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Ivanna Star

Ivanna Star

Hello, divine darling!

My name is Ivanna Star, a poetess, healer, literary scholar, classically trained dancer, yogini, and devotee of the divine feminine. Whether I am in the wild Southern forests gathering plants for botanical healing, reading Rumi up in the branches of the magnolia trees, or twirling through the winking city lights, my devotion to ancient wisdom and ethereal esoterica means I am always embodying the sacred power of my homeland’s flora and fauna in both my personal life and healing practice.

An acolyte of Appalachian medicine, magic, and ritual, my verdant embrace is a doorway to understanding how two bodies can hold space for each other and bloom a reverent oneness in shakti. With me as your tantric priestess, we will cultivate a deep, oceanic exploration of your divine providence as we journey, hearts ablaze, into actualizing your most vibrant potential.

From the emerald moors of Ireland to rose-tinted Paris, I have studied the sacred healing power of bodywork, shadow work, yoga, meditation, and divinations such as tarot, tasseomancy, and ceromancy, all while maintaining my  studies of fearless women in the craft such as Sappho, the Oracles at Delphi and Dodona, Hygeia, and Korinna of Tanagra.

My ardent devotion to embodying pleasure and presence manifests in a warm and empathic ethos, wherein my passionate, tender guidance creates a spiritual session that is an eternally serene, safe space grounded in open communication, openness of spirit, and celestine harmony for you to surrender to what your soul most deeply craves.

With me as your tantrik muse, you will find the ecstasy in your own divinity. The wild within begs to be known no matter how deeply it lies hidden, and with my tender guidance, you will reclaim your own power and embody your most glistening truth.  Together, we will incorporate the Goddess of abundance through somatics for release and reclamation and sound baths, tantrik massage and yoga, mantra, meditation, and aromatherapy-aided breathwork as I guide you through the unweaving of Fate’s red strings.

My bodywork combines the ethereal wisdom of the Goddess, awakening kundalini to magnetize your dreams, goals, and deepest desires. The forest is calling to you. Smell the earth, oak and pine, the gardenia and jasmine. Your goddess is here.  Take my hand.

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Ivanna Star

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Ivanna Star is most definitely a star shinning brightly and beautifully! It’s hard to describe how stunning and all-embracing her eyes and smile are during the whole session. You can tell right away—- she’s the real-deal, a lovely tantrika with the goddess power to fully connect with you spiritually and through expert touch. She is hard to forget! I recommend Ivanna highly.


Jan 6th, 2023

Ivanna Star

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