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Leela Suri

Leela Suri

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Wow! Leela is amazing. She’s absolutely beautiful and equally a sweet person. She brings all the positivity and great energy in your body to the surface! Hope to have a session with her again one day! You’ll leave there in a true state of Bliss!


Oct 15th, 2020

My first experience was a journey of pure bliss. I did a dual session with Leela and Tifany. They led me on such a beautiful and profoundly deep experience. I’ve been floating on clouds and feeling so at peace inside. It’s truly an indescribable experience that words alone cannot sufficiently convey, not just in the experience itself, but the way you feel going forward after the profound experience. I truly feel like a newly born person after that experience. A person at peace and full of love and worthy of love as well. Thank you Tifany and Leela for this beautifully wonderful experience. Namaste.


Oct 14th, 2020

Leela Suri

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