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I am Magdalena Muse and it is my pleasure to meet you wherever you are.

My passions in professional practice of culinary arts, skin and body care, sacral movement and wellness are woven together to bring forth a unique and memorable experience that will leave you feeling joyfully energized.

My intuitive hands understand the needs of your body while my heart and mind tend to the desires of your soul.
I am here to bear witness to your brilliance and to remind you that our legacies flourish when we allow ourselves to continue releasing guilt and shame while surrendering to allow pure love to be our guide.
Radiant well being, ecstatic presence and confidence are the gifts I humbly inspire through my touch, breath, intention, integrative lifestyle practices, creative expression, and loving kind truth telling.
My multi dimensional skill set lends itself well to an All Day Tantric Spiritual Journey where we can spend hours drinking from the cup of the eternal now, creating energetic imprints that will be cherished by us both for a lifetime.
It is my wish that you feel cared for and held by the Goddess herself and it is my calling to be a vessel for her so you may experience her caring and loving arms through me.
May you be transformed and elevated such that you also pleasurably meet yourself wherever you are in any moment, remembering that you are the love you seek.
The Institute of Integrated Nutrition
Esthetician License
Eight Years Dancing
Professional Plant-based Chef
Crystal Healing
3 years Sacred Temple Bodywork experience

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I had a doubles session with Magdalena and Jaya Rose. It was amazing. Magdalena took the lead and gave me some legit shiatsu and deep tissue. She has an amazing presence and beautiful aura. Here pictures here do not do her justice. I will definitively be booking again!


Jun 25th, 2022

THIS woman Rocks! Full-body YES! While I am “all about the bliss”, there is nothing more ecstatic than having every muscle and tissue caressed, massaged and all tension wrung out like a tube of toothpaste. This woman is sincere, strong, loving and a playful firecracker. She’s absolutely one of my new favourites. She hasn’t been with us long, so she does not have too many testimonials yet, but her massage stands shoulder to shoulder with the most highly reviewed therapists here. I highly recommend.

*Queen Love*

May 4th, 2022

I’ve had a number of wonderful experiences at the temple, but my session with Magdalena was far and away the best. Her background in dance shines through her fluid movements. There wasn’t a single moment that felt mechanical. Every second was perfection. Not only was she a skilled virtuoso, but her massage was spectacular! I am truly walking on air after our time together, and I will make time to see her as often as I can. Truly one of a kind!


Apr 19th, 2022

I had my first experience at the temple with Magdalena. Truly a wonderful experience. Incredible energy, touch, and down to earth. Also gorgeous. She embodies all aspects of what being a healer means. Came back again. Can’t recommend enough. Made it totally relaxed and comfortable.


Aug 18th, 2019

A true delight that Magdalena has joined our collective. I knew from the first moment with her I had met a kindred spirit. Her rhythmic flow of tantric healings mixed with a bomb massage and garnished with her eloquence as a dancer really brings the entire experience together. I was swept off into another time and space where all was well in the world. Take the time to book a session with Magdalena and trust that she will soothe your body and soul.


Jul 31st, 2019

Great massage. Beautiful inside and out. Enjoyed every minute of it. Very easy and fun to talk to. You will not regret. The best yet



Jul 29th, 2019


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