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Indra Lynx

Indra Lynx

I’m a Certified Embodiment Bodyworker and Somatica trained Relationship Coach.

I’ve traveled and studied in nearly 20 countries including Thailand, India and Nepal. Through my travels I’ve gained a knowledgable mind and a compassionate heart.

In my bodywork sessions I skillfully integrate Thai massage, body contact and sacred dance. I offer exquisite presence, authentic connection and creative touch.  

With curated music playlists and rhythmic movement, it’s my joy to nurture you back to bliss.

If you desire even deeper transpersonal exploration, I’m also available for focused coaching sessions.

Some of the areas we can work with in the realm of love and relationships include..

-Enthusiastically welcoming your deepest longings

-Overcoming relationship challenges

-Moving beyond shame

-Calling in satisfying and authentic relationships 

-Changing unhealthy emotional patterns

-Communicating your needs and boundaries

Whatever your intention is, I invite you to into this space of nurturing, exploration and connection with me. 

I look forward to embarking on this journey together.

Indra LynxIndra Lynx

Listed below are reviews of my sessions posted on a massage review website & submitted by *temple clients*:
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Therapist Date Temple Nickname Experience Comment
Indra Lynx 02-25-2019 *SC* 10

Indra is present and real. She communicates and wants to create the experience you are there for. She is one of a kind, and practicing at the height of what Temple has to offer.

Indra Lynx 01-03-2019 *Ala* 10

Amazing! She was sophisticated, loving, healing and gorgeous! One of the best ever!

Indra Lynx 12-28-2018 *BRN* 10

This was my first session at the Temple and I feel completely initiated to the bliss that is offered in this loving space. Indra was the perfect guide for me to begin this new journey and she created a beautiful experience. She has magical hands and her bodywork elevated my concept of how amazing a massage can feel. She is absolutely gorgeous and has a personality that makes you feel instantly connected. I am already dreaming of my next session with Indra and exploring more of the wonderful gifts that she has to offer. I feel honored to have been brought into the Temple by such a goddess.

Indra Lynx 12-19-2018 *HmB* 10

Indra's easy confidence and thoughtful perceptiveness wound its way around my heart immediately. She saw me, listened, and received through massage as much as she gave. The work opened me up and formed a connection, and that connection made the entire experience interactive. There were several, visceral, moments where I surprised myself with how much wanted to lean in and accept more from her.
She is elegant and playful, for a moment we both stopped and just laughed together. I left immensely happy, and grateful.

Indra Lynx 12-17-2018 *MiSa* 10

Indra gives a fantastic massage. She has great touch and presence from start to finish. I highly recommend and have already scheduled again. I was still glowing and even purring hours after I left!!!

Indra Lynx 12-15-2018 *YG* 10

Indra gave one of the most skilled and relaxing massages I have ever received. She has a super fun and glowing personality. I would advise you to not operate heavy machinery after seeing her. Wonderful experience all around.

Indra Lynx 12-13-2018 *CHRH* 10

Indra was absolutely amazing! Extremely sensitive, skilled and attuned to every nuance of my body as she took me on a journey of true bliss. I’ve seen her twice now and can’t wait for the next chance to see her. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s a true gem!

Indra Lynx 12-12-2018 *AV* 10

Indra is amazing! She may be new to the Temple, but she is an expert Tantrica. She is 100% present and gives lovingly and spiritually, bringing a beautiful balance of the two. And speaking of beauty, she is elegant, exotic and even a bit mysterious. It’s hard to find words, but I encourage you to book her for 90 min. because she has such an amazing repertoire. I just wish she was in Marin more often.

Indra Lynx 12-08-2018 *JSer* 10

What can I say, quite possibly the best experience I've had at the temple. Indra is spectacularly beautiful, playful, empathetic and just the best energy you can dream of in a healer. I can't wait for my next session. HIGHLY recommended.

Indra Lynx

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