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Leah Light

Leah Light

“May All Beings Everywhere be Happy and May Our Words and Actions Contribute to This”

Aloha, I am Leah, heart centered healer with Hawaiian vibes and love for the ocean, animals and human sensuality. I believe the body is a vessel with which we can connect with our higher, spiritual selves and create unity with one another. I am fully immersed in a life of creating art, performing bodywork and soul healing, practicing and teaching yoga and holding space for shamanic ceremonies. I enjoy plant based cooking, traveling and learning about human sexuality.

I have a passion for helping couples create their most loving, powerful bond and empowering women and men to love their bodies. I am completely open and non-judgmental and I encourage you to explore all of your desires. I have a lot of experience working with people of all shapes, sizes, mentalities and preferences, orientations and identifications. I love to learn from others and share my own knowledge, as we all have a beautifully unique life path. I am ecstatic to embark on this journey of tantric healing in this loving community of graceful sisters.

I am a California certified massage therapist with seven years experience in deep tissue and Swedish massage and I combine techniques of Lomi Lomi (long, deeply relaxing strokes using the forearms, mimicking the waves the ocean) and Thai stretch, with an authentic, nurturing touch. I am naturally intuitive with the body and mind and hold Reiki practitioner and 200 hour yoga teacher certifications.

Allow yourself to let go of all attachments and resistance and fully receive the light you deserve, so you may shine onto others.

Let the weight of the world drift off your wings, so you can fly.

Leah LightLeah Light

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Leah Light

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