Ivy Melodia

Visiting from New York

Ivy Melodia

Ivy Melodia

I’ve always been someone that people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with. I often find myself in one on one situations where I can tell the other person had no intention of going into that much detail of their lives or situations they’re in. I naturally make them feel at ease to share while I just listen. I’ve noticed recently that I really enjoy helping people feel pleasure. I’ve always known that I really enjoy doing things I’m good at, and I think giving pleasure is one.

I am here, heart and arms open, embarking on this Temple journey with you.


Ivy Melodia

Ivy MelodiaIvy Melodia

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TherapistDateTemple NicknameExperienceComment
Ivy Melodia01-15-2018*ti4*10

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Ivy recently. She is so wonderful in every way. Her touch, breathing, and overall commitment to providing the best experience possible made a session with her perfect. I would highly recommend and hope to see her again, as often as I can. Really great.

Ivy Melodia01-09-2018Steve Maroon10

Ivy has such an incredibly warm and gentle energy that I felt at home immediately. She has a gentle and caring touch, along with being absolutely gorgeous. Couldn't ask for a better session.

Ivy Melodia01-09-2018*NaSu*10

A true goddess - sensual, powerful and tantalizing. Ivy is as stunningly beautiful in person as she is in her photos. She has a beautiful soul and an electric touch. I had an incredibly relaxing and pleasant time with her. I walked away feeling reborn and rejuvenated. Ivy is a great communicator and knew exactly what I needed. She is certainly no novice when it comes to pleasure. I’ll be visiting her again.

Ivy Melodia01-09-2018*MicTu*10

Ivy is a wonderful provider. She is an "old soul" and put both my mind and body at ease with a relaxing touch and gentle energy. She has a mesmerizing gaze in her eyes and a soft touch of her hands. I will definitely repeat and I highly recommend Ivy.

Ivy Melodia

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