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Michelle Oshun

Michelle Oshun

  1. Are you a hard worker in need of some deep relaxation?

Look no further.  

You’ve reached one of the Bay Area’s experts at creating nourishing experiences that will refresh your body, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your soul.

Hi there, I’m Michelle Oshun. 

I’m an experienced priestess who is on this planet to bring healing, sweetness, joy, and connection to our busy modern world.

I’m a former techie turned yogini, tantrika, and healer.

You can find me skinny dipping in rivers, communing with redwood trees, cuddling for hours, and frolicking in the ocean.

With over 10 years training and experience in the healing arts, my tantric practice is infused with my experience in: Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Taoist Tantra Healing, Shamanism, Holistic Wellness, and Relationship & Intimacy Coaching.

As a lifelong artist, I consider my sessions to be acts of living art. 

Through combining music, aromatherapy, guided meditation, and bodywork, I create a magical flow and help you drop into deep states of relaxation & bliss, with the feeling of having all the time in the world, floating on a cloud… (Yes, even after a long day at work!)

I offer:

  • Tantra Meditation & Bodywork: TANTRIC ECSTATIC BODYWORK
  • Kundalini Activation Trance Massage: KUNDALINI BLISS MASSAGE

My bodywork sessions may also include...

  • Sound Healing (Tibetan Bowls, Singing, Toning and Chanting, Shamanic Drumming, Tuning Forks) 
  • Guided Meditation and Breathwork
  • Yoga
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Reiki, Energy Healing, Chakra Healing, Aromatherapy
  • AquaTantra (at a private spa)
I also offer several Purely Therapeutic Offerings including:
  • Love, Dating, Relationship & Intimacy Coaching 
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Life Coaching 
  • Eco-Therapy 
  • Tantra Over Tea
  • Cuddle Therapy
  • Private Yoga & Meditation Coaching
  • Somatic Coaching and Counseling
  • Couple's Therapy
  • Women’s Empowerment / Goddess Work
  • Anger Management Counseling
  • Stress Reduction 

Some of these methods are ancient, while others are at the cutting edge, weaving together psychology, neuroscience, and spirituality.

A little more about me..

I'm a bookworm with a Master's Degree who loves to talk philosophy for hours! Let me know if you want to delve into the philosophy of tantra, healing, or spirituality over tea, before a luxurious massage, perhaps? 😉

As a Priestess, I’ve taken the name of a favorite goddess.

Oshun (pronounced “oh-shoon”) is an African goddess of rivers, sensuality, and song, similar to Aphrodite from the Greek tradition.

I specialize in working with:

  • High level executives
  • Up and coming professionals
  • Lone wolves, geeks, techies, and geniuses who want to get as good at feelings and embodiment as they are at coding, finance, or science
  • Serious bad-asses who want a sassy lady who can keep up
  • Singles and couples who are curious to learn about tantra
  • Rites of Passage, Initiation and Ceremonies
  • Spiritual seekers who want help connecting their physicality to their spirituality through the study of Tantra
  • Those have dipped a toe into yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and want to go deeper
  • People in mid-life crisis, or feeling “blah”, over-worked, stressed, or needing a change
  • Folks who want to get off technology and get back to nature more
  • Devoted individuals on a spiritual path 
  • Grief, Loss, Transition, Trauma

Come see me if you are:

  • You're a hard worker at one of our Silicon Valley companies… Having a powerful woman like me by your side will be your secret sauce to maintain your cool in a high-stress professional environment!
  • Wanting to “get the spark back” within yourself or your marriage
  • Simply in need of some TLC!
  • Curious about Somatic Coaching, Cuddle Therapy, Shamanism, Magick, or Energy Healing
  • Interested in deepening your meditation or spiritual practice
  • NOTE: This is a safe space for all people.

If you are feeling drawn to me, it’s probably meant to be…. 

Let’s play! 😉

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Michelle OshunMichelle Oshun

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Michelle Oshun10-19-2019*JaZe*10

I appreciate Michelle being there at a time when I was requiring a much needed break from the stresses of work / home life. She was able to quickly transform my mind and body to a different place allowing me the much needed relaxation. Her beautiful eyes and smile made her easy to connect with. Thanks Michelle for the terrific experience.

Michelle Oshun09-23-2019*WiSol*10

There's nothing else to say except that she gets my highest recommendation. Her work comes from a warm, accepting, loving place. The experience was rich and fulfilling. Many thanks, Michelle, for the experience. 🙂 I will definitely work with you in the future.

Michelle Oshun08-20-2019AlivAl10

I did a Tantric Bodywork session with Michelle. Truly a spiritual experience that's tough to describe in words. Michelle's Shamanic and Tantric experience helped me tap into and release emotions that I believe were from a past life altogether. Clearing up these emotions is helping me progress further spiritually. She has a big heart and is easy to work with. Listens well and has a soft touch. It was more than 2 people interacting and felt like a union that was waiting for a long time. Keep it up Michelle!

Oshun Ishelle12-07-2018*ShaMo*10

Amazing Experience. While in the session i did not realize the subtle changes happening in me. When i came out of the session, i realized i was in a different time and space while in the session. Oshun embodies sweetness, tenderness and genuine care. Her guided meditation is multi dimensional in nature and she puts the whole exercise in right perspective and right context. I was touched when she one of her dialog said, "as we have this wonderful opportunity to be held together in the Divine Space, may the healing energy go from us across Mother Earth." It was an opportunity for me to practice being in the moment and concentrate on breath and shift focus from head to the rest of the body. I highly recommend Oshun to anyone considering Tantra. My gratitude to Oshun and Temple of Bliss Affiliation. Sincerely.

Oshun Ishelle11-09-2018*HB*10

I just received a Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork session with Oshun Ishelle. Words fail me; honestly, it was like a mystical experience – she took me to another realm of being, and I’m still floating there hours later.
This is my third session with Oshun and she astounds me every time with greater depth of healing and more profound sensitivity, helping me connect with my inner self and raise my consciousness and elevate my spirit to a higher plane. If there’s a heaven I want it to be like this!
Please! If you are considering a Tantra massage, or if you are looking for a more evolved spirit to guide you on your spiritual path, book a session with this amazing Dakini.

Oshun Ishelle09-29-2018*HLRML*10

Relationship coaching and spiritual counseling sessions with Oshun are helping me find this new calm I am experiencing. My empathy has become heightened from just a few sessions, and it’s this empathy that is helping me improve on accepting what is going on in my love life, instead of getting spun out and anxious. Even though I'd been working with a therapist for a while, the somatic coaching I'm doing with Oshun is bringing new levels of inner peace.

Oshun Ishelle09-26-2018*BB*10

Truly amazing session with Oshun today. I’ve been coming to the Temple for over 10 years, and this was the experience I’ve been hoping for. Oshun was truly amazing: ultra-present, blissful touch, and a gorgeous person inside & out. Our session has made me re-think what it means to visit the Temple. She connects on a deeper level, and I left with a lot to think about. Amazing combination of playfulness, heart intimacy, and love. Can’t wait to continue working with Oshun.

Oshun Ishelle07-08-2018*DraBo*10

I had a wonderful first time session with Oshun. She is an amazing teacher and put me at ease immediately. The experience was deeply calming and exhilarating at the same time. I left feeling incredibly energized. Thank you Oshun!

Oshun Ishelle07-05-2018*MiDeRo*10

Every review that's been written so far, and all the ways in which Oshun describes herself and her work are entirely accurate. I'm incredibly grateful for her warmth and the ways in which I felt seen via her piercing and compassionate gaze. I look forward to continuing our work.

Oshun Ishelle07-03-2018*anon10

I had an incredible experience with Oshun. She is super loving, caring, evolved, supportive, and powerful. Strongly recommend!

Oshun Regina06-11-2018*WiEy*9

Amazing person, knew how to unlock aspects of my energy that seem dormant in the monotony of daily life. A truly special and gifted person!

Oshun Regina04-06-2018Queen Love

I recently needed a reset massage in the middle of the day while visiting the Los Angeles Temple & Oshun happily obliged. Oshun's touch was gentle, healing and restorative. I'm a fiery go-go-go Type A person, so I wasn't so sure at first about the gentle pressure... but apparently, combined with her silent mojo magic Reiki energy work, I completely unwinded, rebooted and felt completely refreshed. As a person, she's super grounding to be around. Blessings!

Oshun Regina01-03-2018*AV*10

I recently booked a tantric session with Oshun and she was amazingly spontaneous, light-hearted and conversant in the beauty of Tantra. It felt like she took me into a transcendent realm where we melded and a quality of oneness pervaded the session. I strongly suggest you book her for a 90 min tantric session to get the full blissful experience that she delivers. I look forward to her return to Marin.

Oshun Regina11-20-2017*NaP*10

If you haven’t had the sublime pleasure of a tantric session with Oshun Regina(OR), I seriously encourage you to her asap. Simply put, when it comes to an artful touches, OR is in a celestial league of her own. OR provides the extremely pleasurable physical touch that was so tender I believe I lost all conscious thought. An optimal sensory pleasure. But, man, does it feel good. Never before have I been touched with such TLC. I had such a good time the two hours I spent with her the first time. I plan to go again, without a doubt. This lovely woman exudes class. I think I had discovered a real gem. I encourage you to see OR, too. I think you'll be glad you did.

Oshun Regina10-27-2017*Conf*10

...had no idea what to expect. Definitely one of the most profoundly exquisite and precious experiences I've had. Oshun worked tenderly, wisely, skillfully - weaving hands and heart and sound and smells, expertly guiding me to places I'd never been. Soft oceanic ripples and waves, radiant, ecstatic surges melted my deep grief giving way to aliveness and openess and welcoming of my deep wholesome being. Oshun is expert at her craft: I felt secure and welcomed by this Priestess with a down-to-earth, genuine warmth, deep presence and humour. I feel so grateful as I write this....

Oshun Regina10-24-2017*holybapa*10

O my god! What a holy, healing presence! I felt at home and welcomed immediately. This gifted healer instinctively knew what I needed, and gently met me there. She is strong, centered, yet vulnerable and open. What a rare combination. I wouldn't think of seeing someone else. Her gifts have already begun to transform me. I am so grateful for loving energy!

Oshun Regina10-06-2017*ay*10

What an amazing journey with Oshun! This goddess has amazing touch and energy, focusing on your needs and centering you with her amazing breathing and voice...not to mention her beauty in person! Such attention to detail I can't wait to be back.

Michelle OshunMichelle Oshun

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