Prema Moon

Prema Moon

I am a young being & old soul ~ here to serve as healer, dakini, guide, muse...

Prema Moon

Greetings Loves,

EVERYONE IS WELCOME HERE. I embrace every race, age, gender identification and social background. My intention is to create a heart-centered connection that leaves us both open and expanded… beyond just our session, also in life.

Our time together will be an oasis for you, a special and delicious experience in the midst of your stressful world. You spend your days working hard and making things happen.

Now is the time to lay back, and Receive Love.

Allow me to be your mirror reflecting the love inside out...a discovery of surrendering to the magic of living in beauty...

I see you as a divine being...inviting you to be true to all that is authentically you...

I meet you where you are at...exploring where your heart's desire wants to be...

When we touch a body, we touch a soul. We touch their wounds from the past and their dreams for the future.”

As I touch you with my
& heart ...

My intention is for you to feel infused with Love, and be deeply relaxed with each and every cell in your body feeling fully alive.

You are invited to experience: ~ Sacred, respectful & loving touch ~ Slowing down, being still and being vulnerable ~ Compassionately witnessing the barriers you may have created between your heart and others’ ~ A safe, tender space where all of you can be seen, received and appreciated ~ An opportunity to practice being connected to your own body and heart.

My dream is for all of humanity to re-member our divine right in the human body
to celebrate the present embodied, empowered, enlightened...

So looking forward to connecting with you soon.

With loving light,
Prema Moon


    • Intuitive Healer
    • Somatic Healing Institute Level 1 and 2 Training with Francesca Gentille
    • International School of Temple Arts Level 1 Training in Ireland
    • Certified Counselor through Interchange Counseling Institute
    • Ongoing Shamanic Practices & Ceremonies
    • 2016 Temple Tantra Initiation


1/21/18 EMBODIED SHAKTI: Honoring the "Me too" movement as Temple Priestesses ~ how to be impeccable to right alignment with feminine/masculine energies, Intro on how to self-care & cultivate energy with Jade Eggs, Tantra Darshan, Tantric pointers. Led by Queen Love, E Bast & Halo Seronko

2/19/17  SACRED UNION: Honoring the Beloved Within. ~A Devotional day of Sound Healing-Gong Bath & Crystal Bowls, Herbal Cacao Tea Ceremony, Prayer, Mind & Energy Clearings, Kirtan/Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Temple Dance, Hands on Healing, Tantric Essays & Reflection. Led by Queen Love, Ciela Belle, Sasha Nicole, Lakshmi, Sola Rose Dawn and others.

Prema is a Sanskrit word meaning "love" or "affection." Rather than selfish love (kama), prema refers to a divine love or higher love, related to Supreme Being or some form of spiritual pursuit. Feeling divine love is one of the many spiritual benefits that can be gained from a tantra yoga practice. Deep Sacred Meditation and controlled breathing are among the techniques used to advance toward this special kind of love.

The moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment or the dark side of Nature herself.

Prema MoonPrema Moon

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Prema Moon11-28-2017*BluS*10

A wonderful escape from daily life with a charming and compassionate young lady! Prema made me feel welcome & very comfortable! Our session together was fun and easy, light & breezy.

Prema Moon08-17-2017*SaSea*10

This was my first experience with Tantra and it was lovely, refreshing, and ecstatic. Prema is able to create a warm, intimate and intense atmosphere of mutual trust. She is able to balance physical therapy, interpersonal therapy, and spiritual therapy. It was a truly healing experience, and I'm grateful to her for it. Prema has dozens of 10/10 reviews... and she deserves each and every one. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Prema Moon08-08-2017*DH*10

Prema is a divine soul and a giver thats her amazing quality. I had one session with her few months ago when she visited LA that was a out of the world experience. Its a big blow she is not in LA very often, Prema if you read this you should know that you have a very kind soul, a big heart and every one you touch you make them feel special.

Prema Moon07-28-2017*Evi*10

Um, wow. This one is a delight. I would keep this one a secret. Shoot, I just let the secret out.

Prema Moon06-23-2017*MicSa*10

Prema is a wonderful, warm, and engaging woman who definitely provided an hour of bliss for me. From our initial introduction until I left she exuded ease, kindness, and curiosity. Not only does Prema have an exquisite range of touch she also was very energetically connected to my personal sensitivities. Prema organically embodies the goddess in all its many forms. I felt very fortunate to be on the receiving end of her delightful and highly skilled ministrations.

Prema Moon05-18-2017*PaR*10

Prema embodies warmth and is an incredibly positive ray of light. Our session was wonderful. She has incredible hands and an amazing presence. I can't wait to book another session with her.

Prema Moon03-28-2017*PaFri*10

Amazing, nurturing, loving session. Prema is the best and will leave you mesmerized.

Prema Moon03-21-2017*DanG*10

Prema is simply awesome.... not much more that I can say...

Prema Moon02-23-2017*QL*10

With a tenderness of touch and a true depth of presence, this dear one is a sparkling radiant being. When Prema arrived to my space for our session, I was quite crispy from an emotionally challenging day. This magical young woman met me where I was and navigated me back to feeling empowered & sparkling myself. Such a tender tigress whom I look forward to being on this Temple journey with. ~Queen Love

Prema Moon01-12-2017*Flo*10


Prema Moon01-12-2017*J*10

Prema Moon is the first therapist I visited at Temple of Bliss and I came away feeling absolutely amazing and refreshed. Prema has a gentle, loving energy that puts you at ease right away. She's beautiful, intelligent, and her session will leave you feeling amazing.

Prema Moon01-16-2017*RH*10

Working like crazy but not in touch with my higher self until I spent some QT with Prema tonight. Prema's proof it's not how long a Goddess has been around, her tantric education courses, or her age, but how well a Goddess embodies her femininity, and Prima is a real woman! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the conversation as much as anything! I don't recommend her to I can keep her all to myself!

Prema Moon01-12-2017*JM*10

Prema is a beautiful and intuitive person. She resurrected me to full happiness. I am thankful for Prema!

Prema Moon12-27-2016*Gic*10

Prema was perfect. She's beautiful with a innocent energy that's mesmerizing. 8 hours later I still can't stop thinking about my session.

Prema Moon12-23-2016*DanG*10

It was my first time with Prema and it certainly won't be my last. What a wonderful experience with such a wonderful lady. See you soon.

Prema Moon12-13-2016*mar1*9

Great first session with Prema, very friendly and easy to talk to. Nice massage and connection, recommend highly

Prema MoonPrema Moon

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