Maya Celeste

Advanced Tantrika & Teacher

"Tantra promo, If you are established with us but new to Maya or to Tantra, you may book a 90+ tantra session with her at the price of bliss."

Maya Celeste

~Welcome to your awakening~

Maya Celeste

I am so honored you found your way to me to heal and be at ease. It is a true gift to give yourself the opportunity to receive, and remember who you are and what you are capable of. Thank you for sharing this energy with me.

My joy of life, nature and unconditional love as well as my divine healing presence allows me to deeply tune into our sessions together. I will integrate a myriad of techniques acquired from throughout the multiverse for your awakening and expansion. Cleansing and balancing your energy empowers you to let go of past blockages and call in new abundant light, so you leave the temple in a state of clarity, buoyancy and refreshing divine love.

My specialty is Tantra and soul awakenings. I am also a highly qualified body worker for all of your therapeutic and deep tissue needs. My sessions include more in depth verbal processing and love/life coaching, if that is what calls to you. Though I am also still very available for slower, relaxing sessions for you to unwind. Please know that the range of energy activation, nurture and connection is achieved by creating a transformational experience with you, and open to creation.

My sessions infuse my training background of soul and chakra healing reiki, Buddhism, Tantra, holistic healing, love/live coaching, massage therapy (deep and relaxation), traditional Chinese medicine, somatic healing, and a life well lived.

A minimum 90 minute session is encouraged as we have many things to cover. It is a true gift to give yourself the time to drop in deeply and reset. A journey and awakening is available for us all when we are ready to see our paths.


To connect deeper and learn together is a virtuous path for couples to take. I am available for tantra sessions, to teach massage, ongoing coaching and relationship guidance. We will curate sessions to everyone's comfort to provide a safe and loving container. It is a wonderful gift to give each other and the relationship to honor time and energy to learn and share together.


My sessions are open and encouraged especially for women. Trust that you are in a safe space and you are free to explore, release trauma, and be vulnerable in an environment created for healing and growth. This is an amazing experience to be witnessed and appreciated. It is a wonderful way to be seen without expectation or pre-programmed notions of judgement or unworthiness. It is a great gift to give yourself and suitable to accommodate a range of needs, from a self care day and all the way to ongoing trauma therapy practice.

~*~ I look forward to our sessions together ~*~

In gratitude and kindness,
Maya Celeste

I am available for Men, Women and Couples:

~Tantra: body/spirit activation, soul healing, divinity sourcing and destined awakenings, breathwork, chanting, singing bowls, affirmations and guidance
~Purely Therapeutic: trauma and talk therapy, massage, energy work, love/life coaching, somatic healing, cupping and gua sha
~Many other session style options are available upon discussion and request, the possibilities are limitless to what we can achieve!

~Akashic Records reader
~Love and Relationship coach
~A decade of ongoing intentional ceremony, alchemy, Reiki, celestial guidance, breathwork, meditation
~9 years of Mahayana Buddhist practice, accompanied by Bodhisattva vows and Vipassana meditation.
~5 years of massage, Chinese medicine, alternative bodywork therapy and personal training
~4 years certified holistic health coach, vegan chef, nutrition and health workshop facilitation and coaching
~9 years of ceremony, sweat lodges, cacao ceremony, shamanistic healing, all of the occult and outer space
~10+ years of worldy travel of culture, humanity and nature. A mystically born mermaid, but a dweller and enjoyer of all the earth has to offer
~Workshop w Charles Muir in Santa Monica ~ 2017
~Over 4 years temple experience and devotion

Maya Celeste

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Maya Celeste05-09-2019*Kigi*10

Maya is a loving and caring soul who disarms you with her kindness instantly. With Maya you know you are accepted, loved, and affirmed as you are. Maya is a wonderful soul and healer, highly recommended!

Maya Celeste05-02-2019Luxy10

Maya is an incredibly gifted healer. I felt extremely fortunate to receive a deep body work and energy work session with her which completely calmed my nervous system and allowed me fully connect with my body. She easily found the blockages and trauma that I was holding and guided me into surrender. She created a safe container for my feminine energy and expansion. Ladies, if you want to open, transform, heal and grow then I can not recommend this beautiful woman enough.

Maya Celeste04-11-2019*LM*10

Maya was absolutely perfect!! Exactly what I was hoping for. She was so tender and sensitive and created an environment where I felt completely safe & beautiful. She was knowledgeable and guided me through an incredible session! I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in having Maya as your therapist!

Maya Celeste03-29-2019*TWC*10

Maya is beautiful and a massage magician. My 90 minutes with Maya was a blissful experience.

Maya Celeste01-21-2019*OceP*10

After learning about the incredible world of tantra through my own experiences with public workshops, I was curious about receiving a guide to go deeper with my training. Maya was absolutely incredible. I opted for a 2 hour session-- which I have to recommend; you cannot rush this-- that started with us talking about setting intentions and moved into meditation and breath work. Our time together sent me into outer space and she was the perfect guide, offering support, care, and the wisdom to help me land safely back to earth. It was better than I expected and reiterated to me how important tantra can be for our souls. I definitely recommend seeing her.

Maya Celeste09-27-2018*KG*10

Maya is made of light, she has very strong healing energy which immediately made me feel comfortable. The key is to recognize the piety Maya represents and reach out with pure intent and Maya pours her heart into supporting your healing and growth. I have become happier, healthier and much more focused since I have been working with her. Maya is an amazing therapist. A beautiful soul, indeed. A talent so unique deserves to be cherished.

Maya Celeste08-29-2018*Ta*10

Maya is a kind nurturing therapist who creates a safe space for you. I agree with the review below, ladies you should treat yourself to a session with Maya. This was an intense lovely experience!

Maya Celeste05-24-2018*LeN*10

Maya takes you to an unforgettable tantric experience! Amazing woman immaculately gorgeous. Will definitely come back for more!

Maya Celeste04-17-2018*LZ*10

Ladies, treat yourself. Maya is kind, intuitive, open hearted and minded. You will never feel safer or freer than when she’s massaging you. Trust me. Try it!

Maya Celeste02-10-2018*Jo*10

Maya is beautiful , gentle , loving and oh so tender . I had a session with Maya ... purely heaven ... it felt like making love ...but with an angel ... something not of this earth ... Maya’s touch is so loving and gentle and tender ...and she does it with her heart ...I am definitely coming back for more!

Maya Celeste01-09-2018*ChSu*10

I made a connection with Maya right away. Her energy and warmth is infectious. I can't wait for my next session.

Maya Celeste01-02-2018*LeRy*10

My session with Maya was incredible. We shared a true closeness that I have not had with others. All around beautiful woman. She has unforgettable touch, very compassionate, sharing, sweet, like the best girl next door. Can't wait to come back for more

Maya Celeste12-19-2017*DonoV*9

I have been to 18 different Therapists and Maya was the first I returned to.

Maya Celeste11-13-2017*MrMon*10

Maya is awesome. She is the real deal. She was intuitive and open hearted. She is also incredibly pretty and a talented healer. I would go out of my way to see her again. I literally cannot say enough words to paint an accurate picture of how special Maya truly is. You will not regret your session with her.

Maya Celeste11-20-2016*mikn*10

Sessions with Maya are one of my favorite ways to spend the day. I was lucky enough to meet her this summer and have been coming back regularly ever since. She is fun, attentive, strong and soft. She knows just what to do to make me feel incredible. I can't recommend her enough!

Maya Celeste09-07-2016*DanG*10

I thought that I had been with the best the temple had until today.......I spent three remarkable hours with Maya. Clearly a most wonderful amazing experience. Words can not explain the wonderful time we had.

Maya Celeste07-30-2016David P.10

Maya is a dialed-in daikini! Not only gorgeous and graceful, she embodies the spirit of the Temple's deepest intentions to create new neural pathways to inner acceptance and bliss. She has trained in various arts and methods, but her core intuition ultimately guides her sessions to bring out an immense joy and sense of connection. We are blessed to have her spreading her magic and great gifts.

Maya Celeste06-12-2016*D07*10

Maya is an extremely warm and loving soul. Her aura radiates peace and her touch embodies love. Maya's session took me far away from my everyday cares and she made me feel very special! Maya is a very talented and gifted young lady. It was an honor to spend time with you - thank you!

Maya Celeste06-10-2016*SPY*10

My session with Maya was a beautiful, powerful, and awesome experience. She has a beautiful soul, a warm heart, and a tender and reassuring touch, which created a beautiful aura during our time together. She was simply awesome with the guided and peaceful journey that she took me through, weaving in breathing, a loving touch, and thoughtful questions about what I was looking for from the session. I still can feel the moments that we had together, and I will definitely be scheduling another session with her! I left our session feeling peaceful and excited, all at the same time – just like a dolphin playing gracefully in the ocean. Words cannot describe her beauty and her awesomeness!

Maya Celeste04-11-2016*Mks*10

I had a fantastic experience with Maya. Strong, CMT quality massage. She is totally down to earth and very friendly. I could not recommend more.

Maya Celeste04-04-2016*GreLo*10

If you haven’t had the sublime pleasure of a tantric session with Maya Celeste, I seriously encourage you to do something about that. I mean like, right now. Simply put, when it comes to an artful massage, Maya is in a celestial league of her own. She is that good. I came to realize that after my sixth or seventh experience, with Maya providing the extremely pleasurable physical touch that was so tender I believe I lost all conscious thought. Like, WOW! She gives you the ride of your life, it’s almost too much pleasure to take. It’s like you’re on sensory overload. But, man, does it feel good. Never before have I been touched with such TLC as I was those two days by Maya. Yes, that’s right. I had such a good time the two hours I spent with her the first day that I went back the next day for another hour and let me tell you, it was just as good. This lovely woman exudes class; you owe it to yourself to read her bio. As a writer, I know what to give little credence to in bios and reviews (too many adjectives, for one thing). But with her bio, I was intrigued by the end of the first paragraph. By the end of the third, I was hooked. I knew I had to meet this lady. And once I did, I found I had discovered a real gem. I encourage you to give Maya a try, too. I think you'll be glad you did.

Maya Celeste04-03-2016*Chap*10

I came to visit Maya on a visit from the East Coast a couple of months ago. Maya is beautiful and strong. She is a grounded and intuitive healer, both physically and energetically. Her massage was deep and skillful. She framed the session and held the space, allowing me to focus on my intentions for healing. If you're looking for a healing and transformative experience, you'll want to see Maya.

Maya Celeste03-24-2016*LV*10

'Maya' - the name itself means 'magic'; and so is her touch. She is very beautiful, yet her true radiance comes from her serene composure. I still can't believe this. I went in with a racing cynical mind and got transformed into a positively blissful energetic man. It was a transcending experience. Her technique is impeccable; a unique blend of multiple practices to create simply nothing but 'art'. And most of all, it just works - because she's foremost a genuinely amazing human being. Looking forward to see her again sometime.

Maya Celeste03-11-2016*davpo*10

Beautiful and caring, Maya is an extraordinary daikini - graceful, experienced, radiating warmth. Her youth disguises the wisdom and power within her.

Maya Celeste02-16-2016*QL*10

This is Shivakti... I had seen Maya's pictures before meeting her today, and they did not create the image in my mind of who this lovely woman is that I had the honor to meet & spend time with today. I had to pull out my iphone and offer a spontaneous photo shoot, in attempt to capture a glimpse or glimmer of her true beauty and essence... After which, I asked for a massage as I have been working with an injury in my body for awhile now. Holy Love, YES... she is tuned in, sensitive enough to listen with her hands, yet strong and deep enough to take me to the edge with her pressure in just the right places, having me tighten and then uncoil in the surrender & the opening. One hour was simply a tasty appetizer. I look forward to a much longer session as she is truly gifted.

Maya Celeste

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