Leela Suri

Level II Tantrika

Available to Men, Women & Couples

Leela Suri

“You have been taught to appreciate the flower, which is a simple thing. You have been taught to appreciate stones, rocks, mountains, rivers, but you have never been taught to respect your own body, to be mystified by it. It is very obvious so it is easy to neglect. But this is the most beautiful phenomenon.” -Osho

Leela Suri


I am Leela. I am deeply rooted in my lush Middle-Eastern culture and use it throughout my life to guide my feminine energy and intuition. I embody the Goddess and channel the power of pleasure and healing through mind, body and soul towards those open and receptive to me.

I am warm and inviting, finding great joy through dance, singing and nature. I meditate daily by the ocean and am always exploring, finding great interest in the spiritual, as well as the psychological, I believe in maintaining an inner balance with mind and heart, and let my intuitive curiosity guide me in my studies.

With my background in psychology as well as my experience as a doula- I cultivate a nurturing and accepting space. I am a nurturer at heart, and would love to connect with you through the mind and weave it with Touch to bring you in the present moment, and help you discover all your soul has to offer to yourself, and to others.

My sessions are intoxicating to your senses. We explore through presence with each other. Intuitive touch blended with breathwork guides me along your body- igniting your inner fire, moving any blocked energy.

Fully surrender with me to the sensations of your body & spirit.

Allow yourself to tune in to access wisdom and bliss.

With love- Leela


-Temple Tantrika

-Lomi Lomi Certified

-Holistic Trauma Informed Healing

- Birth & Postpartum doula

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Leela SuriLeela Suri

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Leeks was wonderful on Easter Sunday. What a gift. I found her to be very supportive authentic mature comfortably and beautifully herself. This made the session for me very relaxing with no pretense. I’m a romantic by nature and she held that space for me and I could feel my nervous energy leaving me as the session progressed. She helped bring out me again. Thank you Leela. You’re exquisite! Keep being you.


May 1st, 2022

Leela Suri has feminine charms that are deeply hypnotic and intoxicating. Through her beautiful, nurturing and luxurious session, I was able to escape the “weight of the world” and drop deeply into the sensations of my flesh and breath. Everything was superb from the music she played, to her voice, her touch, her guidance and the artful seduction of allowing my heart to blossom. Well done.

*Queen Love*

Mar 18th, 2022

Seven months and many , many beautiful hours with Leela have brought a peace into my heart that I never dreamed would be possible.When I first met Leela I was buried in grief from the loss of my lifelong love. In her profile she offers to help her students “ ... discover all your soul has to offer to yourself, and to others.” As we began our work together in the Temple her gentle yet powerful nature called on me to trust her,and to follow her lead. This trust in Leela allowed her to go deeply into my tortured being , and nurture me in my heart and soul. Bring your best intentions to one of Gods most beautiful creations.


Feb 16th, 2022

I have seen Leela nearly a dozen times. What’s amazing about her is that every session ranked among the best I’ve experienced at The Temple.

Leela will make you feel special even before you remove your shoes. She has a genuine warmth, and she radiates kindness and compassion. Leela has extraordinary massage skills and finds sore muscles, or those needing special attention, without direction or input. She gives a whole new meaning to “bliss” massage.

Leela’s superior consistency is what makes her so extraordinary. After every session with Leela I think to myself “she won’t be able to duplicate that experience again,” and yet she always does. Leela is a gem who won’t ever take you for granted. She is very special, and while relatively new, already deserving to be inducted into the Temple’s Hall of Fame.

Leela delivers a five-star experience. Guaranteed!


Dec 4th, 2021

Leela moved into my world with amazing instinct and dynamic energy. Her powerful nurturing skills , spiritual and physical, have brought a vibrant sense of freedom into my life. Bring respect to this Goddess . Her honesty and intentions will heal your soul.


Nov 13th, 2021

Stepping into the Temple with Leela is like entering another dimension. All that is so wrong with the world today melts away, and you're reminded of what's beautiful and right and fortunate we are after all. Thank you Leela for taking me there and recharging my soul!


Sep 21st, 2021

Leela is gorgeous. She has magical eyes and energy. Her massage is exceptional. She took me to a different world of bliss. I definitely recommend her if you want to forget yourself and just be in the moment.


Sep 7th, 2021

Hi lovely Leela... thanks so much for your authentic presence and your generous knowledge and your sweet sweet touch... I really feel lucky to have met you last night. Hope to see you again soon... and wishing you all the best...


Jul 24th, 2021

Leela is beautiful, insightful, intuitive and creative in her engagement with Tantric healing. Her vibrations stayed with me long after our session ended; a MOST rewarding experience.
Thank you in LVX.


Jul 12th, 2021



Jul 10th, 2021

She’s either a priestess or a sorceress.


Jul 9th, 2021

This was the best session I have ever had. To start, Leela created a more upbeat vibe with some Spanish music, which I liked compared to the more mellow music usually playing. Her massage was great, with smooth hands and the right touch. She provided excellent explanations of how to be a better practitioner of tantra, in particular the breathing. She had a warm and caring attitude and appreciated my feedback. I would love to have another session with Leela Suri.


May 7th, 2021

I have been seeing Leela for 7 months now, and I must say, we have had some of the most beautiful sessions. Leela has the ancient touch of grace and beauty that I have never felt from female energy. She has taken me through experiences that have transformed me into a higher part of myself, she has such an amazing instinctual touch, she is such a Goddess Jewel and a must to experience, you will not be disappointed..


May 6th, 2021

Leela is stunning! She has very warm, charming, and genuine vibe. She made me feel comfortable and at peace during our entire session. I will certainly be scheduling more time with her.


Mar 5th, 2021

She is beautiful and I had a beautifully blissful time!


Feb 28th, 2021

Very nice visit from Leela to Novato Temple. Excellent connection and kindness, will make you come back to see her. Please have her visit more often!


Feb 25th, 2021

Leela is a beautiful soul and her divine feminine energy flows through her. She is truly present with you and is sure to provide what would most be in service for you.


Feb 21st, 2021

Leela’s touch was emotionally and physically warm and loving. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The emotional connection I had with both Lucy and Leela made my knees weak. Thank you for the advice you and Lucy shared with me. I truly feel reborn. Peace and Love


Jan 4th, 2021

Dearest Leela.... she is intuitive with a lovely touch and very fun to work with! Wow, I was surprised! She is beautiful not just physically but in a deep connected way, in a way of trust. There is a soft process of self revelation with a playful nurturing that you seem to understand when you connect with her eyes... Mesmerizing


Nov 16th, 2020

If you would like to feel so so good after a message, Leela is the one for you.. her energy is silky soft and lovely.. treat yourself asap..


Nov 14th, 2020

I came in to see lela to recharge for a big work week and got way more than I expected. On top of her stunning beauty lies a calm, intelligent personality. She infuses her craft with care and intention and has made a huge impact on my peace of mind, confidence and energy already. Leela is a ray of light and I can’t recommend her highly enough.


Nov 8th, 2020

Wow! Leela is amazing. She’s absolutely beautiful and equally a sweet person. She brings all the positivity and great energy in your body to the surface! Hope to have a session with her again one day! You’ll leave there in a true state of Bliss!


Oct 15th, 2020

My first experience was a journey of pure bliss. I did a dual session with Leela and Tifany. They led me on such a beautiful and profoundly deep experience. I’ve been floating on clouds and feeling so at peace inside. It’s truly an indescribable experience that words alone cannot sufficiently convey, not just in the experience itself, but the way you feel going forward after the profound experience. I truly feel like a newly born person after that experience. A person at peace and full of love and worthy of love as well. Thank you Tifany and Leela for this beautifully wonderful experience. Namaste.


Oct 14th, 2020

Leela SuriLeela Suri

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