Morgan Le Fay

Level I Tantrika

“Tender Tantrika with Love and Strength. A petite powerhouse.”

Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay

My name is Morgan le Fay. It would be my absolute pleasure and honor to serve up love to you as a Temple priestesses in a sacred environment.
I live my life with intention, demonstrated through my daily practices; yoga, meditation, honoring my body with nutritious clean foods, and expression of creativity through one or more of my favorite mediums. Some of which include, writing, dancing, cooking, crystal healing, tarot reading, singing/playing instruments, painting, gardening.
Some of my  hands on experiences includes crystal healing, chakra alignment, intuitive massage, reiki, intuitive readings led by tarot and astrology. I have a background in nutrition and plant medicine studies, which I am currently continuing education for. I have an awareness of the emotional energy centers of the body which I have attained through my own personal studies, and which I always implement whenever doing any sort of energy work or body work.
Holistic health and healing are my passions. I intend to continue my studies in many different forms of healing, both physical, energetic, and spiritual. My desire to learn and grow as a Tantric Dakini is of the most sincere and genuine nature.
My desire is to radiate divine feminine healing presence, through the service of holding space and intention. To bring the gift of heart centered compassion. I am a woman who is led by intuition and passion, both of which have brought me to Temple of Bliss seeking to be apart of this Collective.
Have the most beautiful day!

Originally from the land of Temples, India herself. My devotion runs deep like the Ganges.

I welcome you to the Temple sanctuary... a place of complete rejuvenation, compassion and unlimited bliss. Here, all things are sacred; the mind, body and spirit are embraced with sensitivity and genuine care.

I offer my divine presence and loving energy to those who seek it. Allow me to awaken and inspire you . . . I'm a holistic health and wellness coach who enjoys giving people love, a safe place to be who they are and let go of all the negativity and stress in their life.

Make yourself at home and escape the world. Guided by our breath, sacred touch and sounds, let us nurture and explore the edges of your sensory limitations, while entering a state of heavenly flow, expanding your capacity for pleasure. Let's enjoy our present moments in a sacred loving Temple space.



Kundalini Bliss Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Couples Sessions

Morgan Le FayMorgan Le Fay

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Morgan Le Fay 12-17-2018 *KeMu* 10

Morgan was such a wonderful person to be around and the ultimate healer. I went to the temple seeking healing for past traumas and to try to open up. Morgan and kind and warm from the very start and made me feel comfortable. She has a wonderful loving energy and made even someone who struggles with connections feel alive. Thank you Morgan, I truly appreciate you and your gifts.

Morgan Le Fay 12-16-2018 *NK* 10

OMG! Morgan was a surprise to me I had no idea
How amazing her touch would be she made me feel so comfortable and at ease, really an amazing experience I could not recommend her more. 11 out of 10!

Morgan Le Fay 11-28-2018 *Rdk* 10

Morgan is from another planet. She is beautiful, kind and has an amazing energy. I left my session flying. Thank you so much Morgan.

Morgan Le Fay 10-29-2018 *Ch* 10

There are a lot of wannabes out there. Morgan is the real deal.
I strongly recommend trying one of her magical sessions.

Morgan Le Fay 09-10-2018 *Titum 10

Morgan is a revalation. She left me literally vibrating, and profoundly peaceful. Her technique— a combination of sounds, breaths, touch and gentle guidance, made me feel transported and grounded. Her energy is giving, therapeutic, passionate, and personal. Truly unique experience, truly unique person.

Morgan Le Fay 09-02-2018 *RamRa* 10

Sometimes when you find pure bliss, disbelief kicks in. When one finally surrenders to it, fear of losing it kicks in. Love always overcomes our fears, but then again loving requires a surrender to vulnerability that is often riddled with fear. Morgan reminds you to love freely in the moment and will hold space while one wonders and wanders in surrender. The feeling of bliss is undeniable. When the feeling lingers on and on, longing kicks in. So passionate free spirits beware... but then again, longing simply extends that ecstatic feeling 🙂 It's the heart opening and softening. The integration of ecstatic bliss. Morgan is a master of it...

Morgan Le Fay 08-25-2018 *FrOc* 10

Saw Morgan today for the first time. I can’t put into words what an amazing person she is. Totally in tune with herself and is great at assisting you in the same. Besides the gorgeous eyes and amazing smile that she always has on you can tell how much she loves what she does and really cares about your well being. If I could explain how I felt I would but it’s very difficult to put into words. All I can say is never had such a great experience like that. It’s a step away from reality while helping energize your inner light.

Morgan Le Fay 08-25-2018 Queen Love 10

A great new addition to the Temple. Morgan has been with the Temple now for 2 months, in both LA and NY. I just received my first session from her and was very impressed. She is a tender Tantrika with Love and Strength.She is a petite powerhouse. She is stronger than you might expect and has a nice firm massage woven in well with the softer touches. A rising star.

Morgan Le FayMorgan Le Fay

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