zen temple and booked 90 minutes session with her. The session just blew me off. She has great skills and is having a great healing touch. I am looking forward to see her back in the bay area.


Sep 24th, 2021

Very nice sessions with Radha, at the Novato Temple. I had to come back after the first meeting. Basically, ideal mix of therapeutic and tantra, solid massage skills, and very very caring and friendly personality, it was as if I already knew her for ages. Recommend her highly.


Aug 23rd, 2021

Wow! What can I say other then Radha is truly amazing. She is absolutely beautiful (you can easily get lost in her eyes) and her energy is out of this world! Radha is caring, compassionate, and loving! The energy she brings and shares is truly divine!


Aug 11th, 2021

The connection with Radha was instantaneous and strong. She has a wonderfully generous, nurturing spirit that manifest in a session that was as intensely relaxing as it was deeply invigorating. I cannot say enough positive things about our time together.


Jul 31st, 2021

Grounded and divine, calming and electric, easygoing and intense…. all at once. One of the very best sessions I’ve ever had.


Jul 13th, 2021

The name Radha is a Hindu goddess name and worshiped as the goddess of love, tenderness, compassion and devotion. She is full of all of these qualities and I really liked her from the moment I met her. The session I had with her was amazing and full of beautiful energy and bliss. I enjoyed the company of her positive and friendly energy and felt much lighter after the session. She is wonderful and loved every session with her!


Jul 13th, 2021

Radha is absolutely charming, loving, and alluring Dakini. Breathtakingly unique vibe and energy that put you at ease on the first session and let you share your deeper desire with complete trust.


Jun 22nd, 2021

A total blissful experience with the most genuine goddess. She made me feel adored from the first second.
Can’t wait to to go back!! Highly recommended


Jun 21st, 2021

Felt a really nice connection with Rose from the first minute. Warm & generous with her body & spirit, she really cares about transmitting positive, healing,sensual energy. I did a double with her & Kali Maya & felt completely surrounded by love & TLC every second, it was like living a dream I didn't want to end. A superb experience in the hands of 2 lovely & talented dakinis!


Jun 14th, 2021

Not only is she beautiful but it was awesome energy and experience! Will definitely be back!!


Jun 14th, 2021

Radha Rose

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