Juliet Snow

Let's journey in to the heart of love & acceptance.

Juliet Snow

Juliet Snow

I would be honored to be your guide as we journey together into unconditional acceptance and exploration of our uninhibited selves. Through caring, therapeutic & loving touch, meditation, and tantric movement I will guide you to true rest and ecstatic bliss, knowing you are loved and cradled in all of the energy that is for you, and you alone.

In Loving Sacred Service,

Juliet Snow

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do" - Rumi

2016 Temple Tantra Initiation & 2017  Temple Workshops ~ Ongoing Education:

5/04/2017 HOLY LOVE TANTRA MEDITATION INTEGRATION & WISDOM EMBODIMENT  ~ "The main purpose of our coming together is to open our hearts so fully to one another that even the slightest remnant of fear that is consciously or unconsciously part of our human experience shall be transformed by the power of unlimited Love into an experience of Communion with a sentient, compassionate, infinitely wise Universe. We are here to teach love by the way we live." An evening workshop & practice group weaving sound, philosophy/background/explanation, demonstration & practice. Led by Queen Love

2/19/07  SACRED UNION: Honoring the Beloved Within. ~A Devotional day of Sound Healing-Gong Bath & Crystal Bowls, Herbal Cacao Tea Ceremony, Prayer, Mind & Energy Clearings, Kirtan/Chanting, Kundalini Yoga, Shamanic Temple Dance, Hands on Healing, Tantric Essays & Reflection. Led by Queen Love, Ciela Belle, Sasha Nicole, Lakshmi, Kali Dawn and others.

Juliet SnowJuliet Snow

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Juliet Snow07-03-2017Pablo9

Juliet is a kind, warm, and sweet person. I came to her in a time of personal crisis. She provided me with comfort, reassurance, and a feeling of complete bliss. I have moved on. But, her beautiful face and sweet smile are there when I close my eyes. Thank you.

Juliet Snow04-23-2017*lst*10

Juliet is amazing. From the moment I walked in, Juliet was welcoming and created a comfortable environment to connect and explore. She is a gem.

Juliet Snow03-29-2017*Vi19*10

Great experience.

Juliet Snow02-16-2017*JoF*10

Great session. Exciting, sensual, and relaxing at all the same time.

Juliet Snow02-15-2017*Tratru*10

Had a really nice and amazing massage from Juliet today. Thank you so much!

Juliet Snow01-31-2017*QL*10

Sweet, sincere, beautiful, tender, gentle, tiger. Juliet has been with us for 8 months now and is quite popular and now I see why. We did her Tantra initiation tonight and afterwards she gave me a beautiful sensual touch trance massage. Be sure to get a long enough session to have her add on an exquisite neck & scalp massage at the end. Allow this angel to magically sweep your troubles away! ~ Queen Love

Juliet Snow01-13-2017*AV*9

Juliet was just amazing. Stunning in both her looks and her massage skills. Loved every moment.

Juliet Snow10-27-2016*ridli*9

Gorgeous, gentle, funny, connected and warm. She has the body of a ballerina. Looking at her elvish comes to mind and not the Keebler sort. Thanks Juliet I'll see you again.

Juliet Snow10-25-2016*pe5*10

so very present and gentle -- thanks for a terrific session!

Juliet Snow10-06-2016*Grilc*10

Juliet is a very warm and positive person, just a real joy to be around. Spiritually, our time was extremely fulfilling, the positive effects lasting for days after. Easily one of the most healing experiences I've had in years.

Juliet Snow08-21-2016*DaSwi*9

Thank you so much!

Juliet Snow08-12-2016*Ka*10



Juliet is a beautiful charming and engaging woman who makes you feel completely at home as soon as you walk in the door. Her touch is exquisite and intuitive as her hands explore your body, helping you become relaxed and stimulated at the same time. I have experienced many of the dakinis of the Temple and Juliet easily ranks right up in providing an inspiring and fulfilling tantric journey. I look forward to being with her again.


Every so often in life we meet someone who is so beautiful both inside and out that it restores our faith in humankind. Juliet is such a person. I had the pleasure of meeting her and may say that I was thoroughly impressed. For those of us, such as I, who spends his life pursuing material things, to be taken to a space where all things dissolve way and allow a free flow of energy, at least for a little while, is priceless. Juliet is a person who will touch our senses and make you realize that there is more out there than we think. I hope you all have a chance to experience this. She is one of a kind.

Juliet Snow

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