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Originally from India, the land of Temples and where Tantra was born...

I invite you to let me guide you to a place of pure consciousness... where body, mind, and spirit merge with the bliss of Holy Love.

Growing up in India, I have always honored the power of connection, feeling the natural inclination to heal through love. It is my calling to cherish and nurture every part of you, inside and out. With my highly intuitive nature I gauge your needs and desires -- with my soft, feminine energy, strong presence and touch, I elevate your being.

When I arrived at the Temple of Bliss nearly two years ago, I knew I had found the perfect place to share, and expand, my gifts. For most of my life I have been working to understand the powerful interplay of body and mind. I earned a degree in Psychology from Delhi University, and after, became a certified Health and Wellness coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. Expanding on my desire to heal, I returned to India to receive my Reiki Level I certification from Reiki Master Sujata Malik.

Further, I have become skilled in Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT Tapping (this is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues -- focused on clearing emotional blockages underlying the areas of your life that seek improvement). Throughout my loving session I weave elements from all of these modalities together, as we unlock your greatest bliss. I provide a safe container for you to expand to new horizons, opening to your fullest expression.

I offer the Body of Bliss Kundalini Massage, Tantric Bodywork, Tantra Ties, as well as Bliss or Tantra for Couples -- connect with me so we can determine the session that best suits your journey.

Temple Experience:

- 3 years as Temple dakini

- Participated in 6+ Temple Workshop/Circles

- Tantra initiation by a Temple Teacher

I look forward to guiding you to blissfulness and serenity.

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Had a wonderful time with this skilled, warm therapist.


Sep 1st, 2021

I had a wonderful experience with Mallika, who understood my stress and helped me get rid of it. Highly recommended.


Apr 19th, 2021

Her personality and energy is unmatched. From beginning to end, I felt at complete peace and almost thought I was in a new place when the session was complete. Definitely one of a kind experience.


Sep 1st, 2020

It was a pleasure to see Mallika. She was amazing and better than what I expected. She is very pretty in person and she was immensely invested in me during the session which I always longed for. I am looking forward to see her again and I believe I have more amazing experiences to look forward to in our future sessions


Mar 6th, 2020

Malika is beautiful. She creates a very loving and comfortable setting and her skills are amazing. her massage skills are off the charts. She is beautiful and a very loving presence. Will most definitely repeat!


Feb 25th, 2020

I am wondering from where shall I begin.. I tried TantrA massage for the first time and it was an awesome experience with Mallika.. Very courteous behavior coupled with seductive eyes.. i would definitely want to schedule more appointments in the future


Feb 6th, 2020

I am very fortunate to have picked this amazing Tantra Goddess to calm me and de stress my world, Her softness and calming strokes are just heavenly. Thank you Your time will be well spent.


Jan 16th, 2020

She deserves more than 10 stars. My session with Mallika was a dream come true as she took care of very minute things and provided personal touches as needed. See her to experience heaven.


Sep 25th, 2019

Mallika is absolutely extraordinary. Everything about her put me in a trance of calm, inner peace and pleasure. It starts with her amazingly soulful eyes, which she has an unexplained power to "see" who you are and what you need. Her voice speaks like an angel. After being mesmerized by her look, Mallika's careful and loving touch washed away the pressure and tension built-up both emotionally and physically. I felt cleansed and blissful. Her hands truly have the power to heal. She is one of the most beautiful people i have ever met both inside and out. In a word, Mallika is stunning.


Sep 22nd, 2019

Mallika is a stunner and will mesmerizing you with her charm and massage. I Choose her always.


Sep 19th, 2019

This review will not do the justice until you visit her. I have seen her 4 times now. Mallika is undoubtedly the best and most stunning that I have ever met; honestly i visit only to see her. She is very beautiful in person. Her sessions are completely mesmerizing and rejuvenating. It wouldn't be wrong to say that i have become regular at the temple to see her.

Keep up the good work


Sep 4th, 2019

This review is long overdue. I saw Mallika for a session when she was visiting the San Francisco temple.I’ve been going to the temple for years but this goddess is undoubtedly the best and most stunning that I have ever met. Her photos do not do her justice. She has this way about her that is completely mesmerizing and her session is truly healing and rejuvenating. I have been waiting for her to come back to California but no luck yet. At this point, I may have to make a trip to NY just to see her. Mallika- thank you for being so beautiful inside and out.



Jul 19th, 2019

As soon as I entered the temple, I felt like I just came home. Seeing Mallika for the first time in person and just simply hearing her greeting in her cool calm voice, before even starting I thought to myself "this may be the most enchanting woman I've ever met."

Getting into the Tantra practice and afterwards this is the most relaxed I have been in over a decade. I entered back into the world with new eyes and a aura of positivity that I would never have had if I never saw Mallika. I 100% recomend her to anyone who wants a life changing experience. I will definitely be returning to see her soon.


Apr 15th, 2019

Mallika was just what I needed - loving therapeutic massage, guidance and practices I could take home to learn more. I've seen a few people at Temple of Bliss, and it's safe to say Mallika is the most present and authentic I've met. The session was truly out of this world, and she took me places others have not been able to bring me. I found myself confessing some deep desires and experiencing amazing, full body experience as I eased into a new mode of being.


Mar 4th, 2019

It was truly an experience that went beyond the normal senses.
She makes you feel like you are a god and she is a goddess. Mallika is a spiritual being who takes you beyond. I recommend her very strongly.


Dec 14th, 2018

Simply mesmerizing! My only regret is that I should have chosen 120 minutes of Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork with Mallika rather than the 90 I opted for. It is so simple to get lost in her gaze and loving presence. Best tantra experience I have had, bar none


Oct 13th, 2018

I had no idea what to expect when I came in for my session. I just knew that I wanted to feel happy, whole & loved. Mallika made me feel so at ease and comfortable. I felt so connected. Something that hasn’t happened in years. I have always kept my emotions to myself and have felt scared to feel. In the room with her during the session I managed to share my deepest heart. I walked out feeling so so wholesome. I can’t begin to thank her enough.


Aug 6th, 2018

Awesome session with a beautiful and kind woman. Mallika is an old soul whose spirituality is evident in her calm demeanor, radiant smile and sensitive touch. She led me through a series of breathing exercises and relaxation techniques all the while maintaining her focus on my needs. It’s sounds corny but I felt loved in those moments. I’ve already returned 2x. Highly recommended.


Apr 28th, 2018

I saw Mallika and I want to recommend her to others. Her approach was very thoughtful, engaging, and connected. The use of breathing, oils/scents, touch, and sound make for a complete experience. I was taken out of the day to day hustle to a completely relaxing all-encompassing experience. It was both as if time stood still and also passed quickly. What a wonderful experience!


Apr 26th, 2018

Had a session with Mallika recently. It was am incredible experience with her. Every touch of hers was truly magical. I don't think i had such an amazing session with anyone in the recent times. She was very accommodating especially with my last minute TantraTies session request. I'll recommend her to anyone who's looking for a healing.


Mar 22nd, 2018

Mallika provided a fantastic loving and relaxing experience, surreal. It was my first time experimenting with Tantra and I am grateful that it was with Mallika. She is a skilled and a caring professional! I highly recommend and would most definatle repeat.


Feb 21st, 2018

I had the most magical session with Mallika. She is even more gorgeous in person and her amazing touch and soothing voice gave me kundalini shivers and total bliss. She is the real deal, a seasoned dakini. Don't miss a session with this goddess.


Nov 28th, 2017

Had my session with Mallika and it was an awesome experience. Her calm melodious voice had a relaxing effect on me. Her touch was magic. I felt i was interacting with Goddess Durga. Will definitely have another session with her soon.


Oct 11th, 2017

Brand new to the Temple, yet her essence is so magical, ancient & familiar. She has me thinking of past beautiful Indian Queens: Meerabai, Sita Devi of Baroda, Maharani Gayatri Devi... Mallika Dakini is a beautiful & classical woman, feminine and curvy, with a melodic voice. Her touch is nurturing, present, intentional, medium pressure & sensual. A very relaxing experience.


Sep 9th, 2017


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