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Kashi Star

Kashi Star

I invite you to join me on an unforgettable journey of transformational love therapy. Your Body of Bliss Massage will be overflowing with activation, sensuality, beauty, and relaxation. Banish your stress, set free your mind, release your tension, and soothe your soul with my soft touch, breath work, chakra massage, and loving healing. Allow me to spoil you with my luscious, delicious connection to find your true self.

I am so excited to caress your body and soul, filling you with invigorating light, uninhibited power, and an ascension to your higher creative self.

We were born of Bliss!

I have Temple Dakini experience (started October 1st, 2016) - and 1.5 Tantra Initiation trainings each with Shanti Maya and Queen Love.

Kashi StarKashi Star

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Kashi Star01-22-2018*Bnd*10

Had a terrific session with Kashi. Can't wait to go back.

Kashi Star12-14-2017*bant*10

Lovely experience with Kashi she is sweet, unrushed and beautiful.

Kashi Star08-20-2017*PT*10

I had an amazing experience with kashi. I'm a bigger man but she rubbed my rolls like the pillsbury dough boy. Excellent.

Kashi Star08-07-2017*K&M*10

We had our first tantric couples experience with Kashi, it was a truly amazing journey. We will definitely see her again we she is in our area.

Kashi Star07-17-2017*HD*10

Her gentle voice and touch made the environment very inviting and relaxing. After a long day of work, Kashi made me feel revitalized, peaceful and happy. It was my first tantra experience and I enjoyed it very much. Thank you, and hope to see you again!

Kashi Star05-26-2017*Tao*10

What an amazing couples experience with Kashi! We decided to treat ourselves for our anniversary and were so glad we found her for our first temple visit. While we were nervous going in, she greeted us warmly and made us feel comfortable right from the start. Her gentle approach eased us into the session and she guided us perfectly so that we could sink into the moment with each other and with her. Kashi knew exactly how to open us both to accept love unconditionally and it was pure magic. She built the session slowly and ended with the three of us experiencing bliss together. We can't say enough good things about the beautiful and loving Kashi and we hope to see her again soon.

Kashi Star04-17-2017*Ba*10

Kashi is beyond beautiful and incredibly welcoming. I was blown away by her ability to make me feel at ease and loved. This was my first Temple experience and I already know I'll be back again soon. Thank you for making my first session perfect. I hope to see you again soon.

Kashi Star03-18-2017*WesT*10

Saw Kashi recently and was blown away! I've been a Temple patron for several years and have had experiences across the gamut but this is the first that inspired a review. As the session began Kashi's soft instructions and guidance were delivered in a tone that was free of any charge and at first seemed almost scripted but I soon realized this was intentional and it was very effective at allowing me to receive without resistance. This is just one example of how Kashi slowly opens you for the experience you need. Kashi read me like a book and took me on a journey of renewal. I left in a literal state of vibration! God I needed that, thank you Kashi, I'll see you again as soon as possible!

Kashi Star02-21-2017*AnBl*10

You are so amazing. You took me into your space and that was so divine experience. And it was probably an addictive cause i have already visited you twice already during this trip. I'm thinking to have another divine session before I leave. You have a gift of warmth, for connection and knowing exactly what i feel and how I feel. Thank you I had a great time.

Kashi Star02-20-2017*MoPan*10

My girlfriend and I decided to try something new. Well, we were loved up and it was absolute perfection. We were on another planet after the our massage. Kasha was amazing I would suggest her to any couple who wants to go on an epic sensual adventure!

Kashi Star01-16-2017*QL*9

Kashi is lovely. She's a feminine & soft young woman with firm yet nurturing & intuitive touch. She's someone you automatically feel at-ease with & able to let your guard down. I have had two massage now from her and I feel good recommending her. - Queen Love

Kashi Star01-07-2017*NSW*10

Kashi was a consumate pro and her gifted touch brought me true soul bliss. I hope to see her again as this was a true out of body experience.

Kashi Star11-07-2016*Frn*10

A great massage from a great person! Very attentive and caring. She is well versed and you will not be disappointed. Thanks Kashi

Kashi Star11-03-2016*JPa*10

Gorgeous woman who is very intuitive and attentive through the whole session. Fun and personable. I look forward to seeing her again.

Kashi StarKashi Star

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