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Level I Tantrika

Leela Devi

Leela Devi

My name is Leela Devi, I am an Indian tantric dancer and healer. I invite you to flow with the blissful currents of your inner temple, to surrender to your possibilities of pleasure.
With my soothing energy & touch, I welcome you to journey into the vastness of bliss, to savor the sweet energies of joy in the body.
I have a background in Reiki, Intuitive and Tantric Dance, Herbal Medicine Creation, and Meditation Guidance.  I have been a dance & meditation teacher for the past five years and am a passionate guide of tantric ceremonies.
 It is my intention to offer a loving space for you to revel in tantra’s lush vibrations and the sacredness of your essence.   My sessions are a sanctuary for you to dive into your senses and flourish in love’s waters.
I welcome men, women & couples
It would be a delight to journey with you.
With divine love,
Leela Devi
~Reiki Level 1 Attunement with Anjuli Sherin 2013
~ Studies under Ancestral Apothecary, with a focus on meditation and herbal flower medicine creation  2014-2016
~Teacher of dance tantric bliss activation & flower healing program 2016-present
~ Completion of Module 1 Priestess training program  facilitated by Priestess and Tantra teacher Sofia Sundari, with a focus on Tantric Yoga and Tantric rhytmic movement to activate the chakras ~ February 2019
~ Initiation with Queen Love
~Bodywork training with Maya Celeste

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Leela DeviLeela Devi

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Leela Devi12-28-2019*QZ*10

This was my first session with Leela as well as my first Leela tantra session so I was a little nervous but Leela made me feel completely at ease. She invited me and embraced me and she welcomed me into space where I was able to spend a magical hour where all pressure, expectation and judgment of everyday life disappeared.

Leela Devi12-18-2019*j2*10

Welcoming and engaging, Leela created the best environment for my first tantric session. Beautiful and kind are just the beginning with her

Leela Devi12-09-2019*Ru*10

Leela was very warm and openly loving. She was the perfect teacher to a beginning tantric seeker. Couldn’t recommend her more! I will be back.

Leela Devi09-15-2019Ashley Angel10

My experience with Leela left me feeling so inspired and BLISSFUL. The most unforgettable tantra session I have experienced....and as a Dakini myself.....I have experienced;-)

She takes her time and moves with complete grace .... she is unquestionably beautiful and divine

Leela Devi04-28-2019Queen Love
Leela Devi04-27-2019~Ariana10

Leela is a delicate yet powerful flower that dances across your soul like the night fragrance of jasmine kissing spring time with joy. Her knowledge is deep, and her fingertips light, intoxicating you with her curious and poetic charm. I have been graced by her blooming yet ancient radiance. Exquisite.

Leela Devi04-27-2019Maya10

Leela is so incredibly intuitive, honest and endearing. Her dancer essence moves through her fingertips, I felt like we were waltzing through the clouds as she gave me a session. Her touch is soft and sweet and her words flow of an earthly goddess song. I am excited to continue to work with her and give her more thorough guidance through bodywork and therapeutic healing. The moral of the story is; she is a tantrica through her entire body and soul, and a wonderful addition to our collective.

Leela Devi04-27-2019*Queen Love*9

Testimonial coming tomorrow!

Leela Devi04-15-2019*EV*10

She is a jedi - the pictures are simply not even remotely justiciable. she has eyes that will increase your whole body tone, her skin color is something divine (again not done justice by the pictures), and her body is preternatural. she has hands that are so soft and focused. She is just a wonderful person and therapist. as we say back in the day, she is the bomb.

Leela Devi04-01-2019Prior to Temple

"Leela’s guidance of self-intimacy and activation workshops were immensely transformative and awakening for my healing and expanding of my sensory energies. Her warm, charismatic, and soothing energy created a very blissful environment of trust to surrender to myself. Leela is truly an effortless embodiment of her tantric practice, as it radiates in her energy and touch.
Her practice ignites a wholesome sensorial experience of pleasure that encourages the rewriting of trauma and old stories."

Leela Devi04-01-2019Prior to Temple

"Lessons of working with nature mean so much to me as well as the collective consciousness the stories had elements of how human connection is closely connected to nature and plants and their reflection of fullness; symbolically/sympathetically healing each other"

Leela Devi04-01-2019Prior to Temple

Leela has blessed me by inviting me to be a part of a meditation session that created wholeness. I was a little skeptical at first, However she briought confidence out of me to help guide me to love myself, and to experience sensations of feelings with fruit, chocolate, incense, and essential oils, while also allowing me to dig deep and to connect with who i really am.

Leela DeviLeela Devi

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