Mallika Dakini

Originally from the land of Temples, India herself. My devotion runs deep like the Ganges.

Mallika Dakini

Mallika Dakini

Originally from the land of Temples, India herself. My devotion runs deep like the Ganges.

I welcome you to the Temple sanctuary... a place of complete rejuvenation, compassion and unlimited bliss. Here, all things are sacred; the mind, body and spirit are embraced with sensitivity and genuine care.

I offer my divine presence and loving energy to those who seek it. Allow me to awaken and inspire you . . . I'm a holistic health and wellness coach who enjoys giving people love, a safe place to be who they are and let go of all the negativity and stress in their life.

Make yourself at home and escape the world. Guided by our breath, sacred touch and sounds, let us nurture and explore the edges of your sensory limitations, while entering a state of heavenly flow, expanding your capacity for pleasure. Let's enjoy our present moments in a sacred loving Temple space.



-Received a Beginning Tantra initiation with Shanti Maya

Mallika DakiniMallika Dakini

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Mallika Dakini 10-13-2018 *HK* 10

Simply mesmerizing! My only regret is that I should have chosen 120 minutes of Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork with Mallika rather than the 90 I opted for. It is so simple to get lost in her gaze and loving presence. Best tantra experience I have had, bar none

Mallika Dakini 08-06-2018 *Sri* 10

I had no idea what to expect when I came in for my session. I just knew that I wanted to feel happy, whole & loved. Mallika made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I felt so connected. Something that hasn’t happened in years. I have always kept my emotions to myself and have felt scared to feel. In the room with her during the session I managed to share my deepest heart. I walked out feeling so so wholesome. I can’t begin to thank her enough.

Mallika Dakini 04-28-2018 *Rosha* 10

Awesome session with a beautiful and kind woman. Mallika is an old soul whose spirituality is evident in her calm demeanor, radiant smile and sensitive touch. She led me through a series of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques all the while maintaining her focus on my needs. It’s sounds corny but I felt loved in those moments. I’ve already returned 2x. Highly recommended.

Mallika Dakini 04-26-2018 *EaK* 10

I saw Mallika and I want to recommend her to others. Her approach was very thoughtful, engaging, and connected. The use of breathing, oils/scents, touch, and sound make for a complete experience. I was taken out of the day to day hustle to a completely relaxing all-encompassing experience. It was both as if time stood still and also passed quickly. What a wonderful experience!

Mallika Dakini 03-22-2018 *RInd* 10

Had a session with Mallika recently. It was am incredible experience with her. Every touch of hers was truly magical. I don't think i had such an amazing session with anyone in the recent times. She was very accommodating especially with my last minute TantraTies session request. I'll recommend her to anyone who's looking for a healing.

Mallika Dakini 02-21-2018 *mrr* 10

Mallika provided a fantastic loving and relaxing experience, surreal. It was my first time experimenting with Tantra and I am grateful that it was with Mallika. She is a skilled and a caring professional! I highly recommend and would most definatle repeat.

Mallika Dakini 11-28-2017 *Fra* 10

I had the most magical session with Mallika. She is even more gorgeous in person and her amazing touch and soothing voice gave me kundalini shivers and total bliss. She is the real deal, a seasoned dakini. Don't miss a session with this goddess.

Mallika Dakini 10-11-2017 *AFor* 8

Had my session with Mallika and it was an awesome experience. Her calm melodious voice had a relaxing effect on me. Her touch was magic. I felt i was interacting with Goddess Durga. Will definitely have another session with her soon.

Mallika Dakini 09-09-2017 *QL* 9

Brand new to the Temple, yet her essence is so magical, ancient & familiar. She has me thinking of past beautiful Indian Queens: Meerabai, Sita Devi of Baroda, Maharani Gayatri Devi... Mallika Dakini is a beautiful & classical woman, feminine and curvy, with a melodic voice. Her touch is nurturing, present, intentional, medium pressure & sensual. A very relaxing experience.

Mallika DakiniMallika Dakini

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