Jasmine Elle

Level I Tantrika

Jasmine Elle

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Jasmine Elle

Greetings Beloved,

Each body is a portal to the divine. We humans—with our senses, our breath, our sweet souls—are perfectly made to experience joy and enlightenment here and now. With the right attention and attunement, we can access heaven on earth.
I humbly offer myself as your muse and guide- journeying together to awaken your life force, your true nature. Through presence and practice we can go deep into Bliss.
As a lifelong dancer and advanced yogini, I come to you with organic knowledge of the body as a tool for connection. This is intuitive healing, both strong and sensitive, as we clear away stagnant energy and welcome new light in. I look forward to meeting you in this truly transformational space.
Certified Hatha Yoga teacher
Intuitive and Thai massage
Meditation, breathwork, and visualization teacher

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Jasmine ElleJasmine Elle

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I called to make an appointment to see Jasmine and she gave me a great massage. I was so relaxed and went to heaven it was unbelievable. Her technique her soft hands and her style is phenomenal. I cannot wait to see her again for another session when she returns back to San Francisco.


Nov 8th, 2022

I saw Jasmine a few weeks ago, and am still thinking about her. She is a kind, friendly and gorgeous person that put me at ease immediately. Not to mention that she is naturally beautiful. She put me at ease almost immediately and kept me there the entire session as she seemed to read my mind throughout. An hour of bliss.


Oct 31st, 2022

Jasmine is an incredible therapist. She has a deep knowledge of Yoga and its various practices which she communicates with ease. Just one session with her and my own education on these topics has at least doubled. Her touch is subtle and gentle yet also confident and firm. She can intuitively sense any blockages in your energy and guide you to clearing these. All the best to you Jasmine!


Oct 17th, 2022

Jasmine helped relieve physical pain and emotional stress with a gentle and kind touch. She listens intently and askes guidance questions to help her serve you better. Kind and caring she is a wonderful addition to the LA temple community


Sep 6th, 2022

Healer with firm and grounding touch. Jasmine knew how to take my body on a journey, from earth to sky and back. Amazing.


Aug 22nd, 2022

Jasmine ElleJasmine Elle

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