Osa Tara

Level III Tantrika

Fully Vaccinated

Osa Tara

Osa Tara

My offerings are steeped in sensation. Scent and sound will transport you to 

your own personal paradise.

I weave ASMR and my special offering, shibari and story-time, to carry you into realms of relaxation and play that will ground your energy as well as uplift you. You will float out of the Temple door in pure bliss state, the sound of crystal bowls humming in your ear and the scent of ylang ylang dancing in the air. 

My sessions are designed to be a safe space for you to surrender and receive what it is you most deeply crave. Together we will sip the Amrita of the goddess herself through the vessel of our breath. I cannot wait to give you a piece of my heart. 


tantra ties + beginner shibari 


Tantrik fruit ceremony

acupressure points

crystal sound bath

Storytime + shibari ~

This offering requires a minimum of 90 minutes. Surrender and be taken on a journey of sound with the crystal sound bowls, scent + sensation with me. Enter a sublime space while I use the sacred art-form of simple shibari ties to guide you into gentle surrender while I read you excerpts from the wellsprings of Tantrik texts. A beautiful way to grow closer to your practice. Nurturing + intoxicating, this is the perfect session for those who wish to open their hearts. 

Tantrik fruit tasting ~

This offering requires at least 90 minutes. Let us indulge in the senses, sharing a variety of different farmers market fruits, all while being blindfolded. This is all about sensory exploration. Fruit will always be locally sourced + seasonal. Playful + delightful, this is a perfect session  for those looking to cultivate a deeper sense of joy.

Tea + nature walks ~ 

This offering is designed for 3hr + sessions. Meet me in nature, close proximity to Temple to share tea and discuss Tantra, Chinese medicine, or whatever else is on your heart. We will take a languid stroll, sipping in the views around us and the fresh air before returning to Temple to continue on with bodywork. Enriching + expansive,

this is a cinderella slipper for those who want to ground into their wisdom.


Mantak Chia Alchemy 22 hour Qi Gong, Chinese medicine + acupressure point workshop, Winter 2023

Fall/Winter 2022/23 Shivakti Tantra Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour Graduate

The Rose Lineage Holy Grail online immersion Venusian Rose, 2022

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, Agonda Beach, India 2018

Balinese massage training, Ubud Bali Indonesia, 2018

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Osa TaraOsa Tara

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I had an amazing AMSR session with Osa. She brought me to another realm and kept my there for the entire session. I can’t wait to see her again.


Apr 18th, 2023

Long time Templer, first time review submitter. It's hard to avoid flowery language and hyperbole because Osa demands it. While every individual and session is unique, Os's intuition is ethereal and her touch is like an electric current through every fiber of your being.

Every moment of the session is intentional and an hour feels like both a minute and an eternity. Hard to overstate what Osa is able to create in a session. She is irresistibility talented.


Apr 14th, 2023

I am out of words to describe the most amazing experience that I had with Osa. She has an incredibly beautiful soul inside to go with her amazing look. She will make you comfortable from the first moment. She caters the session to your specific needs. I left the session feeling rejuvenated and awesome!! I will be back many many more times!


Oct 8th, 2022

Incredible session! Her natural touch and calming energy is out of this World. My 1st Session with Osa. I was a bit nervous to start but once she starts with a short conversation with a very caring and sincere concern it felt like a warm blanket on a cold day, My nerves was completely gone. Osa is gifted with natural looks of a True Goddess. I could barely walk after the session. I will repeat for sure!!!


Sep 17th, 2022

I had a tantric session with Osa Tara yesterday. What a wonderful experience, still thinking about it. She is very spiritual and the breathing technique and rhythm were perfect. She has a wonderful touch, she had some Esalen style massaging technique. Highly recommended and I will see her again for sure.


May 15th, 2022

I felt off balance since traveling and needed to reset. Osa Tara has been nothing but great to me and allowed me to relax deeply . thank you


Apr 17th, 2022

Just saw Osa Tara this week. Beyond her physical beauty is her spiritual. I could feel the sacred in her expertise, bringing me to comfort and bliss I have rarely experienced. I would recommend her highly


Apr 15th, 2022

A true tantrika in the greatest traditions of the art form. The experience was sublime, healing and simply magical.


Feb 18th, 2022

Fantastic session with Osa. She made me feel comfortable throughout our time together. Thank you OSA!


Feb 15th, 2022

I had one of the most delightful session with Osa. What a goddess. She's a guide, and she will take you on a journey of bliss like no other. I am truly grateful our paths crossed. What an absolute magical experience. Simply amazing.


Feb 7th, 2022

Osa TaraOsa Tara

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