Oshun Regina

Oshun Regina

Oshun Regina

Like a river, spirit flows through me... Soul sounds

Alchemizing heartache into honey

Come to me when you're feeling lonely

And I'll sing you back home

Soft hands, warm heart ~ tenderly tending you

Welcoming you back to the bliss

Of this body

And its ecstatic opening

into Your Unique Pleasure

Your Unique Purpose.

I am a:

⁃ Playful Pixie

⁃ Modern Medicine Woman

⁃ Sacred Work Midwife

⁃ Intuitive, Vocal Channel & Diviner

I love working with these types of folks in particular:

Men: Lone wolves, genius, techie, programmer types. I will help you get as brilliant at being in your body, heart, and feelings as you are with your mind. I come from a tech background too, for 16 years, so I speak your language.

Women: Alpha females who are feeling overworked, disembodied, sexually shut down, stressed out, unsexy or insecure about their appearance. I’ll help you feel absolutely magnetic and confident!

Non-binary folks who want support feeling safe & pleasurable in their bodies, or being held through — or welcomed across the threshold of — gender transition. Please allow me to be your ally in welcoming you home.


⁃ Sound Healer, Vocal Improviser, and Voice-Opening / Singing Faciliator

⁃ Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher

⁃ Cowry Shell Divination

- Cuddle Therapy

⁃ Spiritual Guide / Transformational Coach (Life Purpose, etc.)

⁃ Somatic-Based Relationship coaching

- Sacred Sensuality trainings with Layla Martin

⁃ MA, Integrative Health / Holistic Wellness

You may want to come see me if you’re going through one of these things:

⁃ A career transition

⁃ A breakup, death, or major loss

⁃ Feeling indecisive about big life decisions

⁃ In Your Saturn Return (age 28-30, when your whole identity shifts)

⁃ Integrating psychedelic experiences into everyday life

⁃ Healing from trauma & sexual trauma

- Relationship “Stuff”

- Chronic Illness (Physical or Psycho-emotional)

Some Spiritual Influences:

⁃ West African spirituality (Dagara-inspired)

⁃ South American Shamanism & Medicine Ceremonies

- Kundalini Yoga & Tantric Yoga

⁃ Body-based, mindfulness-based somatic psychotherapy (Hakomi)

Oshun ReginaOshun Regina

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Oshun Regina01-03-2018*AV*10

I recently booked a tantric session with Oshun and she was amazingly spontaneous, light-hearted and conversant in the beauty and sensuality of Tantra. It felt like she took me into a transcendent realm where we melded and a quality of oneness pervaded the session. I strongly suggest you book her for a 90 min tantric session to get the full blissful experience that she delivers. I look forward to her return to Marin.

Oshun Regina11-20-2017*NaP*10

If you haven’t had the sublime pleasure of a tantric session with Oshun Regina(OR), I seriously encourage you to her asap. Simply put, when it comes to an artful touches, OR is in a celestial league of her own. OR provides the extremely pleasurable physical touch that was so tender I believe I lost all conscious thought. An optimal sensory pleasure. But, man, does it feel good. Never before have I been touched with such TLC. I had such a good time the two hours I spent with her the first time. I plan to go again, without a doubt. This lovely woman exudes class. I think I had discovered a real gem. I encourage you to see OR, too. I think you'll be glad you did.

Oshun Regina10-27-2017*Conf*10

...had no idea what to expect. Definitely one of the most profoundly exquisite and precious experiences I've had. Oshun worked tenderly, wisely, skillfully - weaving hands and heart and sound and smells, expertly guiding me to places I'd never been. Soft oceanic ripples and waves, radiant, ecstatic surges melted my deep grief giving way to aliveness and openess and welcoming of my deep wholesome being. Oshun is expert at her craft: I felt secure and welcomed by this Priestess with a down-to-earth, genuine warmth, deep presence and humour. I feel so grateful as I write this....

Oshun Regina10-24-2017*holybapa*10

O my god! What a holy, healing presence! I felt at home and welcomed immediately. This gifted healer instinctively knew what I needed, and gently met me there. She is strong, centered, yet vulnerable and open. What a rare combination. I wouldn't think of seeing someone else. Her gifts have already begun to transform me. I am so grateful for loving energy!

Oshun Regina10-06-2017*ay*10

What an amazing journey with Oshun! This goddess has amazing touch and energy, focusing on your needs and centering you with her amazing breathing and voice...not to mention her beauty in person! Such attention to detail I can't wait to be back.

Oshun ReginaOshun Regina

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