Ivy Melodia

Level II Tantrika


Ivy Melodia

Ivy Melodia

Dear Blessed Beings,

I am here, to listen to your words and to listen to your energy. 

I am here, to heal your heart and to heal your mind. 

I am here, to share my strength and my passion. 

I am a woman of the divine. 

In my Kundalini Bliss session I will take you on a dreamy journey using a combination of relaxing and firm pressure, with an added delicate and silky touch. I incorporate tantric practices, a variation of therapeutic massage techniques, and chakra openings and clearings. You will enjoy dances of vibrations streaming through your body and soul. You will leave feeling like you are floating on a cloud. 

In my Tantric Bodywork sessions we dive deeper into your body’s energies through conscious breathing, heart to heart connections, and energy activation. Every session is customized to the individual and their intentions for that session. I use my intuitive gift of the divine along with reiki, crystals, and reflexology. The breath deepens, the vibrations deepen, the journey deepens.

I cherish the passage of healing and growth that I am on. 

I am here, with open arms, to invite you on this journey with me.

Peace and Love,

Ivy Melodia

Reiki Level 3

On-going temple gathering trainings

1.5 years with Temple of Bliss

The beauty you see in me is a reflection of you.”

Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, (1207-1273 AD)

Ivy MelodiaIvy Melodia

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Ivy Melodia06-14-2019JaPr10

I had a wonderful first experience with Ivy. She's got a relaxing voice, soft touch, and understanding attitude that really put me at ease! I couldn't have hoped for a better first time experience at the temple. My only regret is that the isn't in NY more often!

Ivy Melodia01-08-2019*GrePi*10

Ivy is gorgeous inside and out. I felt connected to her and relaxed from the very start. She has a warming smile, the combination of her soothing voice and healing touch made for a truly therapeutic session. She really is a Goddess, I was still radiating with energy for hours after the journey. Listen to her and let your mind go, you’ll feel free of all stress both body and mind. Highly recommended.

Ivy Melodia11-20-2018*QL*10

Hypnotic, therapeutic, blissful, relaxing, nurturing and soothing . Ivy is going into her 2nd year with the Temple now and so I received a massage from her last night as a skills assessment. She’s definitely a Level 2. Solid, sincere, caring, creative, attentive and listens with her heart.-Queen Love

Ivy Melodia11-07-2018*NL*10

Oh my god she is magical. I’ve seen Ivy a few times now and she’s my favorite, looking forward to the next time she’s in San Francisco!

Ivy Melodia10-03-2018*JGQ*10

Ivy is fantastic! I have managed to catch her a couple times when she has been in San Francisco and always have a great time with her. She has a great energy and is very intuitive, which makes for a great experience. Can’t wait to see her again!

Ivy Melodia09-29-2018*JJK*10

Ivy is a sweetheart. She is really good as both a masseuse and a guide. If you listen to her and follow her lead, she will enhance your experience. She is also a pretty decent person which isn't always easy to come across.

Ivy Melodia09-28-2018*ERKYO*10

At first she is like a little princess, a little bit shy. But soon she brightens up while guiding you through relaxation and being transformed in a dakini of bliss and wisdom. She is a goddess of blazing eyes. I was sure I was standing next to a true goddess.

Ivy Melodia03-05-2018*QL*10

Yes, thank-you, more! Ivy is much stronger than she looks and provides a wonderfully deep bodywork session woven with light energy work. -Queen Love

Ivy Melodia01-15-2018*ti4*10

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ivy recently. She is so wonderful in every way. Her touch, breathing, and overall commitment to providing the best experience possible made a session with her perfect. I would highly recommend and hope to see her again, as often as I can. Really great.

Ivy Melodia01-09-2018*MicTu*10

Ivy is a wonderful provider. She is an "old soul" and put both my mind and body at ease with a relaxing touch and gentle energy. She has a mesmerizing gaze in her eyes and a soft touch of her hands. I will definitely repeat and I highly recommend Ivy.

Ivy Melodia01-09-2018*NaSu*10

A true goddess - powerful and tantalizing. Ivy is as stunningly beautiful in person as she is in her photos. She has a beautiful soul and an electric touch. I had an incredibly relaxing and pleasant time with her. I walked away feeling reborn and rejuvenated. Ivy is a great communicator and knew exactly what I needed. She is certainly no novice when it comes to pleasure. I’ll be visiting her again.

Ivy Melodia01-09-2018*SteMar*10

Ivy has such an incredibly warm and gentle energy that I felt at home immediately. She has a gentle and caring touch, along with being absolutely gorgeous. Couldn't ask for a better session.

Ivy MelodiaIvy Melodia

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