Lana Brooke

Experienced Dakini joins us

Lana Brooke

Let's practice the reaching of enlightenment through sacred loving surrender. 

Lana Brooke

Greetings Sacred Seekers,

I welcome you to our Temple of enchantment.  I am here to be your priestess of loving beauty and guide you into empowerment and healing bliss.  Sweetly, with care, tenderness and expertise, I invite your opening heart and awakening mind to dive deep into the mysteries of your soul and body through tenderness and freedom to express.  You are invited to join me in practices of breath work, meditation, visualization and  Kundalini movement.  I offer you my deep listening and gentle guidance towards meeting your desired intentions.

In Devotion to Awakening,

Lana Brooke

Available for:
Body of Bliss Massage, Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork, Couples Bliss & Couples Tantra, TantraTies

& Purely Therapeutic Offerings:
Shamanic Temple Bodywork, Private Yoga

Certified Massage Therapist 16+ years, Yoga and Meditation Practitioner, Dancer, Artist, Intuitive Healer, Tantra Priestess

Lana Brooke

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Lana Brooke 10-30-2018 *MiCu* 10

As our session ended, she left my body vibrating. Lana is a such a creative and accommodating provider. So highly recommend.

Lana Brooke 09-10-2018 *ANON* 10

She made me feel right at home. I felt so welcomed and comfortable in her presence and I would have been happy with just that. To my satisfaction, she was much more than that. She is truly a master of her craft. I had an out of worldly experience with her and I would do it again and again. In all honesty she was just fun to be around. We had quite the giggle during our session too which made things even more fun. I would definitely repeat!

Lana Brooke 08-31-2018 *su* 10

I was having a hectic week at work, so called the Temple and Lana answered the call. Her voice was so sweet that I decided to spend a quiet Friday evening with her. She put me to ease as soon as I arrived, first she understood my wants, emotions and if I was looking for anything specific from the Tantra session. I walked into the room after showering and what followed by was once in a lifetime experience of unconditional love. Lana is kind, caring, gentle, empathetic and really knows how to relax you.. I felt like I was in the heaven when we sat together in the yab-yum pose. Thank you so much Lana for everything!! Can't wait to see you again!!

Lana Brooke 08-22-2018 *HOJ* 10

Lana was incredibly warm & friendly. I was instantly relaxed & felt refreshed & rejuvenated at the end of my session. I would go back to hear in a heartbeat. Her message & tantra skills are very good & she was like a higher level Dakini in her skills & confidence.

Lana Brooke 08-01-2018 *pts* 10

I have been to the temple many times and I've had wonderful experiences with all the goddesses. My experience with Lana was the best of the best. She is a caring, warm, and sensitive individual that was in tune with me and my body. Her openness and her caring approach made this experience at the temple very special. I can't wait until I am able to see here again.

Lana Brooke 08-02-2018 *NK* 10

What can I say. She is the best. She has techniques nobody else has and she is the warmest, most lovely person. Honestly every session is just awesome !!!

Lana Brooke 07-16-2018 *Nik* 10

Lana is amazing she is so very present in the session
It makes you feel so incredibly special and her touch is wonderful
If I could see her every week I would - thank you GODDESS LANA!

Lana Brooke 07-10-2018 *PT* 10

It was an amazing experience with Lana. The session was very enlightening and can still feel the experience after a month. She is very easy to work and accommodating. I will see her again and for a longer sessions.

Lana Brooke 05-28-2018 *ey* 10

It was first experience with Lana, I came in and she made me feel so comfortable right from the start. Then when she started the massage, I went to another dimension. Felt like a jello after. Truest pleasure. Will see her again and again.

Lana Brooke 06-05-2018 *ACD* 10

Lana is the gifted healer that can take you away without thinking of coming back. She takes you to her inmost level of love in her own way by slightly change the level every time she is around you. She is intelligent, socialize, and gorgeous inside out.

Lana Brooke 05-23-2018 Barlow 10

How often does someone exceed your expectations? How many times in your life does someone put you at the center of their universe? She is simply the best. Lana will take your breath away. She took mine. Every time I thought the experience couldn’t get any better, she raised the bar. Again. And again. Somehow it was exhilarating, peaceful, joyful, and animal all at once. Never experienced anything like it... until I saw her again.

Lana Brooke 05-10-2018 *TPR* 10

The session with Lana was not good..... IT WAS ANAZING! She is focused, intelligent and is a true pro in the field of therapeutic massage . So fortunate to have experienced this level of bodywork. Do yourself a favor and book a session.

Lana Brooke 04-22-2018 *Rok* 10

I'm still flying. She is unbelievable

Lana Brooke 03-08-2018 *SumTi* 10

She took time to ask me what I wanted, and then benevolently catered to my needs so graciously. She was divine.

Lana Brooke 01-27-2018 *HarHK* 10

Lana is a beautiful and gifted healer. Her soulful eyes and warm smile instantly put my mind at ease as I entered the temple. She was able to help me disconnect from the stresses and aches of daily life, relaxed my body with her healing touch, and prepared my mind to face the world with renewed spirit. I felt blessed by the time I spent with Lana, and I look forward to meet her again.

Lana Brooke 01-24-2018 *PM4U* 10

Lana was fantastic. Being my first time, she connected right away with me. We had a nice conversation making me feel warm and comfortable so I started relaxing even before the session started. Her directions on breathing and feeling in the moment were nice and tantalizing. I just couldn't believe how quickly the 90 minutes went by. I can't wait for a return trip.

Lana Brooke 01-17-2018 *PATB* 10

Lana is gorgeous and gifted healer, and a true and deep Tantrika Dakini. She is nurturing, loving, and has a huge open heart. She can connect and the deepest levels of physical and spiritual, where the two meet. What more do you want?

Lana Brooke 06-22-2017 *ch90* 10

Lana has an amazing spirit. She is centered in her Goddess energy. Very giving and present made for an empowering healing experience for me. Thank you Lana. Hope to see her soon.

Lana Brooke 05-26-2017 *Av* 10

Lana is very warm and welcoming. She brings a very rare quality of spontaneity and sensitivity what is required - moment to moment. I loved my time with her and can't wait to be with her again.

Lana Brooke 05-19-2017 *Mky* 10

Great personality, very warm, welcoming! One of the best. Highly recommended.

Lana BrookeLana Brooke

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