Prema Shakti

Level II Tantrika

Prema Shakti

Prema Shakti

With gratitude and love, I invite you to enter into my divine crystal palace of emotional and sensorial recalibration. I am a yoga teacher, massage therapist, healer and visionary artist who has been travelling the world and the depth of psychic realities from a very young age. With joy I can offer to bring you to a new understanding of the sublime ecstasy of life and the simple beauty of the sacred.   I am here to reveal the  essential truths of your radiant being and help you to dearmour and release old traumas and blocks to enjoy the abundance and happiness that is our path here on earth. My  tantric bodywork  and therapeutic sessions promise to bring you to a profound state of relaxed and grounded wellness or to the soaring heights of creative passion. So relax, let yourself go and let me hold space for harmony, expression and bliss.

My special skills include:

- Tantric bodywork
- Deep tissue, California and Thai massage
- 20 years experience as a yoga practitioner and 9 years teaching experience
- Pranayama, Breathwork and Vocal toning
- Psychomagic prescription
- Acroyoga and contact improvisation movement healing
- Mantra and Singing Bowl Sound Healing
- Aromatherapy & Plant knowledge
- Work with teacher plants and facilitation
- Tarot reading for deep insights into your karmic path
- Guidance for art therapy exploration, especially sacred geometry

I have many hours of training as a yoga teacher, massage therapist and vocal coach, and have led many yoga teacher trainings.  My exploration of yoga has also opened up many doors for me in the world of movement and healing arts, and led me to study massage, capoeira, acroyoga, contact improvisation and afrobrazilian dance. I have ample experience working with Sweat Lodges, Mama Aya and Changa, and have participated in numerous ceremonies in Spain and Mexico, and love initiating people into aligning their soul´s journey with Changa.  These natural preparations, practices  and rituals are a holy gift which allow us to realize our full potential as loving, creative beings weaving the great and beautiful tapestry of life. For me they have been essential allies to refine my  sensibilities as a healer, painter, seamstress, dancer and singer, just as my continued journey with yoga and massage has unlocked new levels of joy, comfort and ease in my life.

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Prema ShaktiPrema Shakti

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Very nice and well travelled dakini on a long visit to Novato Temple. Made me comfortable right away and was very talkative and human ideals oriented. Enjoyed the visit and went for a second visit a few days later. Nice person!


Jul 8th, 2021

Prema has exceptional massage and energy flow skills. I was buzzing with good energy for hours after my session with her. My experience with Prema felt magical and healing.


Jul 5th, 2021

Energies don’t lie and neither does her experience in understanding it


Jun 21st, 2021

Prema is a true gem and I assure you your session will be a superb healing and activating massage. This is Queen Love, so if I tell you that you will be in great hands with a delightful goddess, you can absolutely trust this and surrender fully. My sessions with Prema have been perfectly attuned to my needs and put me in a hypnotic trance.

*Queen Love*

Jun 16th, 2021

Prema ShaktiPrema Shakti

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