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The Chill Angel at the Disneyland of Bliss


Hello Beautiful Beings,

I am excited to be here on this adventure with you all.

It can be difficult to connect with others in the midst of a fast-paced metropolis. I invite you to slow down with me and ease into bliss. Recharge, open, be at peace. I am here to equip you to live at your full potential.

I  have been cultivating skills as a healer since a young age, always feeling drawn to the power of nature and the mystery of love. I invite you to be seen, chill, reboot, remembering how special you are and that you deserve and are worthy of this much *LOVE*!
Yours Truly,

Nadia Everheart

5 Years Temple Dakini experience

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It's been a few hours and I haven't stopped thinking about my time with Nadia. I haven't felt such a strong connection with a person in this city in... well, it's been a while. I felt more comfortable with her than I've felt with anybody in years and I don't really know what to do with that. Therapy like this can be intense and Nadia is more than capable of guiding you through it, just be prepared to open up in a way that you may not have expected.


Aug 2nd, 2020

Simply amazing. Nadia has a warm, genuine, and intoxicating presence. From the moment I met her she made me feel welcomed and cherished. I'm somewhat conflicted in writing this testimonial as I kind of want her all to myself. She is a gem!


Oct 12th, 2019



May 2nd, 2019

This young woman has truly blossomed before my eyes over the past 4 years... from a wide-eyed-wild barefoot free-spirit with the wind in her hair to a beaming (always smiling), confident, graceful, loving, cultivated artist of many arts.... she's landed. She has a passionate heart, beautiful soul and provides a very nurturing, yummy, strong flowing massage. She truly cares and it shows and is felt.

Queen Love

Apr 6th, 2018

I was not expecting this brilliant woman... so in tune from the moment I walked in the door. I can’t imagine a more connected person.


Feb 20th, 2018



Dec 16th, 2017

Nadia is the Disneyland of Bliss- Sessions with her are a treasure of pleasure and her talent is so much more than meets the eye. The universe has done me great justice in having us meet on many occasions and share precious time together. Both inner and outer beauty awaits you when you are fortunate enough to cross paths with this gift from the gods.


Jul 18th, 2017

Relaxing, healing, receptive, giving, warm, open, generous, accepting, gracious, beautiful. Thank you!


Apr 26th, 2016

I cannot thank the universe enough for allowing me to meet Nadia. Tis extremely rare that anyone can ever come across an incredibly captivating woman with such a warm and beautifully loving soul. The way she makes you feel is comparable to a fond memory. The kind that, when it reappears in your mind, makes you smile instantly while your eyes seem to be scanning the farthest of horizons. Her skills as a masseuse are sooooo amazing. She empathetically found and meticulously engaged the right spots on my body until it felt like it was in another dimension where the word -stress- doesn't exist. Nadia is one of the coolest girls the world has ever created. If I had the honor of giving her a nickname it would be The Chill Angel... 🙂


Feb 22nd, 2016

2 back to back memorable nights last fall...


Jan 2nd, 2016

Real unique homie with a chillin' ezy vibe... combined with wizardry hands that'll change the contents of Your mind.


Jan 2nd, 2016

Well gentlemen, we have on our hands a jedi knight. This one is a prodigy of an aberrational nature. She is responsive on the phone, which is awesome and her massage well, i only resort to star wars references in matters of grave importance. You will not find a better masseuse among the LA regulars. There is one who was like her who is actually visiting, but even that one is not as attuned to the body as this one. She is a jedi.


Sep 6th, 2015

My appointment today with Nadia was one of the most delightfully pleasant hours of my life. She is a beautiful, inviting good hearted woman with an expert touch. I felt like I took a brief vacation from myself and walked away a better man. Her skin contact completely recharged the battery of my soul. Nadia is also very sweet and exists in an interested place of love. The world is a better place for having her in it and and for the work she does. She made me feel happy, relaxed and vital. I am grateful for our time. Thank you, Nadia. You are a real sweetheart and you are making the world a better place.


Jul 24th, 2015

Wow! I just left my second appointment with Nadia and feel compelled to write a review. She is absolutely stunning - the perfect mix of girl next door and free spirit. Her eyes and smile are incredibly warm and immediately made me feel as if I'd known Nadia for years. She is incredibly intuitive with her touch and even a light graze from her energizes. She has has a playful personality and the talent to remove all of those built up knots. I am not normally a reviewer but Nadia is off the charts. You can't go wrong....


Jul 18th, 2015

Upon meeting Nadia you are immediately drawn to her by her genuine warmth and kindness. It's like reconnecting with an old friend you haven't seen in years, and yet somehow conversation flows effortlessly. With an infectious smile and warm embrace she'll put you at easy, while her touch is simultaneously effortless and comforting. My brief time with Nadia was enchanting and I look forward to seeing her again.


Jul 13th, 2015

Nadia was very accommodating and kind. I felt really comfortable and peaceful around her. Great session and felt amazing afterwards .


Apr 2nd, 2015

Nadia is like nothing you can ever imagine, what a beautiful woman, she is beyond a 10, her skill levels on everything is just mind blowing, if you want someone who can excite your mind, body, and soul, she is it. Fun fact; ask her about her time in Brooklyn, what a hero, one brave woman. Nadia, I hope you're with the Temple for a long time, definitely my all time favorite, would love to repeat again and again


Apr 1st, 2015

really cool beautiful girl


Mar 16th, 2015

Just finished seeing this unbelievable dakini. Wow! is all I can say. She knows how to make you feel comfortable and will work out all the knots. Very relaxing and enjoyable time. Can't say enough good things about this wonderful lady. Great aura and light. Will see her again soon!


Jan 26th, 2015

I got to see Nadia on her first day of work at the temple (how lucky am I?), but you would never know it was the first day. Simply put, Nadia is one of the best providers I've visited. Honestly, she's just wonderful & so much of that is just her natural personality. You feel an instant connection with her. Nadia is incredibly warm and you sense she just wants to take care of you. She brings a real intelligence and charm and she loves what she does! I felt like she was enjoying our time just as much as I was, and that's a lot. I felt transported and so refreshed under her touch and warm spirit. As I was leaving she sighed and said, "Don't you just wish sometimes that the massage never ended, that you could always live in this special world?" I really do. I'm so happy she's come to LA and I hope she stays a long time.


Jan 26th, 2015


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