Kinley Quinn

Level II Tantrika

Kinley Quinn

Kinley Quinn

Hello Beautiful Beings,

I invite you to revel with me in the exploration of loving bliss within your body, away from the chaos of your conscious mind. Delve deeper into yourself and experience the divine deliciousness that you deserve.

I'm best known for my feminine, loving nature. With my passion for dance paired with my love of tender & flowing movement through bodywork, I will nurture you into a state of healing relaxation. Arrive as you are & allow my rhythmic & intuition to create an unforgettable, expansive exploration of loving bliss.

Our journey will guide your body to heal & replenish itself, mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Together we will breathe and relax fully, while I navigate your tactile experience to heighten your sensations of pure pleasure.

Allow your creative soul to awaken and be truly free.

Honoring the Beauty & Divinity within you,
Kinley Quinn

Tantra Yoga Therapist, Energy Bodyworker, Make-up Artist, Dakini Photographer, 2 year Temple Dakini Experience 3+ years

Kinley QuinnKinley Quinn

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Kinley Quinn11-19-2018*JoOr*10

Just as some of the others have mentioned, Kinley is a beautiful & kind woman, great sense of humor & her taste in music is admirable. Can’t wait for her to come back to SF!

Kinley Quinn11-03-2018*AXM*10

I recently had a session with the joyous Kinley. She exudes trust & compassion. She’s beautiful, caring, empathetic, playful & attentive. She’s cultured, elegant, has a great sense of humor & even better taste in music. A worldly woman. One of those women you meet in life who lights up the room when she walks in. In short, she’s a gift to the world. Very appreciative of the privilege to have had met this precious gem.

Kinley Quinn11-03-2018*JB*10

Kinley was/is a absolute delight, so very warm, friendly, empathetic and caring. it was a very special and memorable session, which I cannot easily put out of my mind. But then again, why should I?

Kinley Quinn07-07-2018*CarCar*10

It was my first tantric experience and I was very nervous and without knowing exactly what to expect. On top of that, I was very tense for some news I have gotten that same day. After 5 minutes with Kinley I didn't care about any of the above anymore. She radiates peace and trust, and made me feel very comfortable and at ease from the beginning, since the moment I first looked at those deep green eyes. The session fulfilled any expectation I could have, and also some dreams I never had. I discovered sensations I never felt before and she made sure that I was there all the time, with her gentle requests for feedback and her focus on my breathing.The pace and the intensity of the massage felt the right one at every moment, and even at some point I realized the music was also in sync with her moves and my state of mind.
And, if you excuse the mundane final note, and as somebody mentioned before, the pictures just don't make justice

Kinley Quinn07-03-2018Rodka10

Life was supposed to be easy, but we like to me make it tough. In our pursing for money, fame, security, etc., we end up making ourselves sick, lonely, anxious and we forget the power of kindness. Today, I had a session with Kinley that was completely different from all the other sessions I had before. You might think I’m high, and this is exactly how I’m feeling now. I’m not anxious or sad anymore. I’m at peace. I don’t exactly how to explain what happened, and maybe that is the reason why it happened. I didn’t overthink. And I’m feeling great. And thankful.

Kinley Quinn04-09-2018*ChI*10

Wow. Whole body experience that set my nerve endings on fire and for 60 minutes transported me to another place, left me floating. All of that plus a wicked fun sense of humor and ability to connect - even on a first meeting. Highly recommended.

Kinley Quinn12-08-2017*SaH*10

My Tantra session with Kinley was super relaxing and fulfilling. She is amazingly beautiful and charming. She made sure that I have comfortable setting even the smallest of the things like fine-tuning the room temperature and adjusting the pillows so that I can relax and immerse myself in the session. Session itself was great. At regular intervals, she asked if I am doing good and what areas/things suit me better. I highly recommend her.

Kinley Quinn07-28-2017*SteKi*10

I entered my first encounter with Kinley with no expectations and by the time I left it was obvious this spiritual event exposed unrealized feelings. Her ability to create a space to show vulnerability in a shared experience is truly unique. Agreed that her pictures do not do her justice, but that only scratches the surface of her enormous inner beauty. Anyone considering a visit to Kinley should not hesitate!

Kinley Quinn04-27-2017*iFr*10

the best!!!! 🙂

Kinley Quinn10-04-2016Sabaton10

This was my first experience with the temple & let me just say she made me feel at ease & very comfortable having never had a tantric session like this. She's calm, gorgeous (her pictures don't do her justice), mesmerizing & very nurturing. We need more healers like this amazing Goddess in this world.

Kinley Quinn09-08-2016*Qua*10

She is truly a goddess and a gift. A ray of positive energy and light with a touch that still has me in awe.

Kinley Quinn07-12-2016*Sou*10

Kinley is an amazing therapist. From the moment I walked in and gazed into her eyes she put me at ease. Her energy is so positive and loving. I feel at a loss for words - I highly recommend Kinley.

Kinley Quinn06-17-2016*M08*10

Wow... Kinley's warm energy and devotional touch takes my mind off of all the stress and worries of my everyday life and drops me into my heart. I always feel over and beyond taken care of coming out of session with her in a very special way. 10's across the board. Thank you Kinley!!!

Kinley Quinn05-19-2016*0*7*10

Words can not express how georgeous and amazing My several experiences have been with Kinley. Her eyes are mesmerizing and her touch is pure bliss. A perfect 10!! I am always looking forward to my next visit with her.

Kinley Quinn04-29-2016*GreLo*10

MuhaBa, thanks for confirming what I had suspected ever since I saw those exotic green eyes of Kinley's. I'm sure more than just I would love to follow through on that high recommendation of yours if you peeps in SoCal would ever share her with those of us in Norcal so that we, too, may have the opportunity to have a session with this amazing and incredibly gorgeous therapist, as you so eloquently described Kinley.

Kinley Quinn04-26-2016*MuhaBa*10

Kinley is an amazing & incredibly gorgeous therapist. I've seen her several times & each time, from the moment I walk in, until the moment I leave, I always feel at ease & a sense of calm. She radiates pure light & so willingly shares the love & brightness that she exudes. She will leave you feeling like you just received an outpouring of love. I would highly recommend scheduling with her if you ever get the opportunity.

Kinley Quinn04-12-2016*SpiCha*9

She is sweet, calm, charming, understanding, intuitive, skilled, gentle and passionate.

Kinley QuinnKinley Quinn

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