Kat V

Level III Tantrika

Allow blissful sensations to fill your entire body...

Kat V

Allowing oneself to embark into this practice of healing, teaches us to embrace life and its pleasures, to encompass all forms of beauty, sensitivity, vulnerability and excitement and to experience divine potential.

Kat V

Welcome Beloved Seekers,... Couples ~ Women ~ Men,
I am an artist of TantraBond & Tantra Massage Love.
I am an extremely open minded person, to all forms of embodiment. I am sweet, loving and a Dakini goddess of sensory enchantment and Tantra. I grew up in Santa Cruz, CA where creative energy and open mindedness collide. 

Let our energy's connect, with my electric touch and healing hands. Let me sweep away the worry and the pain and take you on a journey to a place where time does not exist.  Let me awaken a more positive and inspired energy within you and rid you of the stagnant stress energy that comes with day to day life.
 This is not a belief system, nor is it a faith, but a way of enjoying life, embracing the dance of life. Allowing yourself this practice will help you come to terms with yourself, your needs and your desires, it will open up a deeper understanding of your partner. Through experiencing and delighting in the pleasures of the body, the body becomes a temple in which you experience the sacred, and a new inner beauty will emerge from the depths of your spirit.
Couples welcome!  I absolutely adore facilitating and watching two people blossom into revitalized energy and love!
Trained extensively by a certified masseuse of 20+ years, I have been told I am a natural and talented healer! I am experienced in Reiki and can work magic on energy blocks.  I incorporate a combination of Tantra, Reiki, Swedish Massage, Lomi Lomi (the flow of the energy is increased by the use of my hands and forearms in long continuous, flowing stokes, which influence the body to fully relax), and Bliss energy.

I have learned the Tantric Ecstatic Bodywork Sessions from Violet Jolie & I have added upon that training with a personal Tantric Initiation with Luna Lauren.

Reiki certification taught and received by Kristen Dawn (Abhayada Aranya) of The Healing Woods Reiki.

Live, Love, Give, Receive & Be… Pure Bliss, Kat V

Tantra Yoga Therapist, Energy Bodyworker, TantraTies Specialist, 3 years Temple Dakini experience

My Offerings:
-Body of Bliss Massage
-Tantric Massage
-TantraBond: (90 mins or longer is recommended)

Kat VKat V

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Kat V02-05-2019*DC*10

We went for a couple's tantra-ties session and the experience was AMAZING. Kat is great with beginners and my girlfriend was able to relax and enjoy. I highly recommend her for anybody searching for a professional guide in the world of Tantra

Kat V07-10-2018*BDP*10

KAT V is even more stunning in person then she is in her images on the website!
She is genuinely kind, personable, and compassionate.
KAT V’s Talent and energy is a cosmic gift!

Kat V05-13-2018*TC*10

My experience with Kat was truly unique. I would say life changing, but instead I'll call it life-interrupting, but in a good way. The morning after our session, I felt a kind of peace I hadn't felt in I can't say how long. At the time I said it knocked the ambition out of me. I was content. Content with life, with my career and with my relationships. It was the first time in years I could honestly say I was alive in the moment, not looking back and not looking forward. I don't know how she did it, but she gave me back a piece of myself that I hadn't realized was missing. Even now, six weeks later, I'm still feeling the aftershocks.

Kat V12-08-2017*nots*10

Kat is maybe the most intuitive, gentle, and loving person I've ever met. My experience was legitimately life changing. I left my body. Kat is so sweet and beautiful in every way. My mind was blown and I am all in for Tantra, hopefully for the rest of my life. My vibrational frequency has never been higher!

Kat V09-26-2017*jobea*9

What an amazing and talented beauty. We had a warm conversation and discussed my previous experiences. She was tuned into my needs, wants and desires from the outset. She set up a nice shower for me to relax before the start of our session, while she set up the room. Her skills and knowledge shown through from the moment I hit the table. She slowly brought me into a relaxed calm with her soft slow touch, heightening my senses from head to toe, before moving onto restraining me. The sensations she coaxed from my body still make me tingle today. Her skills with impliments rank right up at the top of my list. She was tuned in to me my body and my pleasure.
I cannot give Kat higher recommendations, other than to say she is spectacular, highly skilled intuitive and amazing. Go see her she is so worth it, and will leave you relaxed and satisfied.

Kat V07-07-2017*Chriast*10

My experience with Kat surpassed all expectations. Rest assured you will enjoy every moment of your session. Kat is an impossibly effective healing force. Typically this much pleasure will come at a cost, this is an exception to the rule. You will leave with a renewed capacity to enjoy everyday experiences. Proceed with confidence and eager anticipation.

Kat V03-22-2017*MedDra*10

*OMG! Off the chart sensitivity and touch. Her pictures do not do her justice. I had an hour session I'm sure a 90 min session woulda killed me. Thank god I live 750 miles away cause if not I would be broke or dead.

Kat V03-03-2017*Mk*10

Had the best time with the beautiful Kat. She was so welcoming and patient teaching me and guiding me through my first tantric experience. Awesome time, thanks Kat!

Kat V01-11-2017*Mk*10

I had a wonderful time with Kat the other day. Best experience in relaxation and a great introduction for me to Tantra. She was a fantastic guide and was very helpful in breathing technique for me. I so look forward to visiting the Temple in LA again.

Kat V10-25-2016*instit*10

Kat was truly a calming force! When I arrived, I was all spun out from a hectic commute. Within minutes, Kat put me at ease! Session was beyond amazing! I will be back. Thanks Goddess Kat, you are A GEM.

Kat V07-18-2016*reraro*10

Kat gave me an incredible experience. It was my first time visiting the temple. will be back again for sure.

Kat V06-28-2016*PaRe*10

Such an amazing session! Kat has an incredible sense of touch and demeanor... She immediately put me at ease and in a sense of relaxation. Kat is incredibly attentive and puts a lot of effort into making one feel comfortable and at ease. Her photos don't do her justice, and her talents are incredible.

Kat V03-30-2016*chasa*10

Kat v gives a very intense tantric massage. Very cool & beautiful woman. I had an exceptional experience. I recommend her.

Kat V12-26-2015*KiW*10

A session with Kat transports you to a state of deep relaxation. You are at ease from the moment she greets you with a warm smile and throughout the session. She possesses an unbelievable touch, a listening ability that is second to none, and a unique combination of gentleness and "oomph." I can't say enough about this fantastic beauty.

Kat V12-11-2015*bfl*10

My second visit to the Temple. I planned to see Mariela again, but she was out of town. I did see Kat V. Now what I am going to do next time??? Both Kat and Mariela provided a wonderful experience. Both are warm, beautiful people. I will simply have to re-schedule with both! Kat was a warm, welcoming, and caring individual with the unique ability to make one feel comfortable and at ease. She is beautiful from the inside out, with a smile and eyes that simply shine. Blessings to you Kat.

Kat V09-23-2015*DanPa*10

This was an amazing experience, OMG. She is extremely beautiful. I tried tantra with another provider at a different location and thought it was a bunch of hog wash, but Kat V has made me a believer. She made me feel so comfortable and the tantra was amazing. The massage was incredible. I kept thinking "this is so great and amazing". Kat V is definitely an amazing woman.

Kat V09-04-2015*Ecl*10

I thought it was unreasonable to imagine that someone could not only exceed my expectations, but leave me completely speechless. Wow. Everything about meeting her was far and beyond what I could have hoped for. Kat connects, and with this connection she literally chased the unhappiness right out of me. She's my new favorite person. 🙂

Kat V05-02-2015*Px*10

When mere mortals cannot describe anything by scientific means they automatically assume that the phenomenon is either supernatural, other-worldly, or that it was a miracle granted by a higher being. I stepped into Kat V.'s temple and there really are no words to describe the experience I felt with her. I literally uttered the words "Impossible.." when Kat was nearly done with our Tantric Massage Session. I was there, but I still couldn't believe that such a beautiful, caring, and warm Goddess would ever give me her utmost divine attention. I left with the feeling of walking on clouds, and even a day after I still feel like I'm floating. Kat, thank you so much for such an awesomely uplifting experience. I will visit your temple again very soon.

Kat V03-25-2015*bump*10

I arrived after an awful bout of traffic on the 101. I have been almost broken with grief over a few things in my life, and after an hour with Kat V I have had a better all around body life. I have found much refreshment!

Kat V01-08-2015*svw*10

With Kat i really understood what being in heaven is.She is a gorgeous and lovely being.Her touch is very soft and loving. She has a great personality and attended to me in all manners.I will definitely come back to Kat for more sessions.

Kat V09-27-2014*NK*10

There is no one in the world whose touch is so soft and loving, with the ability to work out actual knots with just the right amount pressure, all while leaving you tingling ALL over. She has impeccable intuition, and knows what you didn’t even know you wanted. Kat is a glorious goddess of beauty, and there is no way you could possibly be unsatisfied with Kat V. I lose myself in every sense of the world, every time I see her. She serves your body with a higher purpose, and you feel loved because you ARE loved, by this stunning, extraordinary, sexier than words can describe, master of a woman. Her ability to create the most healing, soft and most thrilling, real and otherworldly experience is beyond me. It's definitely a massage, and it's an amazing thing, but she also has a really unique technique that goes beyond the average massage. She reaches into your soul, and you ended up feeling not only relaxed and satisfied, relaxed, but when she reaches into your soul, it gets massaged as well.

Kat V07-22-2014*Kls*10

Wow! I had such a magical and enlightening session with the most beautiful Kat I have ever met! She is a sexy delight and I can't wait to come back for more!

Kat V07-12-2014Butter10

I have seen Kat a few times, i have really connected well with her. Each time she gave me a wonderful tantric session with magical touch. She intuitively knew where to focus her attention throughout the session.

Kat V05-20-2014*J*10

I had the privilege of meeting Kat V yesterday. She is a delight. Charming, beautiful and extraordinarily loving. I hope to see her again, soon. Namaste, Kat!

Kat V03-30-2014*CharA*10

Sweet, even more beautiful in person and with skills to match! Brilliant session and I will certainly be back for many happy returns!!

Kat V03-29-2014*BL*10

Snow White with a Vulcan grip. Deft. Attentive. Moves w/ the agility of her nom de bliss. Centers you quicker than Wes Anderson. Would navigate Michael Jackson, Capt. Jack Sparrow & 20000 Okie tourists to see her again.

Kat V03-29-2014*JonDev*10

Kat is simply ASTOUNDING! Where has she been hiding! I felt immediately at ease with her and she made me feel like the rest of the world melted away and I was in Nirvana. Sweet, gorgeous, highly skilled and above all, an extremely loving healer and divine goddess!

Kat V

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