Moon Devi

Level I Tantrika

Moon Devi

Moon Devi

I'm a Venus disciple, a daughter of Aphrodite and a Love alchemist.  It is in my heart to heal and burn the fires of truth for all to feel. I am a practicing lover and weaver of new pathways for your body and mind to walk down by my hands and presence.

I am here to teach and give thru loving presence. Those meant to find my hands will. I will re-wild you and connect you home to your most primal essence. We will bring back the natural beauty that is you.
Moon Devi
If you tune in you can feel an intense shift towards a more feminine energy on a cosmic level, and I am here to guide you towards that warm, glowing, light.

My goal is to shine love into all of the darkest corners of your being and to help energy move throughout all of your sacred chakras so that you leave the temple feeling more connected to yourself, others, and the universe.

Tantra is my life and my gift.
I was born to guide you home into your body.
From my soul to yours, I love you and I am here fully to show up for you.
In humble loving service,
Moon Devi

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Moon DeviMoon Devi

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Moon Devi05-05-2020*DNL*10

Great session. Her touch was phenomenal and felt very connected.

Moon Devi04-18-2020*JaZe*10

Moon was terrific. My time with her was true bliss. She was very friendly, very easy to converse with. Truly a student of her craft, she went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable. Wonderful woman. I hope to see her again soon.

Moon Devi02-14-2020*RanMa*10

Moon's gaze into my soul sent me spinning on a journey of relaxation and bliss.
Her touch melted the sinews of my body and rejuvenated me. Looking forward to our next session.

Moon Devi02-07-2020*AV*10

Although she is fairly new to the temple, Moon is an accomplished tantrica, fully present and available to tune into what you need to have a wonderful, inspiring session. She has a great sense of humor and puts you at ease with her relaxed, and sweet demeanor. I have been coming to the temple for many years now and Moon is definitely one of my all time favorites. I hope she returns to Marin because she certainly creates a powerful and blissful experience.

Moon Devi01-10-2020*Dia*10

My session with Moon is been the best I had at temple so far, and I have had many! A nd then my second session was even better, I was quite stressed out on the day and all of those worries melted away during our time together. Moon is warm, thoughtful and very connected soul. Looking forward to our time again while she is still in town.

Moon Devi01-01-2020*App*10

Moon was absolutely amazing. One of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences I’ve had. Her touch is soft but firm and she definitely knows what she’s doing! Her personality is as great as her looks too. Really hope to see her again soon. Highly recommend.

Moon Devi12-30-2019*SteT*10

Moon is so lovely and soft. I had an amazing experience with her she led me through a deep meditation on safety and her touch was heavenly.

Moon DeviMoon Devi

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