Luxy Star

Advanced Tantrika & Teacher

"If you are looking for a wonderful exploration of tantra and massage with amazing results call here."

Luxy Star

Established Temple Advanced Tantric Dakini 8 years!

Luxy Star

Hello Divine Seeker,

Tantra in Sanskrit means “to weave or loom”. Threads of traditions, rituals, teachings, and techniques are intertwined into a practice that allows you to be in full relationship with life. Allow me to guide you first into your body; activating your awareness of here and now and expanding your senses through deep conscious breathing, guided meditation, shamanic temple bodywork, and soul gazing. This is a safe container to fully drop in and connect.

You are free to share your intentions, deepest desires, dreams and fears so that we may begin to unravel your mystery and I can honor and meet you where you are. No experience with Tantra or yoga is necessary, but if you have mastered the basics and would like to explore deeper, please let me know!

A tantric life celebrates the duality of light and dark, positive and negative, feminine and masculine, spirit and matter, the divine and the devotee. They are not separate, but instead, coexist harmoniously. Together we will weave a sacred tapestry of spirituality, healing, and energy balancing and exchange. I look forward to creating with you!

Kundalini Bliss and Tantric Bodywork:

I work with men, women, couples, non-binary, people with disabilities, groups, and all orientations.

Additional Offerings:

Hot Stone and gem massage~Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage or added to Bliss/Tantra

In this session I will use smooth hot stones and chakra balancing and opening gemstones on specific points along the spine, palms of your hands, and belly, to relax sore tense muscles and improve the flow of energy in your body. This session can be added on to any bliss or Tantra session or can be a stand alone offering depending on your needs.

Trauma Touch Therapy and Shamanic Healing~Purely Therapeutic Spa Massage or added to Bliss/Tantra

Trauma is any event that overwhelms the body’s natural ability to adjust and cope. Often, when confronted by an experience so stunning, we are forced to disconnect from our bodies.  This session is a non-invasive, client-centered offering which combines light touch, guided meditation, sound healing, and tantric teachings to dissipate the traumatic charge in the body and restore peace and calm. This is a safe container for emotional release and letting go so that you can fully integrate and find your power and autonomy over your own body and your life.

Couples Intimacy Coaching and Tantric Awakening~

This is an offering for couples who are wanting to explore the practice of tantra together over three or more extended sessions. It is a way to take the rituals and teachings of tantra home for further expansion and exploration and return back to share your experiences as you grow and learn.  These sessions are catered to your specific needs and desires.

Love and Luxury,
Luxy Star

Tantra Advanced Therapist & TantraBond

Tantra Workshops with Psalm Isadora, Kundalini Yoga Workshops with Psalm Isadora, Trained & worked alongside Luna Lauren for 5 years, Tantra Workshop with Triambika, Multiple Tantric trainings with Shivakti Shaktiva, Tantric workshop with Destin Gerrik, Bondassage Training with Jaeleen, Shamanic Temple Bodywork Training with Shivakti Shaktiva, Multiple Tantric Doubles with Many Five-Star Dakinis over the past 7+ years, Energy & Healing Workshops @ The House of Intuition & I have held workshops & trained others in to the Tantric Arts.

TESTIMONIALS: (Note: I had many Temple Testimonials but left several years ago so the website no longer had them available to repost)

Luxy Star

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Luxy Star05-09-2019*Papu*10

Amidst the beauty and divinity, lies a bright spark that emerges from this Star. Luxy allowed me to surf waves of energy through her kind, empathetic, and peaceful aura. The feeling of her touch engendered clarity and tranquility that arose from blissful nirvana. She is filled with so much love that it radiates from her essence and gave me nothing but pure feelings. I felt as if I was gifted a lasting moment of connection and gratitude for being transcended with her light.

Luxy Star03-25-2019*Gan*10

it is hard to know what to say, my appointment with Luxy was magical, she is pure love. There was something in how she reflected me to me that changed how I saw myself, it stays with me. Above all she is a healer and her tool is love. Hope you are so blessed to have it bestowed on you.

Luxy Star01-27-2019*TC*10

Wow! From the moment I entered the temple, Luxy made me feel at ease. Her soft touch relaxed me like never before, and she slowly but surely relieved much of the tension I walked in with. I left the temple relaxed and wishing I could come back every day.

Luxy Star12-06-2018*GV*10

From the first hug, I knew that I had found in Luxy someone who knew. I didn't have to say a word: she just sensed what I needed. Her love energy filled my cup to overflowing. I found myself letting go of accumulated stress beyond my what was in my conscious awareness. I honestly need a prescription for the healing she offers.

Luxy Star10-04-2018*TG4*10

There is no one like her. She blow me away. She is so very beautiful, sweet, and a pleasure to experience.

Luxy Star09-19-2018*TA*10

I want to first say, the temple is a great place to visit, clean, respectful and full of great healers.. That being said, I have now seen Luxy 3 times and she is very warm and lovely.. Her touch, her energy, her personality, the TASTE in music and that warm amazing smile.. when you leave the building you may come back up and ask for a second hour.. LOVELY LOVELY GIRL.

Luxy Star09-07-2018*JJ*10

An intuitive and beautiful being, Luxy opens an unparalleled experience with her smile and positive energy. From the first welcome to the warm and guiding session she is one of the best goddesses that will make your body melt and leave you feeling a rejuvenated bliss.

Luxy Star08-01-2018*MB*10

I immediately got a great vibe from Luxy as soon as I laid eyes on her, warm, friendly, soulful... It was an amazing session with a wonderful therapist who I will definitley be seeing again. I can think of no better way to spend an hour and a half for self care.

Luxy Star05-24-2018*KuliK*10

I have seen Luxy many times and each time it seems to get better and better. She has the most wonderful touch in the world. Her ability to relax both your mind and body is honestly second to none. The entire experience is truly amazing.

Luxy Star01-24-2018*AH*10

Amazing time!! I was tingling for hours. Luxy is the sweetest, ball of energy and sunshine. I had my first Tantric experience and I am so glad it was with Luxy. I will definitely see her again. Better than any therapy session. Thank you Luxy!!!

Luxy Star01-09-2018*ChSu*10

An absolute joy of a person. Beautiful, fun and wonderful. So lucky to have met her.

Luxy Star11-28-2017*BoX*10

Meeting Luxy was a breath of fresh air. Within moments, I felt like I had known her for years. I was comfortable, I was calm, I was peaceful...arrive with baggage, you'll forget it in no time. Arrive with a smile, and she'll make sure you wear that smile for days. She is truly a master at her craft. I've ever experienced anything like the short time we spent together. Her touch is addicting, and I will be back for more! Thank you Luxy!

Luxy Star11-02-2017*Nk*10

Luxy is an amazing therapist she has a wonderful touch and guides you with your breathing, she deepens the experience on such a beautiful level, will be going back for more sooner than later

Luxy Star07-27-2017*Mikten*10

10 stars does not come even close to rating my sessions with Luxy. She is a rockstar. I leave every session feeling amazing. It's like being smothered in awesomeness.

Luxy Star07-12-2017*NinTu*10

Delightful, magical, profound, spiritual, peaceful, exciting, relaxing, intense. Word don't do justice to describe the experience with Luxy.
Let her take you on a journey, an adventure.
As her name says, she's a STAR!

Luxy Star06-15-2017*LA*10

Before booking with Luxy: I read ALL her reviews. All are SPOT ON!! She welcomed me with open arms. The massage was so relaxing and the most AMAZING ever! Luxy is the BEST! I have previously been to the Oakland Temple in NorCal, and NONE of those Dakinis can hold a candle to Luxy. Ill be back for sure.

Luxy Star05-14-2017*Tm*10

Luxy is so much more than a tantric masseuse. She is a teacher and a healer. The first minute that I connected with her, I knew that she was different. Her energy and kind eyes instantly settled me and I knew that this was going to be a lady that I could feel safe to explore with. I have been with her several times now and will continue to work with her because she continues to create a safe container for me to open and explore who I am as a man. I would be remise in not mentioning that she is stunning and embodies the divine feminine. Her photos underplay her beauty and the loving energy that she brings to our sessions. I could not recommend her highly enough.

Luxy Star04-11-2017*AK*10

I actually called the wrong number when Luxy picked up and boy was I glad. She made me feel instantly at home and she guided me through the entire appointment with such a friendly and beautiful presence. The energy I felt flowing through my body during and after the session was so intense that it brought up a lot of old emotions and pain that I am currently working through. I was in awe after our session and I felt so open and at peace. People definitely noticed. Let Luxy show you the love and peace that is already in you. I can't recommend her enough.

Luxy Star03-11-2017*PaR*10

Luxy is a wonderful burst of positive energy with amazing hands. When I arrived I was in the middle of a terrible, stressful day. With in seconds she calmed me and put me at ease. Our session was wonderfully intense, relaxing and exhilarating. Thank you!

Luxy Star02-10-2017*GA*10

My massage with Luxy, my first tantric experience, was ecstatic. She was welcoming and sweet but also took me to a truly deep place. It was touch I have never experienced before. I look forward to my next opportunity to spend time with her.

Luxy Star11-22-2016*Lipri*10

Very nice and welcoming person and wonderful initation to tantric

Luxy Star11-02-2016*PB*10

Luxy is really someone special. The light that shines through her eyes and her smile is captivating, her touch is wonderful and her massage is exquisite.
I'll certainly be back, I feel there is much I can learn from her.

Luxy Star09-01-2016*Bran*10

Wow, just wow. I don't think I've ever felt so alive before. She uses her sublime touch to caress you into a blissful state of nirvana. Luxy has a wonderful gift to make you feel like you just had the best vacation ever. She will guide you on a physical and spiritual journey that without her breathing exercises would take your breath away. I hope to spend more time with Luxy soon.

Luxy Star08-25-2016*Bask*10

Luxy has a gift that I can't find enough superlatives to describe. She gorgeous yes, but her touch is magic. I have a high stress job and am generally high strung as a result. She has a way of turning that stress into equal levels of euphoria. It completely resets me... and it's addicting in the best way possible. Thanks for being amazing at what you do!

Luxy Star06-08-2016*MF*10

Luxy is so beautiful, in every aspect of her being. She is a Goddess and a beautiful gift to the world. She channels the divine in such a powerful way. She is so nurturing, loving, and empowering! I'm infinitely grateful and will definitely be seeing her again soon.

Luxy Star05-10-2016*Jedi*10

Luxy is simply a transcendant force of nature, somehow contained in a gracious, generous, and engagingly beautiful person. She has opened worlds of ecstatic knowledge to me that I had only heard stories of, but never experienced. As a guide, a companion, and a dream, there is no one better.

Luxy Star04-28-2016*kirich*10

intuitive, empathetic, delicious-- better every visit!!

Luxy Star04-10-2016*Duca*10

Words do little to describe the time spent with Luxy. She is beautiful, and intuitive and made the experience one I won't soon forget.

Luxy Star03-14-2016*tig4*10

Absolutely wonderful in every respect. She combines the physical and the spiritual. Her touch is extraordinary chasing away all of your pains and leaving you refreshed. Her attitude is spiritual. She makes you feel good about yourself, which might be a more important thing to achieve than physical comfort. She is truly great. Do not miss a chance to meet such a person. She will make you feel as if you wish you could have her all to yourself forever.

Luxy Star02-20-2016*W.L.*10

A heavenly light manifested in human touch; She is Aphrodite of the Rock Olympus, Oshun of the Water, Bai Mudan the White Peony Fairy upon the wind, Isis of the sand. The dream of Satine of the Moulin Rouge is incarnated in the reality of Luxy Star.

Luxy Star02-17-2016*Clo*10

Once again she is incredible. Best session I ever had.

Luxy Star11-12-2015*WillLo*10

My time with Luxy Star was my enticing introduction to the deeply satisfying experiences discovered through "The Temple". With a natural, warm energy she embraced my body and being; I coalesced with her lovely lithe form and the large encompassing presence bathed upon me from within her.

I am deeply joyful she has returned to The Temple and look forward to enjoying the privilege of more sessions together.

Luxy Star09-16-2015*Cl0*10

I remember Luxy from 4 years ago. She was the first experience I had at the temple and by far one of the best. I can't wait to reconnect with her soon. Amazing Tantra experience. She has a touch that is pure energy and leaves you so overwhelmingly satisfied that you are lost in the clouds. Simply amazing.

Luxy Star11-10-2014*LX*10

 Luxy's pics instantly caught my eye. She has a very fresh, hip look, but there was also something about her eyes that made me pick up the phone. She answered and was upbeat and just had an overall positive vibe to her. I read her menu and we discussed it briefly. She suggested I go with the bliss massage to start, and if I wanted to try tantra we could do that next time. Great idea! We set up a time and I went to her very hip contemporary loft in Downtown LA. Be warned: her voice is sweet, but pales in comparison to her will want to have this girl put her hands on you, heavenly divine.

Luxy StarLuxy Star

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